You are currently viewing Tangotv FORMERLY of CLAWS – Crybaby, fit-pitching, loser extraordinaire.

Tangotv FORMERLY of CLAWS – Crybaby, fit-pitching, loser extraordinaire.

Well folks, this one is funny as hell. Really, it is. It once again comes to us from Leftist and it borders on pure stupidity on Tangotv’s part.

Frankly, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quit like it. He actually goes the fuck off on Leftist for…well…helping him. For some reason, Tangotv thinks that Leftist hid the entire game and did absolutely nothing. The fact is that Leftist was right behind Tangotv the entire time trying his best.

They all eventually get their asses kicked. They all tried though…except for about 4 base campers that never moved.

Now, did fucktard Tangotv mention them at all?

Nope. The ONLY person he mentioned at all was Leftist.

Now, lets examine real quick exactly who this Tangotv moron is and who he represents. Here’s his stat sig:

Nothing to really write home about, is it?

Now lets take a look at his clan history:

I mean…damn!

Either this guy has serious commitment issues or he’s such a patent asshole that nobody can stand him for very long. We’re thinking it’s both. You’ll see why in just a few.

Now lets take a look at what CLAWS say they stand for, shall we?

Hmmm…sounds wholesome. Honest. Fair. Decent…especially the “honor and integrity” part.

Let’s check out that “honor and integrity”, shall we?

Now, the game starts out with a REL2 player bitching about the other team spamming gold rounds. Nothing new there. A game without a REL2 player crying like a bitch is akin to a Bigfoot sighting these days. That is to say, I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never personally seen one or any hard evidence that one actually exists.

The battle goes on with 4 or 5 guys holed up down there at the usual location trying to fight the good fight. They lose. That’s all there is to it. It really is just that simple.

UNLESS you’re Tangotv! Then, of course, due to your “honor and integrity”,  it’s EVERYBODY ELSE’S FAULT BUT YOURS!!!

In this case though, it’s just all Leftist’s fault. Nobody but he is responsible for this loss and Tango-tv-fucktard lets everybody know beyond any doubt the instant he dies. We pick this up right before Tango dies, he makes one last call for help. Here we go:

Well, there you have it.

And here is the end battle results:

Now, Leftist said that the replay would show what he was doing and what Tangotv was doing. He’s right. It does. Enjoy:

UPDATE 1/17/2018:

In this small installment, tangotv shows us his contribution to general chat. Same asshole, same bullshit, different day.

UPDATE 1/18/18:

CLAWS have kicked tangotv the fuck out of their clan for his bullshit. We have edited the end of the post and removed the previous image and statement that showed CLAWS in a bad light.

Well done, guys. Very well done.

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  1. Rafalefighter47

    Being a sufferer of severe OCD, I can say that against my will, I find myself obsessed about stats because of jerks like tangotv. I also have anxiety issues which also plays a role as well. A long time ago, some idiot was giving me a hard time over my gameplay, and I was paralyzed from my extreme anxiety. As I said once when I talked to my counselor because of my OCD when I was in college, I was worrying over something stupid(which is stats). I agree with you, Gomez, and I too am here in WOT to have fun. I taught myself and my mother taught me this, too: do your best, that’s all you can do.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve seen this guy before but it was back when he was with HARM. He did the same exact thing then: complained about everybody, insulted everybody, attacked everybody…and he really didn’t do any better than anybody else.

    He’s a truly worthless individual that should have gotten the ban hammer long ago.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    It wasn’t going to matter to awfully much at that point, if I had done what he was wanting me to do. If I had pulled up to that position the Type 5 Heavy with that OP armor and those HE rounds he was firing would have obliterated that E5 of mine much faster even still, and the E-HEAT-100 was penning me every time. Then Mr. Tangotv [ CLAWS ] would have just raged and insulted even more about how I did wrong what he wanted me to do etc.

