You are currently viewing GeorgePreddy aka Ron Copeland – the final word. Hopefully.

GeorgePreddy aka Ron Copeland – the final word. Hopefully.

Well folks, this will in all likelihood be the final word on this fucking absolute asshole. You would think that he would have given up being the complete, sack-of-shit dick that he is by now and moved on or at the very least calmed down his absolute asshattery and kept a bit of a lower profile, but he’s just not that kind of guy. He’s a fucking loser, with nothing but his internet life keeping him going and even that is such a fabricated piece of shit that not even he can keep it going.

Well, I can’t say this any more plainly: it’s over. The fucking gloves are coming off.

Ron constantly claims he’s this end all be all old man in his 70’s who flew planes all over the world for a living since the Vietnam War, is retired, lives in Brazil married to a hot, young Brazilian woman that is, according to him, a classically trained pianist and linguist that speaks a half dozen or so languages (depending on what post you read) and they both just live the life of Riley.

He’s so full of shit it’s beyond ridiculous.

Now, we revealed who he was several times before. For those of you who have never read those articles, do so now so you know what has brought us to this point. Go on, grab yourself a coffee, tea, cold beer, whatever’s your poison of  choice and get to it. We’ll wait.

Ron Copeland Asshattery part I
Ron Copeland Asshattery part II
Ron Copeland Asshattery part III

So now that you’re up to speed on this asshat to this point, let’s take another look at some of the other bullshit he’s been doing recently.

Now, since we called his ass out, he’s been denying like hell that we’re right. Such as:

Making bullshit excuses.

Now, that’s pretty funny. Want to know why? Because he’s been on the denial train for months. What’s more, just a few weeks before he posted that, Ron Copeland, a guy he said was dead, a guy he said didn’t exist, a guy he denies being, emailed us asking about the article. Here is the email in its entirety, which came from his stepfather’s personal email (more on that latter):

I am emailing in hopes to reach Thing1 the administrator of the EWOT message board.  My name is Ron Copeland, I am messaging in regards to posts that have be made complaining about the online screen name user GeorgePreddy.  This will probably come as quite a surprise to you but a few days ago was the first I had heard of your blog and of the world of tanks video game.  I am not an online gamer nor do I participate in discussion about your’s or any other video games.  I do not participate in any online gaming platforms nor do I play any other video games at all for that matter.

All that being said, it appears that you and others have quite an issue with the person playing with you that goes by the name Georepreddy.  I suppose if this person is as much of a nuisance to you as he seems to be, I have no grief with you pursuing calling him out.  Thought I do have a tremendous issue with this person causing trouble while posing as me.  

You mentioned in a post that GeorgePreddy had disclosed my person information as his own in discussion with your group.  If he has that is very weird and rather disturbing…  Do you have access to any of that information on your platform?  I have attempted to search your blog but as I am not a member I am not able to see previous posts.  I have no idea what it takes to have a person blocked or removed from a game but if this person is moonlighting as me I would like to report it in hopes to put a stop to it.  To that point, if this is any kind of a breach of your terms of use on the EWOT blog, please block this person as a user.

As it appears that you take serious the action of calling out people for being inappropriate or offensive I hope you end his use of the game and that of your blog.

Much appreciation for your time and apologies for what ever grief this person has cause you and/or others.


Now, take a look at the language and layout. Especially look at this part:

If he has that is very weird and rather disturbing…  Do you have access to any of that

Now look at this from several of his present forum posts:

Bless all who fought for freedom  and democracy… The Greatest Generation, indeed.

The “switch” is in your head… WG can’t turn it off

Deary me, new players have to grind modules… when I was a new player

Same exact misuse of ellipses and double space in nearly every post he makes. He just can’t fucking help himself. He’s so busy trying to keep his lies straight he forgets he’s typing JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES.

He tried the same shit over at Wotlabs too. He didn’t last long. First off, he was using his GeorgePreddy account to upvote his Preddy_ account he was posting under. Such as:

I mean, the guy just can’t stop fucking lying. For instance, how many languages his imaginary wife speaks is entirely dependent upon which post you read on which site.

Wife speaks 5 languages and part of a 6th in 2013.

Somehow, imaginary trophy wife completely forgot a language in 2018.

The guy just can’t fucking stop lying. He keeps on and on with this pilot bullshit that simply isn’t real. I mean, let’s take a look at his “knowledge” he posted just last month:

Ron copy and pasted Wikipedia entry as his “knowledge”.

