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Carriers and Arty – a lesson in Wargaming’s ineptitude

Well folks, once again you just can’t make this shit up. Wargaming are making the same, exact mistake all over again only this time it’s in World of Warships.

Now, going back to World of Tanks, from the very beginning there were people that thought arty had no fucking business being involved. Now, whatever side of the fence you’re on in that argument is moot. The point was, it WAS a fucking problem and everybody knew it.

So years later, World of Warships comes out. Most people at the time, including several of the usual suspects that lurk the halls around here, had thought it was going to be just ships of war like battleships, cruisers (light and heavy) and destroyers slugging it out against one another.

Needless to say, when carriers hit, man oh man did the shit hit the fan. It INSTANTLY became a hot point in the EXACT SAME MANNER that arty had been in World of Tanks. People hit the fucking roof on both sides.

Now this is where it gets interesting: When people complained about arty, they generally complained that it wasn’t fare that a unit could attack them with pretty much impunity from across the map. Not surprisingly, the same exact claim came to pass against carriers in World of Warships.

Wargaming didn’t learn a single fucking thing. Yeah…THERE’S a big surprise!

But it gets worse.

Back to arty for a moment: In a nutshell, you had people bitching about two things

  • Arty being able to one shot any tank in the game.
  • Arty being able to attack with impunity.

So we head over to Warships and carriers and what do we see? The same exact fucking argument.

So Wargaming figured what they would do is make arty a lot less accurate, but then added splash damage so they didn’t have to be accurate.

After that, they decided to nerf SOME of the splash damage, but then added stun damage. This lead to yet another moment of

And we all know the rest of the story from there. Wargaming somehow managed to take a bad, controversial situation and make it fucking worse. It defies all logic and reason, which by this point we should all be used to.

But I digress…back to Warships.

So we have these carriers. Now, these carriers can attack with impunity – that is they send out aircraft to spot and bomb/torpedo your ass into the next life while hiding in the rear unseen by anybody.

To make matters worse, they have a somewhat complicated manual drop system that allows their aircraft to drop torpedoes in a manner akin to a fucking roller coaster in a Star Wars movie making it impossible to dodge them leading to instant death. (In effect, the same arty one shot form World of Tanks.)

So this lead people to yet another moment of

But wait! There’s more!

The weakness of carriers was, oddly, the aircraft themselves. They were limited in number and if you had the right teammate in say, an Atlanta, Cleveland or other such good AAA cruiser next to you that could butcher aircraft then the carrier would rapidly run out of planes unless he was a sharp customer that knew better.

The other weakness carriers had was they were rather easily spotted…but that was typically only at the end of the game when they were the only ones left having hid in the rear with the gear the entire match. (Again, exactly like arty from World of Tanks.)

People have been bitching about it for, literally, years. The final straw came with the release of the Graf Zeppelin which we did a write up on not too long ago.

Now, that fucking thing was the equivalent of dropping a premium Hummel into World of Tanks with infinite free gold rounds. It was just fucking awful.

So now we get to the crux of the matter: the new CV “rework” for Warships. Boy oh boy…not only did Wargaming learn absolutely NOTHING from their complete fucking debacle with arty, they’ve actually done far worse!

So, here’s the before and after on what they’re going to do in a nutshell:

[wptg_comparison_table id="5"]

Now at first glance that doesn’t look too terrible…until you consider the real consequences.

Before, it would take the aircraft a pretty long amount of time to seek out, spot, then attack a ship. Then they would have to fly all the way back to the carrier, land, rearm, take off and do it all over again.

Now? HA! Fuck it. Once you’re spotted, you’re fucking dead. They attack, back off a bit to get outside your AAA range, wait to magically rearm and refuel in mid fucking air, then come right back to you and nuke your ass clear to Mars. Again.

You are literally fucking dead once you’re spotted. That’s it.

But it gets worse: Even if you are able to fight off an attack with your AAA, there’s no price for the carrier to pay for it. He now has UNLIMITED AIRCRAFT. The carrier now just magically shits aircraft and comes after you again and again. So rather than having to be careful of AAA loaded cruisers and battleships, they don’t have to give a shit at all.

I mean, why bother right? They don’t risk anything because they will literally never, ever run out of aircraft.

Imagine if they took arty, made it have limitless gold rounds and allowed it to fire at double the rate. That’s in effect what they’re doing…and more.

