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The Name & Shame List

I’ve been tracking players who are douche bags, trolls or otherwise ruin the gameplay experience for others for a while. I figured I’d finally make a list of it. Obviously WarGaming doesn’t want anyone to be held accountable, and they don’t allow any kind of name & shame either… So why not do it here?

Wesley001 – Bot
Gnarly_Butterfly – Team kills me after getting 100% in my Type T-34 MoE; he did 160 damage, I did 3,100
_F_L_A_S_H_ – Team killing in Ranked Battles
stevegunner117 – TK’ing in Ranked
KiDiaba – Map spam in Ranked
nxp – Pushing allies, trying to flip Strv’s in Ranked
Skittlicious – Training Room troll, TK’s in a climbing room
HandleTheTruth – Claims arty is hacking, turns out he sits still after shooting his own arty’s gun… After several shots, he finally got counter-batteried
V_P_V – Next level arty complainer
Schin007 – 31k matches, 37 WN8 – drowned at start of match
MegadethNZ – Sitting in the back & trolling chat
bfp4f360 – Insults player for posting in his own language in the proper section of the Forums
dffgrr – AFK’s because his Clan (R-R-R) are on the enemy team
KOzOK_ – Rams himself to death on the above player because he doesn’t like the map
Jacob_13 – Suicides in the same battle because he doesn’t like the MM
No9_Kaneki – Jumps off Himmelsdorf cliff (same battle), and flips over – Possible accident?
NewBoz – Drowns himself when battle turns sour, because shooting tanks is scary!
YewStink – Umm… What?
YewStink (10:33:24 PM) fuckyou motherfucker and this game…we’ll see who is better YewStink (10:34:14 PM) fuckyou and your little video game stats.
Scorpiany (10:34:17 PM) Lol, what?
Scorpiany (10:34:49 PM) You were the one who choose to drive like a clueless hiker down the river.
YewStink (10:35:03 PM) yeah…you and your pathetic 28k battle playing loser self that needs a good head stomping
YewStink (10:35:24 PM) fuck you and this game
Scorpiany (10:35:37 PM) I’m not the one spending me time spending my time throwing tantrums over a video game!
DamienW – TK’ing for “taking a spot”… Even though I got there first and wasn’t in his way.
CBPESSOA – Tries to push me out of position, then shoots me in the rear, before finally suiciding his tank
Geral_Queiroz – TK’s allies who are in front of him
Troll_Account_ – A troll. Duh.
timmytuffnuts – Spurges the entire battle after he dies
ROJO__666 – Cuts JgPzE-100 off, then shoots him, then tells everyone to report the JgPz
VF14_Jracer – Team killing troll, Platooned with other TK’ers
Gorrt3907 – Same as above
MassCnfusioin – Same as above
_Wrecker_ – Camping base and general stupidity
gamer_habitual – Camps in the back in his top Tier IS-3, then says “team noob”
pancer_libe – Same as above, but buttom Tier
_Rhee_Roy_Jenkins_ (Rhm.-B. WT): I would sex yer dog infront of yer mom
a_salim (B-C 21 t AP): yes u r a dog shit
a_salim (B-C 21 t AP): u born from dog not from man
a_salim (B-C 21 t AP): u autistic shit
_Rhee_Roy_Jenkins_ (Rhm.-B. WT): if u met me I would pull that rag off y er head and wipe my ass with it
ZipperDown – Claims our OTTER players and myself were intentionally avoiding the enemy OTTER players… We flanked them… That’s all we did… And we killed them as soon as we were done driving behind their flank.
joelontiveros_2017 – Pushes ally off of cliff, calls it fun