Now notice something odd? Notice the citation mark in the very first sentence? Well, where the fuck you think that came from? It sure as shit didn’t come from that fucking rotted turnip he calls a brain. It came from where he copy and pasted it from: Wikipedia:

Actual Wikipedia page he stole his “knowledge” from.

Exact type verbatim. He saw the citation at the end and deleted it. Stupid fuck didn’t even bother rewording it to make it appear it was him saying it or get rid of the other citation.

(Note to self: In before he admits copy and pasting because he doesn’t have time to actually type. Note also the signature ellipses/double space in every single post he makes.)

And the lies just keep on coming. He can’t even remember how long he allegedly has lived in Brazil.

In December of 2013 he had lived in Brazil off and on for 8 years.
Just 7 months later he had been living there for 10 years solid. TIME WARP!

He just can’t stop. The poor fucker needs some serious help. He needs an entire fucking team of psychologists working on his head ’round the fucking clock.

Which brings up another small giveaway: how did we know it was him? How did we put two and two together? Well, we didn’t. Good old Ron did it for us. You see, there’s only so many lies you can tell before you completely forget the lies you’ve told. Take a look at this:

November of this year he’s never had a problem with imgur.
Just the month before he’s getting rid of shit. Oddly, just weeks after our last article on him.

And he’s done that before. Many times. That’s how he knows we know. That’s why he emailed us asking us how we know – so he could hunt it down and get rid of it because he forgot where he posted who he was.

Well, it’s still out there folks! And we’re not going to say where, so stop emailing us asking. If you look hard enough, you’ll find it. He knows it which is why he’s scared shitless now and trying to delete everything.






So, let’s cover one more thing before we get to the big “Fuck you” part of our program: Why does this asshole post like he knows anything at all about the game? Let’s take a look at his two main accounts he posts from:

Main account: hasn’t played in 8 months.
Wotlabs main account hasn’t played in 1 year 7 months and change.

Which brings us to yet another account (he actually has 19 that we know of, but this is the only one he’s actively playing).

The guy is just fucking pathetic. He has so many rerolls and tries so hard to play only low tier high success tanks so he can haz good stats and pretend to be a good player. It’s fucking sad, really. That last account he plays only two tanks on. The Russian Type 64 and the Russian Churhill III. That’s it.

I mean, why fucking bother playing the game?

And with all that he’s posting from an account he hasn’t played in ages that’s yet another low tier stat padding account while running the sig of a shit account as if he’s actually proud of it.






So now that we’ve recapped who he is, and what a fucking lying sack of shit asshole he is, and the low tier asshat wanna-be player he is, let’s talk about his family, shall we?

You see, his family has NO FUCKING IDEA he’s doing what he’s doing. Well, they will NOW, but that’s on him. Not us. If he had just stopped being a fucking prick long ago, we’re not having this conversation.

Ron’s mother, Linda, married a guy named Ralph Edward Ury, Junior. Now, by all accounts old Ralph is a nice guy. He runs a small, private security service in Massillon, Ohio and has since about 1971.

Now, how do we know this? Simple: Ron is a fucking idiot. He pretty much runs around telling everybody everything and then has the mitigated gall to look surprised when people point it out. Then of course he cooks up more bullshit lies to try to cover it up. The only problem is his lies are so completely full of shit they are simply unbelievable and anybody with a pulse knows it.

Since young Ron won’t shut the fuck up and stop being a complete asshole, maybe good old Ralph can sort his ass out. Here’s Ralph’s info:

And here’s his mother’s info:

And here is Ralph’s Security Company info starting with his business license from the State of Ohio database:

Dusk To Dawn Protective Services
3554 Lincoln Way E
Massillon, OH44646
Contact: Ralph Ury
Phone: 330-837-9992
Fax: 330-837-9994
Email: Business or Personal

Now, we’re not one to bother just one or two people when somebody goes to the lengths that this fucking asshole Ron Copeland has. So, let’s hurl in some more family that can help straighten this asshole out, like say, his step brother:

And his sister:

Maybe that’s enough for now, you think? I mean, if between all these folks they can’t straighten his ass out, maybe it’s hopeless. Or maybe if we start posting all the financial records, criminal records on every single fucking member of this list we’ll get somewhere:

And then of course we’d go to each of them, get all the people they’re related to, and all the people they’re related to and so on and so on and so on until SOMEBODY gets on Ron’s stupid ass and gets him sorted out.

