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LeoAQ – Shit Talking Moron Extraordinaire

Well folks, another day another video of a trash talking moron in World of Tanks.

This episode is brought to you by Rafalefighter47.

Now, LeoAQ is one of those assholes that makes you really scratch your head. I mean, one could understand somebody losing their shit if they were the ONLY one really doing anything, were quite good at it, and were completely fucked over by one individual.

Not that we condone losing your shit, but at least we would be able to understand why you did.

But this one takes it out a whole new door. LeoAQ starts out from the very beginning of the game on Rafalefighter47 before they even start fighting. He (LeoAQ) talks as if he’s some sort of end-all / be-all World of Tanks Super Uniscum asshat.

Fact is, he isn’t. He’s an also ran at best.

Yeah. Not what you’d call an absolute authority on the game by any standard. But that doesn’t stop him from being judge, jury, and executioner on Rafalefighter47’s poor, unsuspecting ass.

The game starts off with Rafalefighter47 in his IS 7 trying to head east and set up camp behind a rock. Meanwhile, LeoAsshole takes his Type 4 heavy out into the middle of the flat river and lets arty pound his ass slap to death, and pretty much blames Rafalefighter47 for it.

What’s more, another asshole CSmoke sets up right behind Rafalefighter47, then blocks him out, then parks in front of him, then smack talks Rafalefighter47 as well because it’s all his fault he gets pummeled as well.

Now, as mentioned before, LeoAS starts in immediately talking about how Rafalefighter47 sucks…this despite the fact that LeoAS is sitting out in the middle of the fucking creek just getting his ass pummeled by arty but he REFUSES to move a fucking inch.

What’s more, the other assholes giving Rafa some shit are doing the same thing.

What’s more than that, THREE of them: BobLeeSwagger_, CSmoke and russmc had only ONE SINGLE IS-7 ENEMY TO FACE. And they ALL THREE were killed by ONE GUY.

Here’s a shot of the setup right before the shit really hit the fan:

Now at this point, Rafalefighter47 figures that BobLeeSwagger_ and Russ and what used to be LeoAQ could handle a single IS 7 as he faced three tanks directly ahead of him with only CSmoke backing him up.

He figured wrong. They all three got owned by the IS 7 and the fact that they all sat perfectly still on level ground and got arty shot to death. It’s fucking laughable to watch. They just take hit after hit after hit and just fucking sit there.

Then of course they all die.

Then, in typical World of Tanks fashion, they all blame Rafalefighter47.


All his fault, eh?

Then explain this, shitheads:

ALL THREE of the shit talkers are below him on the XP chart.


Here’s a tip for you three: Shut your fucking pie hole. It’s better to be thought a complete idiot, than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

After the meltdown, Rafalefighter47 backs up trying to hold off the enemy as long as he can and does a reasonable job of it. They wind up winning with a cap from the other half of the team.

The point here isn’t that Rafalefighter47 is some awesome, God’s-gift-to-the-game player. The point is that he, like the others in the game, are just average guys playing a fucking video game. But for some reason, the other guys felt it necessary to blame a guy that actually did a much better job than they did for their own failures.

Why is that?

Well, probably because Wargaming condones that sort of thing. After all, they’ve never, ever done one single solitary thing to stop it.

Here’s the full video of the game. It’s not a stellar performance on anybody’s part by any means. If nothing else, it’s an exhibit A as to why pretty much everybody should just keep their fucking mouths shut and play the game.


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  1. Donward

    Actually, no, the IS-7 pretty much screwed his team over. And he screwed his team over by not pushing to the rock at G1 which is THE most important real estate to win the map on that side. And being an IS-7, he had the speed and hit points to reach the G1 rock first.

    Instead he saw red tanks, hit the brakes and camped like a scrub, even though he had no shot at those red tanks. Worse, he hit the brakes in front of the Japanese heavy behind him and caused THAT player to stop, which then set up a stumble-bum chain effect of tanks stopping behind him, to go around the IS-7. This caused the team to lose the race to the G1 rock.
    What this video shows is how the mistake of one player – rafalefighter47 – by doing something as simple as hitting the brakes, can cause a chain reaction that leads to defeat.
    There is a reason why he was chewed out by his team. And the garbage-time damage he did when the game was already lost doesn’t matter.