    That’s how these guys roll, all the time. No matter how hard you try, they’ll go off with incriminations, insults, condemnations, because things didn’t go their way etc.

    They want the advantages of a random pub match, and the advantages of a quality well structured clan team organized, e-sports, level, quality service experience, etc. And it’s just not going to happen in these games they way Wargaming has the system set up. It just doesn’t. I finally came to that conclusion a long, long, time ago.

    It’s almost as if these guys forget that everyone does not have the same level of support of “big clans” with and time support structures, or always 6-skill crews in all of their tanks, or whatever…

    I’m just glad I found out early on back around the 29K battle mark ( some saw it much earlier than me even ), that with the MM changing, the meta changing, player base changing, nerfs, buffs, Wargaming not being honest, and WN8 being manipulated by Wot Labs (Never wish, XVM having to jump in and take over), and the MM being controlled by the patent software*, and host of other issues ( not to mention server issues, ping/lag, and bad luck) and the fact that I Solo Pub 98% of the time,,,,, “That was never going to rise much above a 49% Win Rate in this game, and with a marginal WN8 rating most likely (on avg. except for exception days and weeks)

    Those are just the facts. Now, to me it’s just a game I pay for occasionally to play, and “maybe?” I can try to enjoy some of it? Well, until you have games like this above ^ I simply try to play as best I can, to make the best I can out of each tank, do what I can to support the team.

    I also want to add this: The other weekend on my I phone X, Sir Foch popped up on Twitch, he had just came on for streaming. He started his stream playing tier X’s. So, he was commenting on Tier X game play, and he was talking about how utterly worthless Tier X game play has become! And you know Sir Foch, he don’t hold back too much. As he continued, he basically spelled out that Tier X play “sucked balls” because Wargaming has screwed it up with ranked battles, bonds, and has turned it into a “shit-fest” of HEAT & Gold Spamming, and the games normally end up on long losing streaks, certain tanks are not exactly balanced exactly the way they should be etc. and few other issues he was noting about Tier X game play which he believes that Tier X has just turned to SHIT right now.

    Frankly, Sir Foch is correct 100%. Tier X is rather shitty right now, big time ! And what I’ve to say is we suffer with people like tangotv [claws], and we lost the benefit of Tier 8 being fucked up over it, for Tier X being turned to shit? (as if it wasn’t bad enough before, so victor could have his Grand Battle wet dream?) 🙁

  4. Thing 1

    So Leftist messaged me with a screen shot. Turns out old Tangotv was all bent out of shape and messaged him in the garage. Leftist tried to message back but the fucktard had already black listed him.

    Yeah. That’s fucking manly. What a fucking pussy.

    So I Tweeted his stupid ass.

    tangotv tweet

    His story video on this site already has more hits than everything he’s ever done. LMAO!!!

    Congratulations, asshole! You’re finally famous! (Only, for being a fucking asshole…not exactly what you wanted, but hey…you asked for it.)

  5. Gomez_Adams

    Oh…the old “I’ll send him a nasty PM and then blacklist him so I can get in the last word and feel all manly about my failed and miserable life” ploy.

    How very mature and masculine at the same time.

  6. Zanarkand_C

    This fellow is no longer in CLAWS, FYSA. But you shouldn’t put blame on the clan itself, it’s hard to find this kind of behavior if no one reports it to the clan commanders/officers. No one wants to play with someone like that let alone let them into a clan adding the clans name to every poor choice they make.

  7. Thing 1

    “it’s hard to find this kind of behavior if no one reports it to the clan commanders/officers”

    It was reported to GeneraLeeDissociative by one of our researchers via PM the day this article was posted. He never responded. In fact, he never even bothered to read it.

    So maybe you need to take a long, hard fucking look at your leadership.

    We do appreciate the post though. Well done for rectifying the situation. We will edit the post accordingly.

  8. Gomez_Adams

    Well done, CLAWS. It is truly good to see that some people still care about decency.

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