I mean, he keeps going, we keep going. And believe me we can keep on fucking going.

We’re not proud.

Or tired.

At this point, we’ve simply fucking had it with his bullshit. The gloves come off now, asshole. You’ve asked for it and have been for fucking years.

And for Ralph when you read this: I’m SURE that asshat step son of yours will deny he did any of this. It’s what he’s best at: making shit up and lying. Well, he’s done that before as well. Feast your eyes on this before you confront him over this shit because I’m sure you’re going to get a similar story:

So when he tells you it’s a friend of his using his name or some bullshit along those lines, remember that according to him he is his friend and he’s already dead.

So go smack the shit out of that asshole. Maybe tell him get the fuck out of your basement and carry himself for a while and quit leeching off you.


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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Ron Copeland, you just got called on your lies, your BS, and you’ve been outed. You’re lying just as bad as Trump dude. Does you’re family want that? Something tells me some of them don’t.

  3. Zeedox

    “New” excuses could prove entertaining.

  4. Jason Coss

    I hate that he only lives hours from me .That piece of shit.
    Now it makes sense why he always has so many upvotes. Its because hes the one doing it. Im sorry but to have that many accounts and lie so much there is obviously something wrong because a normal person doesn’t pull that shit. Thats odd he used that “EZ-AUTO quote because thats where I bought my last car which the place is about an hour away from me. I doubt anything is linked with it I just found it odd. Im glad you called his worthless ass out.

  5. Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea

    This is pathological. He needs help…

  6. Allegra

    Ah. Well, what can I say?

    We were actually having a bit of a ‘debate’ about climate change over the last couple of weeks and TBH it was quite reasonable for the most – ‘just a bit o’ banter guv’ (read in your best Cockney accent) – but he was bringing a couple of points to the table. Not brilliant points, but points none-the-less. However, his last post a couple of hours ago, found here:

    (Post #1063) was interesting for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly his demeanour had changed – not even trying, TBH – and secondly it was written at about 2:00am, Sao Paulo time. I thought it strange at the time and even made a comment about it… here he was on the computer instead of happily tucked up in bed with his ‘wife’.

    Guess I could be rude at this point but I’m not that type of person.*

    Kinda makes sense now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    *Oh what the hell, yes I am.

    (It was an inflatable sheep which was part of a 5 year old’s costume for his school nativity play but was actually a sex doll as the mother discovered later)

    Edited to embed image by Thing 1

  7. Gomez_Adams

    How do you keep posting after all this? I mean, it’s clear beyond any doubt that he’s a pathological liar at this point.

    I would have thought that even the most worthless individual would have had the good sense to bow out by now or at the very least create yet another account and stop being so off the hook stupid.

    It is simply beyond mind boggling to me that he just keeps on going.

  8. Thing 1

  9. Gomez_Adams

    LMAO! No doubt!

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Edited to embed image by Thing 1

  11. Allegra

    @Gomez_Adams: Well he certainly has characteristic traits of being a narcissist.

    He said somewhere in the past week that he is working on a new account ‘that will be revealed shortly’. Will he post from it? Probably not IMO. He likes the persona of GeorgePreddy that he’s built up and thinks that people believe the crap he expounds. Even though a number of people call him out, he will always fall back to the cry: ‘that ain’t me on on that website. They’re just jealous.’

    My feeling is that he will do what he is currently doing with the play4funz sig. He’ll just cut and paste it on all his posts from the GeorgePreddy account. He can’t help himself. But even the play4funz sig is as genuine as his ‘hot wife’, life in Brazil and being a pilot are. The reason he stopped playing the account in pubs was because he stats were tanking – if you pardon the pun. But he fails to use the final stats from play4funz account because it doesn’t have the color purple he so desperately needs people to admire.

    To paraphrase another poster on this site: he’s just a sad, pathetic man.

  12. Gomez_Adams

    I agree completely, Allegra.

    I’ll also bet 1000 dollars I don’t have that his new account will be a carbon copy of all his others: low tier OP tanks with the same stats as before.

  13. JakeTheMystic

    I’ll take them in order, dipshit:

    Sorry to burst you happy little bubble there, but how can you know he has *19 accounts?

    Those are the ones we know of. He’s admitted to most of them. There are 4 he never admitted to.