GeorgePaton3stars – Intentional team damage
PSTLimey – Top Tier, goes to J0 and sits there for the rest of the battle
Hazer48 – Either braindead or a bot. Seemingly a bot, but has to be the worst bot I’ve ever seen
Ghost_Patrol – Slandering enemy players for “hacking” after he drives straight in front of multiple enemies and, surprise, he dies.
Smiggler – Stat-padder / stat whore
gh1397 – Trolling in a Platoon, finding nearest heavy tank and boxing it in
walkman1397 – Same as above
GE_God – Same as above
Tilith – Claims a WGA-A is misconducting, turns out that he provoked entire situation, WGA-A person did nothing wrong, and he only wanted to slander and cause drama. I saw the replay, and it was just a spew of hate speech from Tilith… When the WGA-A member told him, and I quote “It’s not a wise idea to say that in front of someone in WGA-A”, Tilith claimed that it was “abuse of power” and made a Forum post claiming something completely different.
DBaoBaoJ – Shoots me with his arty because he did 0 damage and can’t read his map
Blasted2010 – Sits in the back, doesn’t shoot gun at all
sas_75 – Spammed chat and drowned himself
hollow_charge – Sits behind everyone in his T57 Heavy
DeadDotEd – Suicide rams enemy tanks at first opportunity regardless of cost to team. Also team killer and pushes me out of cover
Der_lord – Suicides in arty when he doesn’t like the score
scalemodeler – Keeps running into teammates and doing team damage because of a prior TK’er in a previous match
Crittercracker – Slander / hateful messages after he plays badly
Chubbley – Completely ignorant, sends hateful messages after I offer him advice
vk128 – Team damage
RUDYWOLF – Camps in back, doesn’t even try to help allies
Dalton2728 – Same as above
SuB_HuuMaN – Same as above
olok_1 – TK’s in arty by shooting ally side-hugging an enemy
saga_T – Random TK’ing troll
Demonic_Angel_of_Death – Constantly spams a 2-marked GW Panther on the Forums (Also is Stephen Sisk as we now know)
1001001110 – Intentional suicide at the start of the match
sanman59 – Doesn’t try to reset cap in his Tortoise even though he’s half-way there. Arguably didn’t know better, but also still could have made it and won had he not given up
robodude725 – Pushes good players in open to get shot, then brags about it
Lord_Bracken – Intentional team damage
WiKeDwan – Rude individual, shoots carelessly even if it hits allies
Gohan_oliv – Leaves cap at 97%, even though the score is 4-8… rip
deathmatic – Cursing at slow heavies for not helping, after he rushes in and dying
RED40ts – Camping at A5 on Pilsen in a Maus, throws the game
Articlaeger – Demands scout spots, scout gets hit by T92 for 1,300 HP, then TK’s the scout
argazed (8:59:48 PM) BASTARDS lesbiana = you will pay those hacks, you SHIT
Ironhart – Dense individual who claims I’m using illegal mods
RAISE_105-1 – Non-stop map spam
araujo13 – Team Killer
tanopasman62 – Drowns in top Tier heavy because he doesn’t like the MM
YOU_SHALL_NOT_PASS – I accidentally bump into him, so he proceeds to shoot me twice and TK me. Serious anger issues… And gameplay issues… And just issues in general
barnabyjonez – Camps next to arty, gets arty shot, then wishes death on people
TheSteelToaster – Shouts all-caps insults after being provided with factual information
Wardaddy_2014[UV] (M46 KR): this game is rigged and anything above 52% requires cheats, figure it out

