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World of Tanks Kills League Play – It’s Just a Game Now, Kids!

For as long as this game has been around, the trolls have always had the same argument to bash people with:




No shit. They have. Always. Since day one.

And of course when anybody that never cared about all that bullshit would say, “I don’t care about that, I just play for fun” they would get trolled to absolute death for pages on end.

Well, boys and girls, it is now official:


Now, of course, all those trolls are stunned. They seem to be splitting into two groups:

  • A group that says they don’t care because they have fun playing the game. (Ahhhh…so NOW they play for fun!)
  • Those shedding tears in buckets, saying the game is now dead, and begging for transfers to the EU server. (When just yesterday they were all saying the population is fine, the game is doing great, and will be around doing fine for at least another decade.)

An important thing to consider is this: Why did they pull the plug on League play?

It’s simple, really. It’s the same reason they’re shutting down locations, consolidating the servers and shit-canning people hand over fist: money.

You see, years ago, Wargaming actually tried to get into Esports. Not the made up bullshit they called Esports, but the REAL one sponsored by ESPN.

They were laughed out of the joint because the game relied far too much on RNG and luck and platooning in numbers to swing the odds in your favor.

So Wargaming, rather than lower the RNG, get rid of bullshit MM and make the game more skilled base, they figured they’d just make their own league.

But leagues cost money. Ever look at who sponsors Wargaming’s Leagues?


That’s right. NOBODY.

So, they must have charged admission, right? Had big studio audiences watching what was going on, sold merchandise, all that jazz.

Nope. Not a damn thing.

It’s not surprising, really. After all, who gives a shit about a tank game? Not many people anymore, that’s for damn sure. But it goes further than that. What it really boils down to once again is Wargaming’s arrogance. Rather than meet industry standards and provide fair competition where skill rose to the top, they figured their manipulated bullshit was good enough, fuck the fair play, we’ll do it on our own and show you who is boss.



Here comes the funny part: everybody in north America with half a brain saw it coming. A few years back, the best team World of Tanks had ever seen (a Russian one no less) quit the league. Why?


Nobody cared. Nobody came to watch. Nobody gave out the huge prizes other OFFICIAL Esports games were giving out…

It was a joke. And they realized that they were in fact the brunt of the joke. THAT is why they quit. They had something the vast majority of the other World of Tanks league players don’t have and never have had and in all likelihood never will have:

Integrity and Pride.

What’s more, the League Players have been an EPIC source of embarrassment and shame for Wargaming. We have quite a few of them featured here since the site opened doing all manner of things from using racial slurs to anti-Semitic  slurs to homophobic tirades…pretty much breaking every single rule in the EULA.

When you have a league like that, nobody paying to sponsor it, nobody paying to watch it, nobody paying to take part it in, what the hell good is it?

No good at all.

That’s why it’s gone.

Good fucking riddance!

Now maybe, JUST MAYBE, the regular folks can play a god damn game of World of Tanks in peace.

After all, it’s not a competitive game anymore, which leaves just one reason left to play it:


Imagine that.



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  1. Zeedox

    “Sorry We’re closed”

  2. Thing 1

    It was a pick ’em. I had thought about a “FORECLOSED” sign, then I actually entertained a “THIS PROPERTY CONDEMNED” sign, but decided I would go with the classic “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign.

    About 5 minutes after I posted it though, I thought about the “NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE” sign.

