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Eugene Kislyi – Wargaming’s Dirty Little Secret

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. Forgive me as I’ve been busy with other shit.

So the other day I’m looking through some emails and a former Wargaming employee who asked to remain anonymous sent me something interesting. This person says that not all of the fault lies with the North American Wargaming Employees, that the blame lies with…well…the fucking owner.

Now, it’s no big surprise to any of us that the Russian’s don’t like the Americans ( and vice versa ), and that maybe Victor had his little stooges fuck with the North American market just for shits and giggles. That’s sort of been thought of and suspected for quite some time.

Well, folks, it goes further than that. It’s Victor’s own brother doing it all. That’s right. Victor sent his fucking brother Eugene (actually Evgueni) over here to absolutely fuck up everything as badly as he possibly could.

Ain’t that some mother fucking shit? All this time we were throwing the blame largely at Jay Cohen when fact is he’s just a fucking idiot yes man that did as he was told.

So how did we come to this conclusion? Well, simple. The former employee turned us on to this guy:

Now, this guy’s name is Vadim Burak. Now, if you look him up you’ll see that he’s the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Wargaming North America.

Now, if you try to look up the CEO of Wargaming North America, all you ever get is good old asshole number one, Victor Kislyi. Odd, isn’t it?

So we look into Vadim Burak and what do we find? Well, we find he’s linked to the same address as a certain Eugene Kislyi.

How about that? And of course when you look up Eugene Kislyi, you find out he’s the CEO of North America.

Now, what’s odd about it all is that not only is Eugene not mentioned ANYWHERE on Wargaming’s official site, but it’s almost as if they’re hiding the fact he even works there at all…or ever did…or that he even exist.

What the fuck is up with that?

And it is rather odd that the executive assistant lives with him, is it not? In fact, they’ve lived together for the last 6 years, since they both joined Wargaming North America. They both live at:

19227 San Marcos Rd
Saratoga, CA 95070

Now folks, this place is fucking AWESOME. It goes for about 10 million dollars. I’m not shitting. They had it built from the ground up. Literally. Here’s some shots of it:

And here’s a recent satellite shot of it where they’re adding a swimming pool and pool houses:

But it gets better. Before that address, they both lived at:

801 South Winchester Blvd, Apt 6404
San Jose, CA 95128

They have lived together since Eugene arrived in the States in 2012 and became the CEO of Wargaming North America (on the down low, no less) and Vadzim became his “assistant” and went to work for Wargaming and moved all the way across the country (he was living in Virginia) to join him.

Now, we all know how much Russians hate gays. After all, they have laws against that shit. So it begs the question, was Eugene sent here because he’s gay? Is that why they’re hiding the fact he even works there, or even exists at all?

I mean, shit man, I’m all for being with whoever you want to be with. I don’t give a shit. Whatever floats your boat. But you gotta admit, this is some seriously weird shit. If you’re gay, wear it man.

And it makes perfect sense too. They lived in the apartment together while their dream house to live happily ever after together was being built. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So that’s one of Victor’s and Wargaming’s dirty little secrets: Eugene and his boyfriend run Wargaming North America and have run it into the fucking dirt in order to keep up a 10 million dollar mansion just for the two of them.

Isn’t that just lovely?

Wouldn’t you just fucking love to hear an explanation for that?

Well, call him and ask him: (408) 982-5248

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    What a spread! I’d love to have a wine cellar like that. VERY nice!

    Certainly explains their reckless abandon approach on how they ran things, doesn’t it?

  2. Thing 1

    Yes it is. It’s their sole motivation for fucking money grabbing like the bitches they are. Notice the fucking grape posts they have put in? They’re going to grow their own grapes and make their own fucking wine too?

    Yep. Fucking douchebags.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Way to go Fucking Victor Kislyi !! Any Victor was always trying to deny the business about owning yachts, and all other kinds of luxuries all the time! Big pack of liars! 1.0 has dropped and it’s busted, and no one wants to play. Invisa tanks running all over the game, the maps play like shit, the Match Maker is borked big as hell as ever.

    BUT NO.. We have all of this LOOT $$ to build shit for 2 fucking failures like these guys, and no less, “Victors” own FUCK UP BROTHER. So, Victor’s fuck-up Brother wrecked the NA, because, “He’s Victor’s brother!”

    Mr. Eugene. 🙁

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Hey, Eugene, When do I get to come and stay over? When do I get to come swim in the pool? Least you owe our asses after giving us a broken ass game, for a couple of years, and all we paid you !!! Where’s my fucking pool at? That’s real class man! “You mean you’re not going to throw a house party for all the NA players who made all of this possible?” Oh, I get it, you were too busy shit canning the NA Emeryville office to mail out invitations to the rest of us.
    When is Victor coming over? What’s this not building in Cyprus? Or Minsk ?

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    But then again, you have to have a big super mansion style home like this, “Look Down Upon” all these Americans you are surrounded by. Seriously, for Victor’s brother, it would seem like living in an alley to have live in a common home like most average Americans do, it would not be fitting for the brother of Victor Kislyi to live in anything less.
    Do you really want people going around saying, “Look there is Victor Kisyli’s brother, living in poverty like an average american does.” He’s supposed to be the brother of the big shot Wargaming dude who proudly launders money with Hellenic Bank, and has a professional imagine to keep up with.. LoL 🙂

  6. Icon_Charlie looks like it is a dirty company. It’s getting time that we start to expose more and more of their stuff.