  2. Donward

    You know what, this is pathetic. The IS-7 not only refused to push the G1 rock, but he refused to fire a SINGLE shot for four minutes in the match. And in the time span, he hid behind the majority of his team on that side of the map, when he wasn’t poking in front of the Japanese heavy, blocking his shot that is.
    He only fires his SECOND shot at the 5:00 mark, where he bounces a Tier 9 Japanese heavy whose side was turned to him.
    And despite being the Tier 10 heavy with 2/3s hitpoints, he is constantly hiding and running from lower tier tanks that are only one-shot from dying.
    He gets a vulture kill at 5:30 only after his arty saves his bacon and permatracks an enemy.
    At the 6:47 mark, he sucks another 550 damage from the Tier 9 enemy Jap heavy while bouncing an easy kill shot.
    And then at 7:05 he cunningly turns sideways to the Tier 9 enemy Jap heavy and dies uselessly, despite being in a Tier 10 and despite the arty on his own team carrying him.
    The IS-7 was top tier, did only 2/3s of his initial hitpoints in damage, and was carried by his team, particularly the two TDs who were smart enough to cap fast.
    With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kind of hard to forget that this match was a WIN for the home team.

  3. Thing 1





  4. Rafalefighter47

    Donward, you can talk smack about me as much as you want, but you know what, you don’t know me, I was trying my best. Now shut up and get a move on. You also failed to see that the three players mentioned can’t take responsibility for themselves and bully me. But, since it is rocket science to grasp the fact that people like you can’t see that I was abused, and the fact that you stood up for my enemies, shows not only how stupid you are for calling this pathetic, but also stupid for standing up for bullies. As I said in the video, I’m here in WOT to have fun, not to be a failed analyst and a competitive player. Look, everybody makes mistakes, but you made an even bigger one by blurting out that it was my fault when the evidence is right before your very eyes!!! I wasn’t “hiding” from lower tier tanks, I was trying to get into position to shoot the enemy, at LEAST I scored 1800 damage. Of course, you know myself better than me. You didn’t just make a mistake, you became one…. Your analysis of my performance sounds legit at first sight, but it ultimately is flawed beyond reason. Do you even know the difference between hiding and strategizing? I wasn’t being a coward, and I was sitting next to the rock because I expected the IS-7 to pop out. I love how you’re making SUCH a big deal over ONE match. Get a grip, and go get yourself a lobotomy and some SERIOUS professional help


    It is just a game. But when someone posts the actual round. And we all can see the is7 fucked that push up. Do ward is just calling it as we all see it.
    The rage was wrong. But if it was ever justified. This is it.
    Besides that call out which was justified. Was very mild compared to what we have seen.
    What a total meltdown from everyone on that flank though. Thousands of hit points poof.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    Donward, that is one of the most ignorant post I’ve ever seen from anybody anywhere.

    First off, for the record, they WON the battle. Why you perpetually talk about Rafalefighter “screwing his team” is, at best, ridiculous…especially given that he was the third highest ranked player on that team.

    Secondly, this is a random pub match. Had this been a clan wars game with a territory and gold on the line and you were calling it and he ignored your orders and did his own thing and the team lost because of it, I could completely understand you getting a bit upset over it.

    Had it been a league game and he had ignored previously decided strategy and cost your team the game, I could understand you getting upset about that as well.

    But guess what; there IS no competitive league play in this game anymore.

    This was NOT a clan wars game either.

    This was a random pub match. This is where guys and gals come to just drive a big tank, shoot a big gun and hopefully have a good time doing it.

    These people have no delusions of grandeur that they’re the second coming of Erwin Rommel or George Patton. They have no delusions of becoming an internet star.

    They’re there to play a game and have a good time. That’s it. Nothing more.

    It’s people like you that ruin that.

    In fact, you don’t even have an IS7, so how on earth do you know anything about it? If you want to get down to brass tacks and talk about high tier play, let’s have a look at you, shall we?

    The closest thing you’ve got to an IS7 is your E100 which is the ONLY T10 tank you have. You have a 43% win rate in it with an 800 Wn8.

    Who on earth are you to talk about how he plays his IS7?

    The fact of the matter is you are in absolutely no position at all to trash talk him any more than the people in that game are. Not a single one of you are worth a hoot at T10 and some don’t even have a T10.