Sorry mate, but that’s not how statistics work.

dangermonkey[T_N_A] (FV215b): don’t get pissed, I’m sniping, only thing this pos is good at

…Of course, that ended up meaning he did nothing to contribute to the battle

ForgottenProphet – Cockiness
Robodude725 – Calls me a stat-padder, then camps in the back on a mountain. Only leaves it to shoot me and then suicide into tanks
Ricspear – Pushes allies and calls them idiots… 24 high calibers after 23,000 battles
Baby-Thot – TK’d an arty, then false reports teammates
stryker77 – Camps whole battle next to arty in his Tiger, proud of himself for getting 3 kills afterwards
ghost062 – Shoots ally & appologizes, then begins bumping allies
remsdu62 – Sets allied light tank on fire for “blocking his way”
xxxarcxx – Ally says he’s close to 3-marking his Defender, so xxxarcxx pushes him out into enemy tanks
SisiLimperatice – Spams map, then does nothing, then shoots ally, then whines. Did 0 damage to enemy tanks
Sticky_Bomb_1 – “warpack maggot”, tells players to die in a car crash. God awful stats
Hades_ – Curses team and drowns after doing 0 damage
xx_LUCIFER_xx – Pushes his ally sidways in front of me
Schott123 (1:47:52 AM) HAHAHHAA Schott123 (1:47:53 AM) NOOB Schott123 (1:48:26 AM) HAHAHAHA NOOB Schott123 (1:48:28 AM) I AM KILL YOU Schott123 (1:48:37 AM) with ping red

He was on top of the Redshire mountain. I had climbed up to kill him because that was the only way we were going to kill him. Problem is, I was a one-shot. Despite that, I still took out most of his HP… But no no, I’m the noob.

mac64 – Rams me, then pushes me into enemy 121, then pushes myself and the enemy 121 into the water, then jumps into the water himself. All 3 tanks drown. Gg?
vruthav – Arty stuns ally twice
Unseen_Terror – Sits in the open while spotted, gets shot and dies. Then blames the team and calls them idiots
Apocolyptic_tac0_tuesday (3:12:57 PM) Truth hurts, you are nothing more than an extremely lucky player. Apocolyptic_tac0_tuesday (3:13:08 PM) Hitting your shots more than most people. Apocolyptic_tac0_tuesday (3:13:17 PM) You seem to have more teams that aren’t fucking retards Apocolyptic_tac0_tuesday (3:13:49 PM) Glad I was kicked.. Your obnoxious better than thou attitude really pissed me off.

I kicked him from our Discord server because he kept raging in there non-stop… Not just occasional venting, not just posting in our Name & Shame channel… But just interrupting every conversation to rage in all caps about something or other.

CampoMinado – Possible bot
DandelionDream – Attempted TK’ing for seemingly no reason
PsychoStalker1 – Likes the N word
ridgeraider – Drowns because “team was going to lose”… Team won 15-5
dasmage – Suicides because arty on Himmelsdorf – Team won
SKI101 – Camps in back, does 0 damage
DeusVult – Shoots allies for “blocking”, even though the allies were in the spot for 20+ seconds
Asdepique – Camps at B1 in top Tier WZ-111 5A
Christojojo (8:54:31 PM) its amazing you guys pick on my poor skills and yett you two died the cried. fuck you and your white surpremist attitudes

…Apparently saying “Could you please move up? You’re not accomplishing anything from back there” makes me a white supremacist.

