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CabbageMechanic aka DomoSapien – Profile of a Wargaming Employee

Folks, I’ve been sitting on this shit for a long time wondering what to do with it. Since the end is nigh and soon everybody at Emeryville will be standing in the unemployment line, it occurred to me that this guy is EXHIBIT A on why Wargaming failed in North America.

His name is Brian Willits. He goes by the “handle” of CabbageMechanic  and his new alt account DomoSapien I can only assume that’s down to some weird fucking fetish he has or maybe his own personal struggle against how he smells.

That’s a pick ’em.

But here’s what’s important: This guy has been ’round and ’round with Wargaming and eventually wound up being put in charge of the entre North American Community.

Now, it goes without saying that the North American Community is, by far, the worst, most toxic, racist, pedophile filled cesspool of pure shit on the planet.

And this is the guy they picked to run it:

A fucking Mike Myers fanboy. OK, we get that, but really man? Grow the fuck up.

It gets worse. Here’s his LinkedIn:

And here is page one of his resume with our notes added:

I’m not even going to get into page two. I had to puke up breakfast just looking at that shit.

So he list Wargaming’s cell phone as his contact phone for potential employers. Yeah, that bodes well for his job focus and loyalty.

And Mugsy? Fucking seriously? And Professional when you look like some sort of fucking half-assed, wanna-be lumberjack / long haul truck driver?!?!

THIS is the guy Wargaming put in charge of the ENTIRE NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY?!?!

No fucking wonder it failed! The fucking guy still thinks he’s 12 years old and everything’s a fucking joke and everybody loves his bullshit sense of humor.

So, now that this complete reject is, in all likelihood, a fired asshole, who takes his place?

See? This is the scary shit: If THIS fucking idiot was who Wargaming picked to run the entire North American Continent Community, then what kind of complete fucking moron are they going to get now that they’re down sizing?

Or maybe they’ll have nobody at all.

You know what? That sounds like a good idea! Nobody at all!

I honestly think nobody at all would be a step in the right direction over this fucking idiot.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    It’s a recurring theme with Wargaming, isn’t it?

    They don’t even know what professionalism is, so how on earth would they know the first thing about acting in a professional manner?

    This person sums up Wargaming perfectly: a collective of basement dwelling failures that were given the keys to the kingdom, and not knowing the first thing about reality, professionalism and business in general, drove it into the ground.

  2. landedkiller

    We need to get one on Pigeon of War (Hazlip) forgot his whole name he runs the world of warships forum.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Holy smokes, No wonder the NA Flopped like a fishout of water up on a dry dock !! ?

    He might as well wear his ball cap on backwards. He even looks like that Avatar from the NA forum. 😀

  4. Zeedox

    Holy padding “Cross-Department Communication”, and “Collaborator”.
    How the fuck does he know those languages without any University’s or College’s listed?
    And, what the fuck did he do before 2012 – high school???

  5. Thing 1

    I thought the same, exact fucking thing Z. It looks like he literally made shit up in a Word Template in about 5 minutes without giving anything any thought at all. It’s fucking disgraceful how moronic it is.

    What kills me most though is using Wargaming’s phone number as his contact number. Just un-fucking-believable.

  6. Thing 1

    Already deleted. That was fast.

  7. Rafalefighter47

    Was just reading a previous article and I have to say, Wargaming and their moderators are even more mental, and increasing at an insane rate. This guy needs to go, along with every person responsible for causing the many problems. As for this guy’s so called, “professionalism”, he really isn’t professional when you think about it: Allowing an ever-increasing toxic environment with a bunch of delusional idiots bashing those who bring up suggestions and think the game is fine, along with something so hateful and evil(Nazism) to exist in the game, etc. These guys need a serious lobotomy. Keep it up Wargaming, and you could end up as the worst video game company of all time.

  8. landedkiller

    Wow they are so sensitive Wargaming is looked at the forum posting in the wot forums and most of them are from the spanish community and hardly any from the english side. The forums are mostly dead it seems and worl dof warships ones are the only semi-active ofrums left. @Thing 1 have you thought about creating an alt discord and then posting your article links in the discord. The @ over there can be rather useful usually @everyone or @here will draw attention.

  9. Icon_Charlie

    @landedkiller If Thing 1 wishes it to happen I know he will get the support he needs.

  10. landedkiller

    Well we will wait and see until then. Hope he does take advantage of what discord has to offer.

  11. Thing 1

    @Rafa – it already is, man. Can you think of a worse one right now? I sure as hell can’t.

    @Killer – No, I haven’t given it any thought at all. I think I’ve visited Discord a grand total of two times, and that was when you posted the links to it here. That may be something I need to look into. At present, I only link to Facebook and Twitter.

