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Torque969 & reptidex4 – The duo that made me snap

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Cool story WarGaming. I’ll just add that to my 24 other Warning Points, Strikes & whatever else you call them. I guess that makes #25 now?

So, what kind of terrible, godawful post did I make to receive this honor you may ask? Sit your ass down, nice and comfortable – We’re in for a ride.

After having an already bad week, and frankly bad month of playing this godawful game, with trolls running around rampant and team killers doing everything they can to make sure that nobody can have fun… I encounter these two special snowflakes.

The first individual is reptidex4. He’s special, but wasn’t that determined of an asshole. He was the “I’m going to whine, bitch and be a dick at the start of the battle, but then shutup and actually play the game” kind of asshole.

(Sorry for the blurred names… I specifically blurred them to avoid a Forum strike, but… Well… It’s WarGaming. Where accountability is non-existent, and trolling is practically encouraged by the complete and utter inaction by Customer Support, the moderation team, or… Well… Anyone else who works at that company. Also, I’m too damn lazy to crop them again.)

Someone on our team made a comment about our Type 64’s 3-mark, and he was fairly impressed by it… reptidex4 on the other hand… He had something else to say.

JPanther, I know we just dealt with noobwargamer and all, but c’mon man… Not everyone who has a 3-mark is using WarPack. And of course, this is how he starts his battle after his little bout of whining.


Alright Scorp, we see salty players every day. That’s not special. Alright, that’s fair enough. It just wasn’t the world’s greatest start to the battle either, you know? Or actually, maybe it was – Considering the Thunderbolt on our team.

Ladies and gentleman, or whatever other shit you identify with… Drumroll please… Let us introduce to you Torque969!!!


May I ask how in the actual fuck someone shoots me 8 times without getting banned? He even shoots my dead corpse afterwards!

Brilliant Torque969 in the Thunderbolt on my team for reasons I can’t understand begins shooting me, over and over again after I kill a T20 on the enemy team.

Shell #1… And shell #2…

And again… This time he misses and hits the ground.

…And again… Shell #4…

Think he’s done there? Think again! Shell #5…

Keep in mind, he’s completely screwing my tracks over with these shells too. I need to be driving forwards to help the team and to not die to arty… Not get shot over and over by someone going backwards in the evolutionary chain.

Go back to fucking your own family tree you inbred asshole. Shell #6.

And again. Mommy, this AMX CDA stole my damage against the T20! Help me kill him! That will show him! Next time he won’t dare shoot enemy tanks!


HOW. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. Of course fucking arty one-shots me, because it’s a skill-based game mechanic that adds so much to the game.

Why do I play this godawful game anymore?

What is the point? I log in to try and have fun, and there’s ALWAYS someone who’ll do their very best to ruin it.

I can’t stand this playerbase. And I really can’t stand the fact that WarGaming doesn’t give a flying monkey’s rear I can send a ticket to Customer Support all I want – THEY WON’T BAN THEM. They’ll give you a copy-paste response that they pulled out of their ass, telling you how well and effective the in-game banning system is.

Screw this game.

There you have it folks. Proof that:
1) WarGaming’s automatic team damage system is broken as shit, because bounces / module damage hardly counts against a player
2) Artillery will always fuck you over the moment you stop thinking about
3) Monkeys really can play World of Tanks.

Too bad WarGaming doesn’t give a flying shit. They’ll remove the Thread, they’ll give me a ban and in general just do everything they can to hide anything wrong with the game.

It’s especially sad when WarGaming’s Customer Support willingly lies to your face about their policies. Little do they realize, that I’ve had many inside peeks into how they operate. I know when you’re bullshitting to me. And I certainly don’t appreciate their malicious attempts to fuck me over. More on that later, in my next post… It will be about WG’s godawful joke and a half that they call “Customer Support”.

Why do I still play this game, you may ask… Truth be told, I still enjoy it. Despite all the shit that goes on, and despite my increasing spite for WarGaming, I still (usually) have fun when I log on for the day. I just ignore the douchebags & trolls, and move on. I still like the thrill of carrying a match when I’m outnumbered, I still enjoy shooting tanks to shit.

It’s kind of sad really. WarThunder’s tanks really didn’t do it for me, and while I enjoyed Armored Warfare, I still preferred World of Tanks. It’s just a fucking shame that there are so many incompetent policies at WarGaming. They have terrible communication with their playerbase, they prefer to sweep issues under the rug instead of addressing them, and their own departments are a mess which struggle with basic communication between one-another. Not to mention that they overly rely on interns with no clue what they’re doing for much of their Customer Support team, moderation team and various other groups within the company.

Well, there you have it folks. The fucking roller coaster.

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  1. Thing 1

    I find it laughable that Wargaming protects assholes like that but bans anybody that points them out.

    Which is, of course, what led to the creation of this site to begin with.

    And as Zeedox just pointed out moments ago: they got rid of your thread completely but left up the thread with the racists, anti-Semitic remarks on it.

    Now tell me that Wargaming isn’t run by a bunch of fucking racist Nazi’s.

  2. Zeedox

    I once replied to a maga b/s comment with covfefe and got a warning and moderator edit…..
    I don’t bother posting much anymore – the mods are too blatantly biased.

  3. Gomez_Adams

    Good lord, Scorp…you been saving all this up for today man?

    Since I went back to War Thunder, I’ve been TK’d once. I was in my B25 J20 and was headed to bomb a base and a guy behind me shot me down so he could bomb it first.

    Other than that, I’ve only been shot by a teammate a couple of times, all of them on accident in heat of the battle types of situations where you really just can’t ever see it coming.

    It’s very, very rare to see intentional trolls like that in War Thunder. That’s a VERY large part of why I don’t miss World of Tanks one single bit.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    And no matter how ridiculous the strike is, and when you try to appeal it they come back with responses like these:

    “Thank you for contacting Wargaming support.

    As for your concern, please contact a forum moderator as they have more control over issues on the forums and they have all the resources necessary to answer your questions.

    They will assist you on whatever issue you have on your account.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please check out our knowledgebase articles.

    May we see you in the field, Commander!

    Best Regards, ”

    ————————— OR ————————-

    After really trying to nail them down you will start getting a replay like this when they run out of BS, and are pissed that you’re not buying their BS anymore:

    As per our EULA, you may send your letter informing our legal department of informal negotiations, here:
    Wargaming Public Company Limited
    105, Agion Omologiton Avenue,
    1080 Nicosia,
    P.O. Box 23885,
    Nicosia 1687, Cyprus

    Best Regards,
    Alma Gerret

    —————————————— Or ———————————-

    Forums offenses need to be handled via the forum Report system where our dedicated moderation team can review all claims. Our professional team will take care of and see to any actions that need to be taken in the proper manner accordingly. You can report content by clicking on the “Report” button located in the lower-left hand corner of every piece of content in our forums.

    You can count on our dedicated team.

    Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support.

  5. Thing 1

    Yep. Every fucking time.

    It is second only to customs in North Korea for being completely fucking worthless.

  6. PrinzEugen85

    Scorp’s been a great, positive, poster on that forum I think longer than my entire playing career. When he’s venting here in volume, you might as well sound the air raid siren for WGNA.

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