Tim_Anderson_marksman – Intentional team damage
jayali – Pushes me out of cover, then pushes me off of a cliff, then tracks me in the water so I drown. Luckily he got himself banned (Only for 1 hour though)
Brunadin – Pushes ally out of cover twice
sanlitros – Using illegal auto-repair mod for tracks. He goes AFK without leaving the battle, track auto-repairs despite him being AFK
PeterAn – Calls people terrible players, so he won’t help them
Stonewall__Jackson – “go fuck yourself you fucking cunt’
JOHNSONYANG_winner – Does 1,000 team damage in a Super Pershing, still doesn’t turn blue. I have absolutely no idea how that’s possible, but it happened.
Rich73 – Keeps stopping in front of allies, when they finally bump into him by accident, he shoots them
Pabieda1945, drowns himself because team didn’t go to one side of the map; could have won had he not done so
MalusTheGrey – 2 intentional TK’s in one battle, more damage to allies than enemies
ShadowDuskMalik (2:08:14 PM) Stop messagaing me or I will file for harrassment with the police
Scorpiany (2:08:30 PM) Calling you out for your foolish comment and insult is not harassment. It’s me responding to you.
ShadowDuskMalik (2:08:46 PM) Calling the police. Have a nice day
Scorpiany (2:09:12 PM) Lol, good luck with that.
ShadowDuskMalik (2:09:31 PM) Just so you know, I do work for the force, so yeah, thanks Scorpiany (2:10:23 PM) Making up lies doesn’t get you anywhere my friend. You called me a retard. YOU did so. I just said that you died because you loaded the wrong shell type. Scorpiany (2:11:00 PM) You can’t respond to criticism, or being proven wrong, by claiming harassment.
Scorpiany (2:11:30 PM) You can’t just say whatever you want, and expect for nobody to respond. That’s not how life works.
Scorpiany (2:12:04 PM) I’m not threatening you. I’m not putting pressure on you. I’m not asking anything of you. I’m just saying why you were 1) Wrong with your initial claims and 2) Wrong to call me a retard. That’s not harassment.
Scorpiany (2:12:16 PM) If you don’t want me talking to you, right click on my name and press “Add to Blacklist”. It’s that simple.
Scorpiany (2:12:23 PM) But that doesn’t change the fact that you were unjustified with your comments.
maythelordforgiveme_brap – Intentionall TK’s me
Downloading_Spyware – Platoons with above to TK me
CanYouFeelTheJoy – Same as above, also makes DDOS threats
Pretty_Pegasus_Pony – Sits behind me, blocks my reverse.
KomodoDagger – Shoots me for 600 in his allied arty after the above blocks me… Then says “Why don’t you have HP? Noob 113″… top kek

tkcheatunicums: Pushes me off of the Prokhorovka hill, then says “Report cheat noob stat padder”. Luckily he got a nice dose of instant karma, with an allied Ikv 65 II shooting him and myself being able to finish him off a moment later.

Noobwargamer: Streams illegal mods

KLRobUSMC: Spends the whole battle ranting and being a dick, intentionally sits back behind arty, spams the chat and does his very best to lose the battle.

hanpings (10:34:14 PM) fuck off
Scorpiany (10:46:30 PM) …Okay. Good to know you’re such a pleasant individual.
hanpings (10:48:02 PM) fuck u n fuck off
Scorpiany (10:48:17 PM) Happy holidays to you too.
hanpings (10:54:38 PM) fuck off scam shit

kates: Sits behind a building all battle, refuses to move or shoot. Maybe a terrible bot, or maybe just terrible in general.

Mr_Jelly_Butt: Intentional team damage

Howie_Eye: Pushes me out into the enemy because apparantly “I’m a space hog”. Even though I’d been fighting in my spot for a full minute already.

faqay: Might as well be going for the world record for most map pings in battle.

cheatdeath: Either a major troll, or the most illiterate player I’ve ever seen. Apparantly thinks my event is “paying people to be in my Clan and forcing them to wear a banner”… What? What part of “Do double my damage or XP to be entered into a raffle for a free Tier 8 Premium” mentions anything about Clans, banners, or anything of that sort?

Daemonik: Spends the whole battle insulting me for the giveaway I’m hosting.

jsn87xi76slk92mc802d7sk1 constant map pinging, hid around a corner the whole battle pinging and calling team losers. (we won, he did ZERO).

Robodude725: Shoots me, floods chats with insults the entire battle because of my event. Good job, now you’re permanently disqualified from any future event… And a chat ban should be coming your way shortly…

yadestroyer: Top tier T-62A who sat like a td on prokhorovka, not bothering to move or anything

Kerber1983: Same match. Decided to team kill the above T-62A for camping behind tds

GermanDestroyer1: Team killer who bitches when things don’t go his way, pushes allies in the line of fire on purpose

computersays: Shoots me in the rear, then drowns himself because “I stole his damage after he bounced his first shell”… I just intercepted a light tank who was charging towards our artillery.

YoungNuts: Shoots me for seemingly no reason (in the same battle), and after failing to find a second shot on me, goes and suicides into the enemy. 0 damage dealt to allies, nor enemies. Well played sir.