  12. Beornotns

    @Thing 1 – He is STILL posting about 1.0. Is he part of the transition team to Austin?!? It seems to be that he might be someone who makes the trek. Unless I am totally missing something…

  13. Thing 1

    His postings have been getting less and less. We don’t know if he’s going, but we seriously doubt it.

    Word around the camp fire is that a few people are “being allowed” to stay on board but as volunteers. They’ll their access to most things and simply be volunteer mouth pieces for Wargaming.

    We’ll know for sure in a couple weeks. The fucker disappears, we’ll know for sure he was shit canned along with the rest of them.

  14. Insurrectional_Leftist

    A bunch of these guys will try to keep being stooges for as long as they can hoping to still remain relevant so they might hope to get a good job reference in case another employer calls their work references, when they are doing interviews for other employers etc. And, to make others believe they have not “Been Shit Canned.” It helps Wargaming provide cover for their harsh business decisions, failure in the NA, and to help smooth over their Public Relations problems like they do with those paid PR publications like they use for how much that they supposedly made, without publishing actual financial records.

  15. Thing 1

    Exactly Leftist. Fucking exactly.

  16. Beornotns

    Jesus Leftist… That sounds fucking bleak!

  17. Icon_Charlie

    Minor Rallying cry about 1.0 – Lipstick on a Pig. Yea its me who brought this old comment back to the 21st Century 🙂

    Next a Fanboi is a fanboi… When WG gives you a chance to still play the game as a mod status volunteer as well as supporting their drug habit, which by the way is playing this game…. they are going to jump on it.

  18. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    Well guys, guess what.

    CabbageMechanic’s new alt account is DomoSapien. They are one in the same person.

    How do I know this? Well, because Brian is an idiot that thinks nobody can put two and two together.

    Yesterday, I got into it a bit with DomoSapien and his “holier than thou” attitude in his posts when I posted this:

    Follow that a bit and you’ll see what I mean.

    So we all know that CabbageMechanic quit posting at the same exact time DomoSapien started flooding the forum with his nonsense.

    So the back and forth goes on with him for a while, but look who shows up to view my profile at the end of the day:

    He simply logged off and logged back in as Cabbage because he didn’t want me to see that DomoSapien was checking me out after the back and forth we had.

    It’s so blatantly juvenile it’s beyond ridiculous. Talk about childish junk. No wonder that place is a cesspool.

    Edited to embed image by Thing 1

  19. Thing 1


    Why am I NOT fucking suprised?!?!

    So we call the fucker out for who he is, he manages to hang on to his job because he sucks enough cock to do so, then creates a new ID and is fucking stupid enough to use his old one to scout you out.

    And THAT, ladies and gents, is what a STUPID COCK SUCKER does.

    I’m going to update the title to this story to reflect this new information.

    What a COMPLETE fucking village idiot.

  20. Icon_Charlie

    So in a way this sort of proves that WG Employees are using duplicate accounts.

  21. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    DomoSapien writes:
    “To clarify, CabbageMechanic is one of my Supervisors. I am a Community Coordinator, not a Manager. Making those types of responses is moreso in his wheelhouse. Making official statements regarding controversial policy is not something I am always able to do, but reporting on sentiment is indeed. I try to do whatever I can, even when I can’t do much. I really do apologize if that is, in your opinion, me deflecting or not taking ownership of the issue, but I am not the only member of this team and I can’t overstep my boundaries. So in this case I can’t give you the type of response you would like to receive, if that’s supposed to be an official policy statement.”

    Um… Is this the forum equivalent of “my girlfriend lives in Canada”?

  22. Zeedox

    I asked in the forums who DomoSapian is…..

  23. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    I think they’ve done it since day one. Anytime they screw up so badly the lose any and all credibility they just create another account, add some stats to it to make it look good and start posting from it.

    I also now think that ThePigSheFlies is his game account. Oddly, he jumped on my case by intentionally misinterpreting what I said and started an argument with me. Then, when I owned him completely, the thread vanished completely.

    Next thing you know, it’s back with all of my remarks removed. This all happened at the very instant that ThePigSheFlies said that I should be sanctioned for my remarks.

    I think the only reason I wasn’t is because of how blatantly obvious it looked already.

    Poor old Brian. So many accounts, so little brains to back up just one.

  24. Zeedox

    Lies at the zoo….

  25. Insurrectional_Leftist

    ThePigSheFlies, see these guys have split personality issues. They all have it in common it seems. Imagine how confused these nut jobs are when their on the forum with all this BS. What was they movie about the girl with split personalities?

  26. Gomez_Adams

    I don’t see them as split personalities. They’re all the same jerk with different avatars.

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