  3. Rafalefighter47

    Once upon a time, there lived an ultra stupid company called Wargaming. They were so stupid, that they lost their ability to pull their heads out of their own stupid butts, have a completely hard time getting brains, encouraging an ever-toxic environment where zombie(you know, brainless idiots who can’t get brains, cuz THEY’RE DEAD!!!) troll control is 0, and thus have become zombies themselves. Although their product, World of Tanks, is a fun game, I get very frustrated when Wargaming’s stupidity prevents them from fixing issues such as RNG, mediocre penetration mechanics, mismatching MM that lasted FOR YEARS, and still we have 3-tiered matches(you know, tier 6-8 for example), very high prices for tier 8 premiums(Roughly $50 on a virtual tank?), and a crap ton of other things. Wargaming made me so mad to the extent, that I created a desire to have fighter jets bomb the Wargaming facilities. However, considering that as I’m typing this, I will now hop into one of my fighter jets and lead an armada of fighter jets with all non-nuclear bombs(to avoid killing innocent people), missiles, and let’s not forget, ROCKETS!!!! 😀 *Asks control tower for permission to take off after my fighter and my armada’s planes are armed* “Permission granted!” The control tower said, “Now go make these poor saps wet their own bed!” So now, as you might guess, I’m turning this story right into a poem, now I’m climbing high in full afterburner, looking forward to hit “home.”!(Wargaming’s locations) So now I’m in Belarus, it’s main location right there, with me shouting, “Die Wargaming, you’re very unfair!!!” So I dropped 2 bombs to save my munitions, despite the fact that I’m only doing a few missions. Me and my fighters have destroyed their main place, after all, this company is such a disgrace. We then fly to California and blow up the convoy, foiling their plan to go to Texas I shout, “Oh boy!” We then fly to Western Europe, Russia, then the rest of Asia, and we all took care of the last of every Wargaming fool. What Wargaming did all these years was absolutely not cool. Forgive me for my rant, avoid doing this right now I just simply can’t! Last but not least, we received intel from our ground forces regarding Wargaming’s CEO Victor, though I can say, the amount of trouble he got himself into, will only get bigger. After firing most of our ordinance on Wargaming’s locations with only a few weapons left to use, the power this guy had, he really did misuse! We fire all that we had left, and blew him up with our might, now we just had to head home, so we must sit tight. We then had a party and replaced Wargaming’s oligarchic dictatorship with good people in charge. Great care, quality, and more good things to come through their door they must barge!! And exposingwot, and all the good people and the new Wargaming all lived happily ever after. THE END. I hope you enjoyed my fictional story, again, for my rant, if offended or upset, I am sorry.

  4. Scorpiany

    Wait wait wait, what? A game? Meant to be played for… Fun? What is this nonsense? Everyone knows games are there to berate other players and insult anyone not in your Clan!

    I honestly don’t understand why so many people take this game so seriously. A competitive side to it can be fun, but when 1) The game is so RNG-dependent and stagnant that competitive play is laughable, and 2) People use it more to stroke their own egos more than actually enjoy the game… Then what’s the point?

  5. Thing 1

    I honestly don’t understand why so many people take this game so seriously.

    Because it’s all they have in their failed and miserable lives, man. We’ve said that from the outset.

    And that’s exactly the point: they use it to stoke their own egos because it’s ALL THEY HAVE. They failed at life, so pixel tanks is all that’s left.

    Now that that is gone as well (at least on this server) I look to see a lot of leaping off bridges and parking on rail road crossways in the coming weeks.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    I wonder how low old Striker_70 is going to lay now. That guy has been a denier for years. Any time anybody ever said anything, he denied it.

    – They need to shut down the West server because there’s nobody on it.

    He came back with it’s just fine! There’s tons of people on it. They’re making money so they’ll never shut it down.

    It’s gone now.

    – Nobody is watching these stupid leagues and the people in them are the most toxic people on earth and they’re hurting the game in general.

    He came back with leagues carry the game! Leagues are where the real money is! Do you think they’d have these leagues if they weren’t making tons of money?

    Now the leagues are gone.

    – The North American Server is dying. The population has been in steady decline and it’s only a matter of time before Wargaming starts closing up shop.

    He came back with the population is fine! There’s no problem! There’s tons of players and Wargaming is still making tons of money and will be for decades to come!

    They’ve shut down one server, moved the other server, shut down two locations including the MAIN OFFICE THEY’VE HAD SINCE DAY ONE and moved into a shed in Austin, Texas with a skeleton crew and pretty much canned the entire staff.

    So I am anxious to see what good old Striker 70 comes up with in answer to all of this. After all, he’s been THE number one denier of it all for years saying none of it was happening.

    And now everything we warned of, everything we said was happening, everything we talked about and foretold 2 years ago has in fact come to pass.

    The only thing that hasn’t yet is the complete pulling of the plug on the last NA server remaining.

    And frankly, I don’t see that lasting another year or two either before it’s gone.

    So come on, Striker 70. Deny some more for us all. Show us everything is just peachy keen. Go back on everything you’ve been saying for the last two years and amaze us with your new excuses and crap stories.

    I simply can’t wait to see it.

  7. Thing 1

    Testify brother…testify!!!

  8. Icon_Charlie

    Quote :
    “Because it’s all they have in their failed and miserable lives, man. We’ve said that from the outset.
    And that’s exactly the point: they use it to stoke their own egos because it’s ALL THEY HAVE. They failed at life, so pixel tanks is all that’s left.

    Now that that is gone as well (at least on this server) I look to see a lot of leaping off bridges and parking on rail road crossways in the coming weeks.”

    I agree with this comment. The fucking shitheads that I despise are getting what they deserve and in a few years this will all be a forgone conclusion. As far as Washington is to be concerned as soon as the lease runs out they will be gone as well. Both Shitcago and Washington were former game studio sites that WG bought out and used their IP’s on several failed projects so far. This was a good game in concept but as I have stated before and I’ll stated once again… RUSSIAN style of management does not work in the westernized world.