PoweredByGreedd: actively avoided the fight while calling the team shit, definitely a bought account, spent the entirity of the match hiding behind arty in lowe during tier 10 match

Capt_Ben_7 from the PYRMD clan, for intentional TKing

Cyant: Keeps pushing me backwards while I’m shooting even though he has no reason to go backwards, then shoots me & calls me a retard.

STEALWALL(XILES) Did 219 dmg in his Type 59, then died and bitched that rest of team ignored map while he did nonstop pinging. Meanwhile in my AMX M4 45 I did 2K + against their tier 9s.

oceandan349 : drowns at start and then proceeds to berate me and my platoonmate entire game

PsychoReaper_1: did nothing while driving an object 268 in a tier 8 game, then pingspammed when he died

andy_581 : I’m in a Challenger set up to snipe, he’s in a Tiger 1 calling me a coward for “hiding”, then shoots me, then dies doing 213 dmg. Rest of game griefing me cause he died. Obviously my fault.

Mhdi: Asks whether anyone is rich in the battle. After no direct response, he then proceeds to beg for money from the team in general, then from me in particular. It’s called “Get a job”. You want money? There’s this amazing thing where you can find a business, and trade your hard work for cash. It’s amazing, and it really works!

Tullis (3:53:23 AM) sad that the game just gets worse with more and more cheaters like you Tullis (3:53:26 AM) reported to support
…He camped all battle in his Jg.Tig. 8,8cm. I tracked him with my light tank and proceeded to farm him by shooting his track wheel repeatedly. I guess that’s cheating now.

Torque969: Team killing me. Shoots at me 9 fucking times and doesn’t get banned, because 4 of the shells went into my tracks, 2 bounced, 1 missed and “only” 2 of them damaged my tank. And of course this cockholster’s tracking & shooting me gets me killed by artillery for my remaining 700 HP.

reptidex4: “they should ban all 3-marks for warpack”… Also started the battle by saying “Here come the ignorant Americans and Jews”

EnemyOfTheState: I refuse to rig a BIA medal with him, so he calls me a fool and a faggot.

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  1. Thing 1

    Holy fucking shit, dude. That is SOME list!

    How the hell do you still have ANY faith in this fucking game after all that?

  2. Scorpiany

    I don’t have any faith in it. I just still find myself having fun more often than not, so I continue to play it. Usually I can ignore the trolls fairly well – I just add them to my list and move on.

    Earlier today, I did snap though. Got myself a Forum ban for posting about Torque969 – Since WG took my Thread down and didn’t even leave an archive of it, I’ll repost it here as a separate member post. He deserves a Thread of his own.

  3. Thing 1

    I saw the cached copy of that post. What cracks me up is that you hid his name, so there was no name and shame. What dumbassed, bullshit reason did they give you for the strike? I mean, I see far worse than that on that shithole site every single day and they do nothing at all about it.

    I mean, as long as you’re in a power clan shit talking a noob you can say anything you want. Post pictures of an asshole ruining the fucking game that you don’t even name and you get a strike.

    Those fuckers (Wargaming Moderators) are THE WORST ON EARTH. It’s almost as if it is in fact THEY that are the fucking assholes in the game and they’re simply covering their asses by getting rid of the evidence.

  4. Allegra

    Damn Scorp – over what time period has all this occurred? I don’t blame you for ‘going of’f. As for WG deleting the thread, you kinda called it in your post – they want to make people think that the game is just peachy. Unfortunately I tend to think the way they are doing it and have done since the day dot has encouraged the stuff that is happening lately – which in part I firmly believe is behind them losing customers – at least in NA. I don’t watch Claus often, but one video I did see, he indicated that he had enough material about ‘Assholes’ that he could produce daily videos for a prolonged period – I seem to recall months.

  5. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. I’m not sure what to say.

    You know, that a site like this actually exist with videos and screen shots of all that goes on in this game is very, very bad for Wargaming.

    That their own community contributor can compile a list this long, this extensive, over ANY period of time is simply revolting.