    But lets trash talk him anyway, right? Because that helps things. That makes you feel better about the complete failure that you are and how lousy your life is.

    You know, just last week Leftist and I squaded up for some Realistic Air Battles in War Thunder. We did OK. He learned a few things, we won 6 out of 8 and had a good time.

    You know what we didn’t see? One single insult by anybody on either team the entire time. We saw some people poking fun, sure. We also saw some people offer advice as well.

    Why not that?

    Why not, “Hey IS7, you gotta get up here man. You’re a front line tank. Get in there and sock it to them and we’ll be right behind you!”

    Why not a PM after the game, “Hey man, I see you’re not well versed in the IS7. You want to squad up for a few games, I’ll get my IS7 and you can follow me and learn a few things?”

    Why not that?

    Why not build?

    Why not teach?

    Because you, like they, are failures…and it’s far easier to simply bash, insult and bully so you feel better about not only your failed and miserable game skills, but your failed and miserable lives.

    I pity you.

    Rafalefighter, just keep fighting the good fight, buddy. Hang in there. Or just bail out on this crap game and join me over at War Thunder.

    I would recommend the later of the two options.

  7. Thing 1

    Minion Mic Drop

  8. Donward


    And yet we have a meltdown by now three people in these comments when it is obvious to anyone with a brain that the IS-7 played very poorly and actively hindered his team, getting several of them killed. Honestly, it looked like the IS-7 was actively griefing the Japanese heavy with how poorly he played. It is all on the video that is posted. I’ve listed them all out above.

    There’s a reason why multiple of his teammates called him out.

    Or is the purpose of ExposingWOT now to defend camping Tier 10 Russian heavies who refuse to fire a shot for 4 minutes and who hide behind Tier 8 and Tier 9 teammates? Is that what we’re doing these days?

    But what is even worse is that some random guy LeoHQ – whoever he is – is now being essentially libeled and called “shit talking moron”, “trash talking moron”, “asshole”, “asshat”, “shithead”, etc because he was rightly miffed that the IS-7 camped, and hindered, and failed at being a top tier 10 heavy against lower tier tanks. And for what? For the crime of saying “IS7 u suck lol”.

    Wow. Such bullying. Such hurt.

    Grow some thicker skin.

  9. Thing 1

    Meltdown? By who?

    You’re here defending flaming assholes. People here simply said it’s not warranted and why the game has failed and is full of shit.

    You’re exhibit A on what’s wrong with the fucking game.

    You talk all kinds of shit you know absolutely nothing about. As Gomez very politely pointed out, you’re about the last fucking idiot on earth that should be smack talking about how to play an IS7 as you’re a fucking clueless hack.

    Simple fact is that Rafalefighter47 didn’t do anything to deserve the treatment he got. All those assholes did was fuck up WORSE than Rafalefighter47 ever did and they still had the gall to talk shit about it.

    You’re a fucking moron, dude. Everybody has always said so. You’re one of those Monday morning quarterbacks that never even played the fucking sport that talks simply to hear himself talk.

    The fuckers didn’t offer ONE SINGLE WORD of advice. Shitter, asshole, and the like don’t help a fucking thing, do they?

    At least Rafalefighter47 tried. All they did was cry like bitches while 3 of them got owned by a single fucking tank they should have killed easily had they not spent the entire time sitting out in the middle of a fucking stream getting nuked by arty while talking shit about a guy that was out ahead of him trying his best.

    It’s not up to the entire civilized world to grow a thicker skin, you shit-for-brains mother-fucker. It’s up to assholes like you to wise up to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around a fucking free-to-play video game.

  10. Donward


    More stupid bullshit from an also ran armchair quarterback. I notice you don’t bother critiquing the other fucking morons in the game that actually fucked up even worse. Why not? Because you’re part of the fucking problem.

    If you’re going to make a point (which you obviously can’t) then make a fucking point. You post more troll bullshit like you did this post and you’re gone.

    You’ll not get another warning.