Now, they got rid of the cross drop, which was a good thing. But then what did they do? They added the close drop. In other words, planes can now drop torpedoes a few feet from your ship so you have absolutely ZERO change of dodging them. So they removed a mechanic you couldn’t dodge and was OP as hell and…well…added the same fucking thing back in its place.

It just never ends with these fucking idiots. You know, somebody on our forum said and I quote:

I sometimes wonder if Wargaming do things like this just to stir up interest.

As they say: Bad press is better than no press at all.

I think that’s exactly what they do. In fact, I think they do it for one reason: To sell premium vehicles.

You make shit so fucking OP that people just can’t help but buy it. Then of course you get enough people bitching about it, they’ll release something even more OP to counter it, and on and on and on. What’s more, they’re trying to move everything to consoles because they’ve fucked everybody over on PC that they can fuck over. So this rework goes a long way to making it more “console friendly”.

It’s Wargaming 101: do anything you can to fuck over your player base because, after all, in the end they’re all a bunch of fucking idiots that will continue to pay to win.

Yeah. Sure. Right. That’s why prime time tank numbers on the North American server are now 60% lower than they were in 2013.

Fucking idiots. They never, ever learn. If nobody was really terribly interested in carriers before, they certainly wont be now. What’s more, with the Unicum carrier players simply deleting every ship at will with unlimited aircraft, nobody will be playing much of anything for long.

Well done, Wargaming. You’ve once again on-upped yourselves in the field of absolute stupidity.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    This is exhibit A on not only why so many people have quit playing both games, but in general what is wrong with Wargaming as a whole.

    Most every honorable Warships Community Contributor quite a year or more ago for one simple reason: Wargaming didn’t care what they thought. All Wargaming wants are rubber stamp yes men to talk about how great everything Wargaming does is.

    Nobody wanted the Graf Zeppelin the way it was. Everybody knew it was ridiculously OP. Wargaming ignored them all.

    Nobody wanted many things that Wargaming have done. They ignored them all and look where they are now: having to settle for “still playing” awards that they literally paid for and invented themselves.

    It’s a crying shame too as both games started out so very, very good. That they are what they are now is, or at least should be, a crime.

  2. Rafalefighter47

    Thing 1, for every piece of material you put up, it’s always credible. I know I’ve been on here for many months, but still. Anyway, I just had a battle in my 113(Chinese Tier 10 Heavy), and I ended up with 2.3k damage(and I got the video to prove it. In fact, I’ll personally send it to you, Thing 1. No toxic behavior, but this could be a good video to show how obnoxiously bad artillery is in this game), and I was kicking this Super Conqueror’s butt, when, of course, arty ruins everything. Arty stuns, splashes, and fast reloads. Can’t get any better than that, right?

  3. Zeedox

    Arty tears?

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    And now, low population server, affecting a troubled Match Maker is not offset by maps which are simply the old one’s re-skinned, a few objects moved around, and higher graphics settings that most people cannot run on their computers (which they have to lower their graphics settings in order to get the game to run on their systems, and they can’t appreciate anyway ). And “Pay-to-Win” has chased many away.” It defeated the many hours people put into the game honestly grinding for hours on end, or even still training crews etc. Or having tanks nerfed, removed, or traded out by Wargaming.

    The list of reasons are so endless, to why people have left we could make Quicky Baby’s time line look like a midget of reasons on a population curve of why this game has died on ships and Tanks. Quicky left out a Shit Ton of reason why the population was dropping! I was a aghast at how limited his reason were on his little curve were on his video clip “Is the Game Dying.”

  5. Mr_Alex


    I spent the morning looking into the World of Warships Reddit page, a lot of players are now realising the Aircraft Carrier Rework they seriously begged for resulted with Aircraft Carriers being severely buffed rather than nerfed, some of them are calling it quits because the new Rocket attack aircraft will destroy their Anti Aircraft defenses on their ship easily and they do not want Aircraft Carriers to have unlimited planes, those that tried to plead to Wargaming on not to allow the rework through are finding it the hard way that they are getting ignored as well as Wargaming has decided that the rework will be implemented in January

  6. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1, Gomez, Zeedox and etc

    I am not sure if this surprises you. Many people who have played the Public Test including myself who gave feedback have said that unlimited planes in any form is big time OP despite having a timer being implemented on how long it takes to replenish the Dive and Torpedo Bomber squadrons. Instead lately the fan boys are saying unlimited aircraft is not OP and some of them have gone as extreme as to saying that the penalty timer for losing planes should be removed

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