  9. Cola_Uruguay

    i hope the game doesnt die, at least not now, ive spent a considerable amount of money in it, but i know it will

  10. Shadora

    I think the company had a sit down around the spring of 2017 where they slashed expenses in everything they could and focused on premium tanks as their strategy for increasing revenue. Same for WoWs.

    They closed all non-essential offices, laid people off, and consolidated servers.

    2018 will be a make or break year for them.

  11. Thing 1

    I agree completely Shadora. They’re at rock bottom. It’s sink or swim time. They’ve been sinking steadily for two years just like pretty much everybody on this site has said the entire time.

    The hysterical part is this: after we all foresaw this, talked about it, and got fucking trolled to death by the corporate shills over it, it was actually proven we were right all along.

    And NOW they’re all starting to say the same exact fucking things that we were telling them years ago:
    – the game is dying
    – they don’t give a shit about their players
    – they will continue to do things their way no matter what

    The irony of it all is that it is the last two things that caused the first to begin with and once again they’re not listening to a fucking soul.

    That’s why the EU transfers were never offered as they promised they would be: They know full well that 90% of the poor fools left on the NA server would jump ship immediately.

    Mark my words: the day they actually offer that transfer to EU is the day they’ve already decided to completely shut down operations in North America.

  12. Zeedox

    They’ll offer a move – but it was cost real dollars.

  13. PrinzEugen85

    Me and everyone on this thread called it 2 years ago. The writing was on the wall when I participated in the first sandbox, ostensibly, that WG was serious about fixing the game. I gave logical, unbiased feedback and was countered with “Yes, but this is the direction we want the game to go.”

    Every time someone had a brilliant idea to share, WG would do the opposite, like they would rather troll their own player base instead of making a profit and bettering what used to be an awesome game.

    If game developers hear lots of complaining, and back and forth dialogue, that’s good. It means everybody is passionate about the product, enough to voice their opinion one way or another. When the devs hear either yes-men, or crickets, they might as well buy a shovel, because it’s time to dig their company’s grave.

  14. KineticRhyme

    I mean, popular teams from other games had teams in WoT Esports too. (Fnatic, Virtus Pro, and recently NaVi) All of which left when they didn’t get the 1st place often. NaVi stayed longer since they were top 3, but I’m guessing some NaVi suits realized there was no point investing in WoT Esports so they pulled out as well.

    I believe they had sponsors when they first did the WGL Grand Finals, but the amount of sponsors kept reducing per year to the point where WG was practically the only one investing in these tourneys.

  15. Thing 1

    Those sponsors were simply Wargaming’s subsidiaries.

    They tried to get sponsors, but again, who wants to sponsor this shit? I mean, it IS a shit game. Anybody who plays it for more than about an hour finds that out very, very quickly.

    Not only that, but all one has to do is run a check on the company and what do they find?

    Nothing. Nothing at all from any reputable source.

    NOBODY in their right mind sponsors shit like that because nnobody knows anything about them. You can’t risk getting involved with some unknown, unpublished, secretive Russia hack company and expose your company and it’s image to whatever bullshit somebody digs up on them after the fact.

    Wargaming has run their company a lot like they have their forums: in secret, hiding like bitches, afraid for anybody to find out who they are and what they’re really about. That’s why this website is completely blocked and strictly forbidden to be even mentioned on their forums or in their game. We show people WHO THEY REALLY ARE and WHAT THEY REALLY DO.

    Would YOU risk your companies reputation on that?

    Can you imagine if somebody like Sony had sponsored them and then all of a sudden people start emailing Sony all the Nazi shit we have them cold busted on on this site? Can you imagine the shit storm it would create once all the racist bullshit that goes on in this game day after day is all over the news and Sony sponsors it?

    No. Of course you wouldn’t risk that. Neither would (or did) anybody else. Ever. You’d be insane to do that.

    Now they’re so broke they can’t even afford to run their own league anymore. THAT is how bad it’s gotten. The only competitive aspect to their so-called competitive game DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE.

    If that don’t tell you how bad shit is, and in reality always has been, nothing will.

  16. Icon_Charlie

    Fanbois starting to do their usual shit protecting WG. My reply.

    I’ll probably get shouted down or something else, but I’ll be damned those asshats trying to still protect WG and their actions. This could have been a damned good game, but they screwed it royally.

    By the way the OP on that post looks like used the WoW notification about WG moving.

  17. Icon_Charlie

    And yea it should have been posted on the other topic, but heh…

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