    – Thing 1

  11. Rafalefighter47

    @Thing 1 and @Gomez Thank you guys for sticking up for me, I really appreciate it. Hi Gomez, I’m not into War Thunder at the moment, but I really have taken your invitation on serious consideration. I probably will play WT again, and it’s not like I’m NEVER going to play that game again, so the answer is YES!! As for you, Donward, you should know by now that there are some people you DO NOT argue with. You probably never saw this, but a number of morons like you got kicked off the website and subsequently owned and destroyed by Thing 1. He saw the replay too, captain clueless. Of course, with you and your “all-knowing” take on the replay, you won’t even take responsibility for not only being wrong on some things but for also bullying me. Seriously, I’m number 3 on the list which obviously makes me the 3rd best player on the team in this match, but who am I to talk to the great and wonderful Donward? You’re even more of a moon calf than I thought… Played “very poorly”? PLEASE!!!!! Now, I’m no pro by any means, sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m not, but so what? 1800 damage, 740 xp, AND I’m in the top 3 part of the team roster and I STILL played “very poorly?” It’s a game, and it was made to have fun. Get a brain, will ya? Brains are good for you….

  12. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Allright, listen Downward. 1st off to get started. You don’t just jump in at the beginning of battle in chat, and start telling people they suck, and sure enough that’s what LeoAQ started doing, right off the bat. It doesn’t matter that someone stepped on the brakes for what ever reason it was anyway! All these players in these tanks know good and well that anyone could step on the brakes for any number of reasons! (No matter what it is) You don’t blame that player for all the rest behind him reaction to that. These players have a mind of their own behind him. They have engines, steering, view range, map awareness etc. They can maneuver just as well. To blame him for stepping on the brakes, is just stupid. So what. I feel sorry for these people in traffic if they drive this way in cars! Hope they have good insurance! 🙂 I mean really stop and think. LoL

    I mean really, this is the kind of “Shit” that has caused me to abandon this game now for the past 60-days unplayed! Wargaming has “JACKED” these maps on terrain, flattened them out, nerfed them, changed every map in the fucking game to where no one knows’s where to go anymore? No one much knows where their not going to be spotted anymore, with lights now being buffed etc.

    Why not enjoy the majesty of the beautiful skies, crystal water, and scenic view of the new Victor Kisyli maps! And while you’re at it head over and check out those beautiful view of Victor’s brothers 10 Million dollar house in California, and the grape vineyard! Brother Eugene Kisyli is thinking of you while he takes a champagne bath in his golden tube.

    Now, these characters in the game you see, they’re just pissed off cause they DIED! They didn’t get enough damage for their precious WOT LABS stats. See, they forgot the rule of, “You’re not supposed to die” But, see Rafel out lasted them. That’s what Havok Clan always used to say, “Don’t Die” “Stay Alive” Well, Looks like Rafel accomplished a good job of that better than them? But, no. All they could do was be toxic, and insult him.

    After all, It’s only Wargaming. Kick your feet up drink a cold one, and enjoy the view! It’s only a game man… Those guys ragging, if they were happy with their lives, they would have hit battle and move on to the next game. 🙂

  13. Icon_Charlie

    Simple solution these days in pub matches. You turn off your chat. If you do not turn off chat and you become an ass prepared to be exposed.

    Communicating in pub matches is like working with a bunch of muppets. It’s not worth the effort anymore and if you are going to be in a platoon, you use teamspeak.

  14. Thing 1

    That’s sad, but it’s true. That’s how bad this game has gotten – you can’t even bother trying to communicate anymore.

    When shit gets to that point, that shows a blatant, wanton disregard of any and all moderation on the games part. It is THEY who are solely to blame for the absolute shit stain this game has become.

  15. Scorpiany

    @Donward: The irony of all of this is that you have some of the most selfish and destructive gameplay that I’ve ever seen. You always talk about how nobody plays for the team, yet YOU are the one who’s always hiding far in the back or ramming into allied tanks…

    In fact Donward, all I’ve ever seen you do on the Forums or in the game is criticize other’s gameplay to no end, and constantly spout how “If only everyone played for the team like you do”. No Donward. You don’t play for the team. You play only for yourself. In fact, almost every single time I’ve seen you play, you’ve been essentially playing AGAINST the team.

    Your stupidity does not cease to amaze me. It really doesn’t. You’re a lying, hypocritical coward who thinks that he knows absolutely everything about the game and how everyone should play, and always wants to pin the blame on someone else, usually on someone least deserving of blame. You need a good, long look in the mirror. Everything criticism you make, everything you say that you hate seeing people do – I’ve seen you do more than almost any other player in this game.