    The screenshot you have of Play4Funz ISNT one of his alt accounts, I was in GUNS6 with Play and he was in TS often.

    It was until it was perma-forum banned along with 6 others, then he started sharing it with others. If you had paid attention, he used to run the Play4Funz sig in his GeorgePreddy forum banner to “show off it’s awesome stats”. He does the same once in a while with other accounts he has that have been perma-forum banned and has also paid for the stat improvement service on multiple occasions for multiple accounts in a vain attempt to look like a good player.

    On the other hand, I’ve talked with George in discord and they sound nothing like one another.

    You were probably talking to someone boosting his stats.

    If you’re going to go out of your way to make a blog insulting someone, at least get your facts straight.

    You first, bitch.

    Edited by Thing 1 for answers. My text bold, dipshit’s text in italics.

  14. Gomez_Adams

    I find it more than a bit funny that he doesn’t question the absolute overabundance of absolute crap Ron does, but takes exception with only one of his many accounts.

    It actually smacks of the limited intellect Ron had shown for years. It begs the question: is this yet another of his accounts once again coming to his own defense?

  15. Thing 1


    You make a valid point, dude, but it’s not him.

    Jake the dumbass is actually named Jake (Jacob) in real life. He is just as stupid as Ron though. He’s 37 and lives in Burien, Washington.

  16. JakeTheMystic1

    @thing 1

    It’s funny knowing you’re not even close to knowing who I am, considering how accurate your “facts” are supposed to be.

    I’ll give you a second chance though, If you can get my real name and at the right county I would be impressed.

    >Not 37
    >Real name isn’t Jacob
    >Not from or even around Burien, but I am in Washington

    Go ahead and try again 🙂

    I didn’t really care about Ron and his ways, sure he acts like a prick sometimes on the forums. More or less I just find amusement from reading some of these articles.

  17. Thing 1

    OK, numbnutts, here we go:

    You just now logged in with your Steam account for that post because you probably realized you fucked up using your Discord Account.

    You are correct though that I didn’t do a complete, thorough trace of EXACTLY where you were. I have now done that just to remove all doubt.

    Now, both of your logins came from the same exact place. IP:

    Here is where that is:

    JakeTheMystic IP Trace

    Now, from your login from Discord, I can see this:

    JakeTheMystic Discord Information

    So then we trace the email:

    JakeTheMystic Email Trace

    And low and behold, that address happens to be at about the same exact place that your IP traces to:

    Email Trace Address

    Which traces to this shithole of a house:

    JakeTheMystic house

    Now deny all you want to, dipshit. Facts don’t lie. Your email, your IP’s, everything aligns to one name, one person, one place and one place only.

    Happy now, dipshit? I wasn’t going to fuck with you. Just letting them know you weren’t Ron. But, hey…you fucking asked for it, dumbass.

  18. Gomez_Adams

    Well, that escalated quickly.

    What’s the old saying? Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

  19. Zeedox

    Wait….domo or dumbo?

  20. Icon_Charlie

    Well… At least I don’t see any of the cars on Blocks, the lawn is mowed and the building is rather in decent shape but the REEEEE is strong in this one. This is sort of a Nerco thread that became alive for no real good reason… Except comedy?

  21. JakeTheMystic

    Let’s say i’m a little impressed, but the age is still wrong for whatever reason.

    Besides that, congrats xd

  22. Thing 1

    @Zeedox. Yeah. There’s only one Domo on the World of Tanks scene and that’s DomoSapien.

    Also odd, DomoSapien was created almost exactly one year (only missed by two days) after JakeTheMystic’s account was created.

    What’s more, they often post during the same time frame.

    What’s more than that they post fucking EXACTLY alike. Same use of line breaks. Example:

    JakeTheMystic post

    DomoSapien Post

    Same use of verbiage. Same constant use of parenthesis and shit. And oddly, JakeTheMystic gets away with insults, profanity and other shit like that when others don’t. AND the fact that he chose now to show up defending the new “sheriff” in town looks a bit suspect as well.

    Not saying it is, but you have to admit it looks really fucking fishy doesn’t it?

    @Icon Charlie – Yeah. Or his buddy Ron was crying buckets about the shit and sent him over to defend his fat ass because he’s fucking incapable of doing so himself.

    @JakeTheMystic Most people always fuck up somewhere. That’s the problem with THINKING you’re smart – In reality you’re too fucking stupid to realize you’re not that fucking smart.

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