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_SuperSpecialAgent_ of RELIC Cries Like A Bitch

Well folks, this one comes to us from Dirty_Camel and it once again highlights the absolute stupidity of the RELIC clan.

RELIC, who we all know is the gayest clan on earth, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), is well known for being full of douche bags like Hellsfog, Tolos and others, but _SuperSpecialAgent_ goes Full Blown Super Special Fucktard after the game where Dirty Camel kicked the shit out of him.

Now, RELIC are constantly insulting people because, well, they’re RELIC, they’re assholes, and they pride themselves on being complete dicks and getting away with it because Wargaming looks after them…or at least they used to. These days, RELIC’s relevance is about on par with the Save the Spotted Owl Foundation.

What’s more, it’s always some RELIC or other Wargaming protected power clan that hit you with the same bullshit any time you bring something up. They always hit you with:

  • It’s part of the game so suck it up
  • Learn how the game works
  • It’s not against the rules
  • Learn the mechanics
  • Git gud (Because apparently spelling Get Good is simply too much to ask of their limited vocabulary.)

and all manner of other bullshit. But let something happen to them even on a very small scale and they LOSE THEIR FUCKING MINDS.

So what in fact does it take to send a RELIC asshole off the deep end and make him cry like a bitch?

Shoot him.

No shit. That’s all it takes. He’ll go fucking ballistic and accuse you of cheating, using hacks, and more…essentially all the shit they accuse and ridicule others of doing. They’ll do all the same shit to others that they troll the fuck out of other people for doing.

So RELIC are also flaming hypocrites. Now THERE’S a big surprise.


Now, if you want a RELIC member to REALLY lose his shit and turn into a crying little bitch, kill him.





He loses his shit completely, goes all postal and follows you into your garage and berates the flying fuck out of you for…

for what, exactly?

Using XVM.

Folks, you can’t make this shit up. _SuperSpecialAgent_ (who from this point on will be referred to as _SuperSpecialFucktard_) started hammering away at Dirty Camel for “XVM Focusing Him”.

A RELIC memeber, who prides himself on ‘being gud’ and ‘having skill’ and ‘knowing the game’ has a complete fucking melt down and cries like a bitch because…well…he got owned by a guy that he thinks is beneath him.

To make this even more ridiculously funny (if that’s at all possible) _SuperSpecialFucktard_ was a member of REL2 (read as the ass-lickers that will do anything to be a part of RELIC but simply couldn’t cut the mustard to make it to the mother clan) up until just 3 days ago…and he’s just a ‘recruit’ meaning he’s a space filler and nothing more. But he “thinks” that makes him special…hence his name.

So to set this up, Dirty Camel is in a game in his GW E100 and what does he see? Well, after a few shots early he sees this IS7 sitting like a fucking idiot out in the open doing pretty much fuckall, so he lets him have it. Several times.

Now, think about this folks: it takes a GW E100 about 35 seconds to reload. _SuperSpecialFucktard_ got hit 5 fucking times. Now, how god damned stupid do you have to be to sit in the same fucking place for AT LEAST 3 minutes?

Well, pretty fucking stupid.

But at any rate, Dirty Camel eventually kills him. _SuperSpecialFucktard_, being a super special RELIC fucktard that can’t seem to move during the entire match, starts PM’ing Dirty Camel in the garage to accuse him of…

xvm sniping.

Forgive me a moment.

Now, as anybody can see from this screenshot, Dirty Camel doesn’t even use XVM. In fact, he uses no mods at all. But that doesn’t stop _SuperSpecialFucktard_ from crying like a bitch.

And here comes the “Coop de Gracie” as Bugs Bunny would say:



Well no shit,  Jackass. He was. Any arty player, or anybody in anything for that matter, is going to focus a complete fucking idiot that sits out in the open the entire match almost DARING you to shoot him.

Fun fact, _SuperSpecialFucktard_: Having a RELIC tag does NOT make you invincible. So, that said, let me give you some of your own advice:

  • It’s part of the game so suck it up
  • Learn how the game works
  • It’s not against the rules
  • Learn the mechanics
  • Play arty safe

and last but most certainly not least


And look at the bright side: at least you got carried to a win. 🙂

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Good to see that some things never change.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    RELIC still being total absolute big clan losers !! Wow. A bunch of big cry babies. Like no one else is suppose to touch them? They are so used to everything being catered to them. Little Jerks.

    And RELIC always walks around saying, “Why everyone says these things about us, and gives us a hard time for? As if their not supposed to deserve it after what they do on a daily basis?”

    And as you pointed out, “The Gayest Clan on Earth” And that’s perfectly fine… Just be who you are. They should even advertise themselves on the clan page as being so ( Why not ? ) No explaining and No apologies.

  3. Thing 1

    Well, you notice right after our “gayest clan on earth” article, they changed their logo.

    So apparently, even if there’s nothing wrong with that (and there isn’t) RELIC are also homophobic…which is really fucking odd considering it’s about all they talk about in game chat.

  4. Rafalefighter47

    This player is so funny!!! LOL He sits out in the open the whole time, gets killed by arty because of his foolishness, and he accuses the arty of hacking??? This clan has a real funny side to them, as bad as they are. Even Wargaming has a funny side to them; they’re cheap skates who figured that moving in to such confined space in a building complex would do the trick!! LOL ?

  5. Beornotns

    Poor little triggered IS-7… You almost feel bad for…
    Nah, nevermind. I couldn’t even finish that sentence.


  6. Dirty_Camel

    What made this worse was that there were 4 tanks I was hitting at the same time. He was the only one to Pm me after as if my sole purpose was to troll him. This asshole kept popping up in my garage like a bad hemeroid.

  7. atila_xD

    lol who cares lmao? That guy probs left the convo years ago. You make a retard of urself by going further on in the convo and putting a whole fucking thread for a childish argument after a single pub battle. And i have no respect for anybody playing tier 10 arty so bye

  8. Brian Gorby

    The sad thing is because Dirty_Camel called out Fuck Tards like this on the WOT Forums he is now banned so sad……The_Tankoholic

  9. Thing 1

    Yep. Those assholes look out for other assholes. That’s been the problem from the start: this was never a game about tanks. It was a haven for Nazi, racist, pedophile trolls and their hangers on.

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