    Although somehow I think you talk shit because you KNOW you’re protected by WarGaming… I seem to remember vaguely about 2 years ago how you made a Thread dedicated to naming & shaming me, but the mods gave ME a strike for name and shame instead for defending myself of your slander with the actual proof, screenshots, minimap, scoreboard, chat log, everything that had proven that you had simply made up lies to talk shit about someone else yet again, just to make yourself feel better.

    But no no, instead the mods only gave strikes to everyone else in the Thread, to everyone that called you out on your bullshit. The mods deleted all screenshots and other posts that contained evidence proving you wrong, that had caught you with your pants down… But your post, the one that was most in violation of the Forum rules, the one that was full of just falsified bullshit without any proof… Yours was the only one not to be sanctioned. Quite suspicious, don’t you think?

    WarGaming’s the only company in the world that would actively go out of its way to fuck with its players, to defend the trolls, and to strike down people who provide constructive feedback.

  16. Gomez_Adams

    I would like to expand on T1’s statement in his edit:

    It’s the typical MO of abusers that they always criticize and critique the one being abused, never the ones doing the abusing.

    Going back and watching the video again, pretty much everybody in view played quite poorly. I mean, even without the IS 7 in play at all they should have done far better than they did.

    They didn’t.

    The game play was, at best, bad on everybody’s part.

    But that’s not the point and never was. The point is the abuse which was handed out for no reason whatsoever. That Donward perpetuates that abuse by critiquing ONLY the abused and not the abusers just goes to show what type of a person he really is: a bully.

    Anybody with half a brain and even a slightly open mind would have said, “Who are they to accuse and ridicule Rafalefighter of poor play when they themselves were in all ways essentially useless themselves?”

    And if everybody was stinking up the joint, and they were, then nobody there should have opened their mouths at all.

    They should have quietly headed back to the garage, forgot that game ever happened, and move on to the next one.

  17. Thing 1

    God damint man!!!

    That’s a one two punch from hell.

    Scorp, any chance you still have that replay? I’d just about kiss your ass in a public square and give you two weeks to draw a crowd for it.

    I can see now I’m going to have to make Donward one of my next projects.

  18. Rafalefighter47

    Amen to that!! Thing 1!! Kudos to you!!! The more bad seeds exposed, the better.

  19. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I skimmed back over that thread. Wow, I think? I vaguely remember that thread? That is one toxic, salty thread, and one heck of a collection of community regulars. I still wonder who those Moderators were? Yshoneist? and the rest of them? I hope their all standing well in the “unemployment line” right now! And, that thread was a monument to the utter tower of toxic salt of the Wargaming forum.

  20. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    Aw man Scorp… I don’t see you for a while, and when I do… What a treat!

    Yeah, such shit.

    Oh, guys!!! I got my first strike! I feel accomplished for some reason.

    Y’all have a nice morning!


  21. Thing 1

    First strike?

    Fucking rookie. 😉

  22. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Beorn of the N. Sea… Getting a strike?
    Way of doing that on the NA Forum:

    1.) Telling the truth simply. Just telling the truth alone about WG, the Game, about the Forum Shills, and most anything else. In the words of Truman, “I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

    2.) Posting proof, facts, numbers, that can’t be disputed by Wargaming, their shills, the trolls, they might try with lies, but it soon falls apart. Then, they have no recourse but to ban or strike you.

    Anyone else care to add to the list? 🙂

  23. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    Yeah, getting miffed at the state of things and losing my verbal/written temper got me my first strike…

    Oh well…


  24. Gomez_Adams

    Did you get a 30 day ban along with the strike? I’m curious to know because I remember I always got a 30 day ban on any strike they ever gave me.

  25. Thing 1


    My first strike I didn’t get a ban at all. In fact I don’t think I got a ban until the third one and it was 7 days. The 4th I got a 30 day and then of course the 5th was it.

  26. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Heck yea, they gave me a 30-day all right. A 7-day ban, 3-day bans, etc all that stuff.

  27. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    My first strike was a 24 hour inability to post. I could read, but not post.

    I of course contested it, and I was, of course, ignored.

    Oh well…

  28. Zeedox

    The amount of apologists on those forums for wg (whose slogan should be “We’re too fail, to big”) is staggering.

  29. Thing 1

    That happens when your entire failed and miserable existence is wrapped up in a free-to-play pixel tank game. You lose any and all credibility and rationality.

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