  7. landedkiller

    Wow, this is very interesting indeed now if only someone could go up there and interview him just to see how red he get’s. This house and all it’s furnishing just demonstrate the vast greediness of wargaming. Now, all we need is the phone number to the CEO Victor himself or an email to him. Any way to get an article done on the big man himself that would be interesting to see all his yachts and that alone would send shockwaves through the community. It is looking like a very dirty company indeed wonder if they are involved with the Russian government itself or the Russian mafia.

  8. Icon_Charlie

    Note # a lot of this information is public knowledge as my previous posting has been reported elsewhere. Now as for the house well though not illegal, you have to wonder why did 117 people have to lose their jobs if they WG can build a multi-million dollar estate. This is not how you do business if your company is declining in assets.

  9. Zeedox

    So, they’re “incels”…

  10. Gomez_Adams

    I’m not so sure, Zeedox. (I had to look that up.)

    Victor has all his pictures with women while Eugene appears to have all of his with men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Iron… you’re right. You just don’t aspire to squander cash of this magnitude like this when your game is failing, losing players, and the game is suffering.

    You know what? If I didn’t know any better it’s almost as if they were hiding cash$, or trying on another scale what they were doing in Cyprus with real estate? Their also dreaming of having all their real estate investments here where property is on the up swing. Unlike Cyprus.

    They were to stupid not to buy their own office in Emeryville etc. The question is why in that location do they build a house? Why that very spot? It was close to the office which is no more. So, where does Eugene stay while things happen in Austin?
    Their all fuck heads, liars, and Swindlers it’s ridiculous.

  12. Icon_Charlie

    I. Leftest Quoted:
    “They were to stupid not to buy their own office in Emeryville etc. The question is why in that location do they build a house? Why that very spot?”

    Yes they could have brought property in the Bay Area like many foreign investors did and could have bought property all the way to the 2015 time period when property was still reasonable in the outlining areas of the Bay Area. And if they were serious of leaving California they could have made a tidy profit…. Like…. I did…. purchasing property during that time.

    Instead we now know that they are building in an area That is Russian Friendly.

    It is also a Wealth Hub being part of Silicon Valley proper. I only travel to Portions of the Bay Area to do business as there are a lot of places,… wealth hubs that are so sanitized for my tastes.

  13. landedkiller

    It is ridiculous to think that this idiot get’s to live in a giant house while some not even knowing the corruption of this company. WIsh we could expand the range of the publications on here to get the word out. Somewhere on here I explain how to do this through the hastag #shitcanwg . It’s up to us to spread this information out to the public. I mean even getting in a local paper would suffice.

  14. Thing 1

    Just over 900 people have read this post since yesterday when it was posted. People know.

    Google his fucking name now. This article is number 4.

  15. Zeedox

    It’s number 2 at Duckduckgo!

  16. Thing 1

    And that’s in just one day. So, yeah. People fucking know.

  17. landedkiller

    I see now it is the second result from Google. Going to be keeping on eye on the Reddits and see if this is posted if not I’ll make a post on there about this.

  18. Rafalefighter47

    Scumbags living the dream while we the NA players suffer…

  19. Thing 1

    Yep. That’s exactly it.

  20. TheFouledAnchor

    Well ain’t that some shit. Why doesn’t it really surprise me at all? You can’t make this shit up.

    “Russian Tycoon’s Brother builds Sex Palace Complete with Vineyards and Wine Cellar. Won’t fix Broke Dick game that is dying on the vine because he thinks he is smarter than everyone else.”

    So I was bored. My options were to download WoT or slam my head in the door. I went with the Slam the Head in the door. At least it wasn’t rigged?

  21. Thing 1


  22. TheFouledAnchor

    Now that I have had some time to think about this, it pisses me off. Ivan and his buttbuddy building sexual pleasure palace, drinking wine, and making some apparently, and 240+ people (yeah they may have been douche-bags, but nobody deserves this sort of shaft) get assraped without even the courtesy of a reach around, thrown under the bus, and raked over the coals. All while Ivan fiddles while wargamming burns.(Burn Burn Burn, you souless bitch. I was stupid about this game for to long…)

    Spent some money on Warships, as I enjoyed the ships. (Old submarine sailor here) Never again. Wargamming can kiss the hairiest part of my lily white ass.

  23. Thing 1

    Preach, brother! Preach!!!

  24. Mr_Alex

    Why I am not surprised, also a few days ago someone did post this on the World of Warship forums and it was deleted within hours

  25. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Hey, there must be a boat some where in all of this? Those 2 must be into pleasure cruises some kind of way? Any way to check the harbor registrations, for yachts or boats? And how about expensive Sports Cars? You just don’t live in a 10 million dollar mansion without a boat or a flashy sports car? You don’t park a pinto or a beater SUV in the driveway. ?

  26. SebastianulNA

    This is amazing. Keep up the good work, lads. WG is truly going down the drain quicker than ever.

  27. Thing 1

    Thanks dude!

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