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Andrew Tinney – Wargaming CFO, Chief Fraud Officer

Well folks, another day, another despot spotlight on a Wargaming employee. This time, we’re going to the meat and potatoes on the matter: Finance.

Now, we’ve done several stories on the questionable if not outright bullshit tactics Wargaming have employed since day one and we’ve had a guest author pen a few as well, but this one is a spotlight on the one man that’s run it all since 2015, when shit really hit the fan.

Now, to refresh us on a few things, here’s the Layman’s timetable on Wargaming’s so called “success” from a financial standpoint:

  • April 12th, 2011 – game launched in EU and NA.
  • November 2nd, 2011 – Wargaming listed on Cyprus Stock Exchange.
  • April 30th, 2013 – Wargaming files last financial report it would ever file.
  • November 1st, 2013 – Wargaming buys 30% stock in Hellenic Bank after it had been shut down and assets frozen.
  • May 24th, 2014 – Wargaming stocks frozen by Cyprus Stock Exchange for failure to file any year ending financial reports for 2013.
  • January 13th, 2015, after a year of teams of lawyers hired by Wargaming battling and postponing court hearings, Wargaming is delisted from Cyprus Stock Exchange permanently.
  • September 18th, 2015 Andrew Tinney, a disgraced, banned executive from England is hired as CFO

So that ‘s about it in a nutshell, folks. They  burned through every financial option they could very, very quickly. In just a matter of 4 years, they managed to essentially get completely kicked out of the reputable financial world.

So what did they do then? Well, they hired a guy just like them: a guy that had literally been kicked out of the entire reputable financial world, Mr. Andrew Tinney, to be their new CFO.

So who is this asshat and what’s his story?

Well, believe it or not, he fits right in at Wargaming because he’s EXACTLY like them. That is to say, he’s a fucking crook. Here’s his Linkedin in part:

Now, at first glance, that would SEEM like an impressive resume, would it not? Well, it is UNTIL you start putting together all the bullshit that went down at every single one of his major jobs.

While at Deutsch Bank, a scheme of laundering Russian money was going on, and there he is the Chief Financial Officer. Well how ’bout that shit, folks? After the financial collapse when it was all investigated, Deutsche Bank would wind up being fined 10 BILLION fucking dollars!

Needless to say, his ass was gone from there immediatley after the collapse. So where did he go? Straight to fucking Barclays. And what the fuck happened at Barclays? Well, that is referred to as the Libor Scandal. You can read the wiki on it as I’ll not get into the entire debacle here. In short, Barclay’s was manipulating interest rates and pocketing the fucking money. In other words: FRAUD.

Now, the short on it is this: When the United States was investigating Barclays, Barclays decided to take action, so they put Andrew Tinney in charge of procuring a report from an independent source. Well, when that independent source gave Tinney the report, it was a rather scathing review on the higher ups at Barclays. So Tinney, rather than enter the report in the companies IT system and let it go to those who were supposed to get it, decided to torch it.

HE FUCKING TORCHED THE REPORT! Shredded that fucker. Up in smoke it goes. Got rid of it. COMPLETELY.

And then what happened?

You got it: Barclays got hammered. They got fined roughly a half billion fucking dollars. Most of the higher ups resigned before all the shit went down and were banned from banking.


Some creative reading:

So he then moves on to KPMG in January of 2014, right about the same time Wargaming is fighting off regulators and trying to remain listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. So what happened at KPMG?

You got it! MORE SCANDAL!

So he goes all the way to Asia because he can’t work as an executive anywhere in Western Europe or North America and takes part in the same fucking shit. Un-god-damned-believeable.

If any of us regular folks had done half this shit, we’d have been in jail for 20 years.

So, after all that, after having your name and scandal and huge fines and corruption and money laundering and market manipulation being synonymous YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING CAREER, where do you wind up getting a job?



Can you believe this mother-fucking shit?

Of course you can. We all can. We’ve seen nothing out of Wargaming but this exact same bullshit since day one.

And you wonder why Wargaming is such a shit, money-grabbing, underhanded, fraud laced company…look who they fucking hire!

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    How on earth do you hire anybody like this? It would be like hiring a doctor that had his license revoked for malpractice or a lawyer that’s been disbarred.

    How is it even legal? For him I mean?

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    O-M-G !!! WARGAMING … VICTOR KISLYI, You need to resign immediately. How could you hire someone like this? This proves you don’t give a damn about ethics, the law, and you only care about MONEY. Damn the players.

    This is why they do business in Cyprus I suppose? ( one of the reasons of many ) Scandalous! Like criminals.

  3. Zeedox

    Ethics is a four letter word at wg.

  4. landedkiller look at this crap as well they are hiding negativity from the main website now what bs. Now Even West Virginia they fucked up and put it in as 1941 with some vague promise for the 1944 West Virginia.
    From the Devblog for world of warships
    World of Warships Development Blog
    October 1 at 7:45 AM ·

    “Dear players.

    After the announcement of the tier VI American battleship West Virginia, we noticed that many of you would like to see this ship in a later configuration. Thank you for your feedback. We would like to inform you that the battleship, which we plan to add to the game now, will be renamed and called West Virginia ’41, and in the future we plan to create a West Virginia from a later period.

    We would also like to note that the creation of a new configuration of the ship is a long process, which is largely similar to the creation of a ship from scratch. To reliably recreate the state of the ship for a certain year, we need to collect a lot of materials and evidence, work on the model, and carry it through all stages of testing. Therefore, we can not promise that West Virginia of the late period will appear in the game in the near future and ask for your patience and understanding as we work to deliver a ship that fits your expectations according to your valued feedback.” More marketing bs

  5. Rafalefighter47

    Could WG get any more stupid than their already past incredible stupidity? What’s next, Wargaming is gonna hire ISIS terrorists? Then take entire control of the global economy and everyone would be living on the streets in cardboard boxes except for folks like Tinney? I wouldn’t be surprised. WG consists of mental hospital patients…

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    YES. They are practically doing it now. And will do it the first chance they get. That’s what all large corporations are working overtime doing now (not that Wargaming is one of those, they like to think they are one the big guys however) up front and behind the scenes.
    Multinational corporations and billionaires all have that goal in mind, they don’t give a rats ass about the rest of society.

  7. landedkiller

    Jeez did everyone just decide to hibernate for the winter already? I have an article waiting if your looking for new content to add to the site.

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist

    No, not us “Insomniacs.” Wished I was a bear so I could finally get some for real sleep. I never really sleep. I barley even make it to work on time, cause I fall briefly to sleep before the alarm does go off. LOL 🙂

    If I’m home I normally fall back to sleep in the late morning, then I’m up, for the next 39 hours or so….

    Don’t worry, Thing 1 is on high some where? He’s like Clark Kent, then suddenly superman responds 🙂

  9. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve not seen very much going on anywhere. It’s dead all over. I really think most everybody, including Wargaming themselves, gave completely lost interest and moved on.

  10. Thing 1

    Sorry, but I’ve been busy…and Landedkiller, I’m now in the process of COMPLETELY reformatting that shitty assed copy and paste bomb you submitted. Shit man, it’s just fucking awful. I’ll be up when I’m finished correcting the fucking train wreck this post is.

  11. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    This shit is just unbelievable!


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