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I am calling on those here to go over to discord and go message and ping the heck out of WG #shitcanwg . Those are links to the discords that wargaming is on maybe some of you have been forum banned in the past this is your chance to speak your mind once again to them. Give them a piece of your mind for they sure as heck deserve it for all the lies and decit they have brought on the community.  The aim is simple to bring hell down onwargaming by a war of words and facts. We have many posting here that the public does not get to see, because wargaming blocks this site on the forums. The focus is to shine the painful light of the truth back at wargaming. We are few , but if we work together we can cause hell to wargaming for a bit. It’s relatively easy to create discord profiles and to change your ip address which is how they often try to block people on discord itself.  We have many artitcles that Thing 1 can link in this post that can be used to show the truth to the public. Keep in mind that this will be more effective the more people that take part. The hastag #shitcanwg is what we should use to spread awareness on twitter. It’s all up to you guys to give wg a piece of your mind. reddit world of warships discord official discord for world of tanks world of warships community discord

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  1. Thing 1

    Man, I popped by the WoT and WoWS sites back when you first posted them and we put them on the sidebar.

    Nobody was on the WoT one, maybe 30 people. The WoWS one was nothing but anime pedophiles wall to wall.

    There was no conversation going on in any of them. They’re probably all doing PM’s and circle jerking to pictures of 12 year old girls.

    Fucking perverts.

  2. ZoM_2014

    oh hell yes Rita’s discord. Saw her streaming once, told I killed her in WOT she said i didn’t yet I very fondly remembering her bitching in the chat (when all chat was still a thing) about how I wasn’t supposed to be sitting in the back with a churchboat GC cause obviously that td isnt a sniper. So fuck that bitch.

  3. landedkiller

    there is a little search bar on the right on the top of the discord app type from:Pigeon_of_War and it will list all of the posts that the wg employee or whomever youw ish posted in that discord

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