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Gomez Adams threatened with account manipulation in World of Warships.

Well folks, I tell you the shit just keeps on coming. It seems Wargaming has lost any and all control of their own fucking game. Now, that should come as no great surprise to any of us, but…well…


Right on the tail of a guy getting a strike for nuking a Wargaming Admin with an OP ship Wargaming sells and everybody that owns one now being afraid to even use the fucking thing they shelled out their hard earned cash for, Gomez goes in to try to get a game when he hasn’t played in months and he too gets threatened.

This is no shit, folks. The two guys (one the instigator we’ll get to in a moment and the other just a “helper”) told Gomez that Wargaming could actually manipulate his account and fuck with it…give him bad RNG, shit like that.

Now, this all starts when Gomez logs in, tries to figure out all the new shit that’s there since last he played, decides to try to play a ranked battle, sits in the fucking queue for a very long time without anything happening, then post in the general chat (which warships calls off topic because apparently they can’t fucking afford to make a general chat room) that nobody’s playing ranked because he’s sitting in the queue forever.

It’s at that point that someone named Weapon_of_Proliferation starts talking directly to Gomez.

Here’s the conversation from that point in it’s entirety.

Well then. How ’bout that?

So this ‘Weapon_of_Proliferation’ asshat jumps in, accuses Gomez of being somebody else (probably me as best I can figure, the fucking guy is an idiot and couldn’t come up with a coherent statement if his life depended on it) and basically said that Wargaming would manipulate his RNG and the other little helper stated that Wargaming could fuck with his account.

How would they know this? Well, that’s the sixty thousand dollar question, isn’t it?

So then, our man in Istanbul, Gomez, comes straight here and tells us. He then files a ticket. Now get this, folks:


That’s GOT to be a fucking world record for Wargaming. Anywho, here’s the ticket and response in its entirety:

So he’s a fucking nobody. Or so they say.

Well, here’s what we do know: Weapon_of_Proliferation is actually an old asshole that’s been around quite a while. His original name was bjsnog and he was a bigwig over at Wotlabs back in the day, or at least he liked to pretend he was. He actually fucked up more than anything else. Don’t think so? Well, just ask what used to be one of the directors of Wotlabs:

Yes, he was. And a shit talking quitter.

He used to talk up World of Tanks to no end, blame everybody for everything in the beginning. Then of course he soured on it.

He posted that in the thread “what keeps you playing”. So what was he doing other than tanks?

Warplanes and ships. But he didn’t like ships too much. He was really high on Warplanes.

So right at release, Warships sucks and Warplanes is awesome and tanks is getting old. Flash forward a couple years and guess what happens:

He quits Warplanes.

So this asshole talks up tanks, talks up warplanes, disses ships as being meh at best, then quits planes, then quits tanks (well, almost…he played a game back in April) and apparently these days he has nothing better to do than sit in the off topic chat on Warships and fuck with people.

Now, Wargaming says he doesn’t work for them, has no affiliation with them and all that jazz. OK, but it does seem odd that just shortly before this asshole jumped in and started fucking with Gomez, an admin had just posted in that very chat to “keep it clean” because someone had used some shitty language.

Well, that of course means that there was an admin viewing this entire exchange, doesn’t it? Why wasn’t any warning given during all this bullshit that went on for quite a long time when the other guy posted one profane word earlier and was instantly jumped on?

So why is it he’s hanging out in chat lobbies telling people Wargaming will fuck with their accounts, rig their RNG, do whatever they want to them just because they don’t care for the fucking anime pedophile bullshit and pop by this site from time to time?

Is it because he’s actually a mod for Wargaming? Could be. It wouldn’t be any big stretch that he’s a moderator, warned that guy about swearing, saw Gomez, logged out of his admin account, in with his regular account and fucked with him for shits and giggles and lack of anything better to do.

Then again, sports fans, that’s just how Wargaming rolls. Either way, if he’s an employee or not, that’s  what they do. They either engineer it themselves, or sit there and watch it all happen and do fucking nothing.

It’s how they’ve always rolled.

It’s how they’ll always roll.

It’s why they’re closing up offices, closing down servers, laying off hundreds of people and losing players.

They’d rather have assholes that contribute nothing but threats, abuse and bullying to their games than a guy that just wanted to play the fucking game.

I would say it’s Wargaming at it’s best, but it isn’t.

It’s the status quo for those useless fuckers. It always has been. It always will be. I’ll bet 10 bucks and a beer they didn’t do jack shit to him. He’ll be fucking laughing about this shit and so will Wargaming.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned, folks. You have.

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  1. Zeedox

    More BS from the crap factory of wg…

  2. Gomez_Adams

    That was bjsnog?

    Now I remember who he is.

    Remember back when I set up the very first php forum for you guys a couple years ago and Tsavo was creating dozens of accounts and all that? Well, bjsnog kept saying over and over that he signed up but was auto banned when I knew full well he had never signed up.

    The guy is a pathological liar. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that he was that mod that was there. It makes perfect sense to me now how he knew who I was and I was clueless about who he was or what he was talking about.

    It does crack me up knowing this now how he suggested Wargaming could manipulate my accounts RNG specifically, which was something they all laughed and scoffed at and ridiculed people for even suggesting before.

  3. Thing 1

    Yep. I remember that shit. He’s always been a fucking lying, hypocritical asshole.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    And yet further, the ole Wot Labs – Wargaming connection is exposed. Always the Labs – Wargaming backroom connection that good ole Nyx would deny all the time.

    Bjshnog, what a dipstick. How could I forget how he sat over and abused people on a daily basis at Labs, and then they would come over to the NA forum to try to get people banned.

  5. Thing 1

    Well, Wotlabs is useless as shit now. It in effect no longer exists. In fact, Bjsnog was run out of there quite some time ago.

    I’m thinking now he’s more a clinger and bullshit artist than anything else. Apparently, WoWS is all the poor bastard has left.

    How fucking pathetic is that?

  6. tenebris

    @Thing 1 can you pleaseee, please do a post about the WG shills/paid trolls on the EU gameplay forum for WoT. They have sent me nuts over years being fucking obvious shills that quite frankly deserve to be shot in the head. I imagine them being middle aged miserable fat messes that have nothing better to do than have higher post count than actual fucking battle count. If you could reveal their facebook and phone numbers somehow that would be a fucking god send for me. They are all shills part of the Dingers clan(s) now known as WJDE,
    T-D-U and D0NG.

    The main fucking retard is Homer_J followed by Jigabachi and then the usual dinger shills such as SlySpy. Also this one fucking idiot called jabster is just as bad.

    Atleast get homer_J I beg you.

  7. Thing 1

    The problem with doing EU is two fold:

    1. I don’t have the contacts there that I do here in the States that can find pretty much anything.
    2. I don’t know two lawyers and a circuit court judge to advise me on legalities in the EU like I do here in the States.

    I will look into these alleged assholes you posted sometime later this week though just to get a grasp on what you’re talking about. If they’re as bad as you say, I’ll see what I can do.

    Thanks for popping by and posting!
    Thing 1

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