    Not on Scorpiany’s part, to be sure. But what does it say that any one man goes through this just to try to play a free-to-play pixel tank game?

    When your own Contributors, who have defended the game tooth and nail since day one, start coming up with lists like this on a site like this, then you have huge problems.

    Wargaming’s complete and total lack of any REAL enforcement of their own EULA is what has led us to this point, and why the game is basically on life support with a prognosis of certain death on the horizon.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    tanopasman62 – Drowns in top Tier heavy because he doesn’t like the MM
    He’s one of the big talkers sometimes on the forum about stats, and he come’s after other people who make comments about flaws in the MM sometimes. How interesting.

    Demonic_Angel_of_Death – Constantly spams a 2-marked GW Panther on the Forums (Also is Stephen Sisk as we now know)

    ^ Wonder if he’s going to try to clever up another alt troll account again ? You know he’s busting at the gills to try again.

    ” When your own Contributors, who have defended the game tooth and nail since day one, start
    coming up with lists like this on a site like this, then you have huge problems.

    Wargaming’s complete and total lack of any REAL enforcement of their own EULA is what has led us
    to this point, and why the game is basically on life support with a prognosis of certain death on the

    Yes, and the fact that they are counting on newly old maps being glossed up, with a few new one’s years over due with things finally being put in HD now, simply to catch up with War Thunder, using older technology even still to do it with, hoping that will relieve them of solving the real problems of Customer Support, Match Maker Problems, Toxicity in game/forum, a tight game economy/long grinds, NA server population dying, Tier 8 failure, etc. It’s not really going to do much, but give a momentary temporary boost “blip” on the radar screen, then right back down!

    Even now there is a population thread open now on the NA forum where our good ole friend Striker_70 [Alias population Denier troll] is at work as we speak with the rest of fabrication boys, in delusion land:

    See post # 165 🙂

  7. Valkyrie_Guardian

    How do you differentiate between people who deserve to be on a team kill list and those who are shitty players and get enraged when you call them out for doing so? Econnofoot added me to a tk list because he rushed way forward to suicide and I called him out. He was among the first few if not the 1st dead in a match. I’m not worried about being shot by douches who team kill at the word of some 12 year old rager, but I’m just curious how issues like this get vetted.

  8. Thing 1

    If you shoot your fucking teammate on purpose and kill him, you’re a fucking team killing douche bag.

    It’s that fucking simple. If you don’t get that, then chances are you’re the douche bag team killing people on purpose.

  9. Scorpiany

    Valkyrie, when compiling this list I took context into consideration. Only those that were trying to be, or inexcusably were, assholes were listed.

    Also, this isn’t a team kill list – Just a name & shame list. I wouldn’t worry about that individual that added you to his “tk list”. If you’re really worried, add him to your blacklist so you’ll know to watch out for him next time you see him in battle.

  10. PurpleBlitz

    This is like that -G- guy’s fucking teamkill list, only a legitimate list of assholes that fucking deserve it. If I see any of these folks I’ll be sure my fucking cannon says “hi, bitch”.

  11. Beornotns

    I think I am going to pull up this list and start adding them to my blacklist in game.

    Thanks for the heads-up Scorp!


  12. ZoM_2014

    @Beornotns Wish i could add some more, but oddly enough the blacklist has a limit. So ingame atm I have 1k assholes, mic trolls,etc. blacklisted. I may end up having to delete everyone off and then go from there.

  13. Thing 1

    Just joined a week ago, played 5 games to post and has 33 posts since. Typical reroll troll account. Whoever it is probably got perma-banned at that same time.

  14. landedkiller

    Must have been he was replying to my statement that wg had a patent for their mm. As a side note You use @Pigeon_of_War for instance and that pings them on discord. make sure to see my comment on the #shitcanwg you can view the history of their post son the discord could make for a good post

  15. Beornotns

    @Scorpiany – Who the fuck is General_Lee_Miserable?!?

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