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Wargaming Screws New Players with Bogus Refer-a-friend Program

This was brought to us by Scorpiany, a long time Wargaming Contributor. So what we’ll do here is post his original post he made on the forum and sent to us in a link. We’ll save our commentary for the end.

WarGaming’s latest refer-a-friend program was MANIPULATIVE, and CHEATS recruits out of a fair start.

That title, sadly enough, is not clickbait. WarGaming was intentionally manipulative with their most recent “recruit a friend” program, through a combination of a lack of communication, vague descriptions, and a restrictive system specifically designed to provide as little reward to the players as possible.

Let’s take a closer look, and break down just why this is such a huge issue, and why WarGaming should be completely ashamed for this disgusting practice; which was nothing less than a giant middle finger to new recruits, and existing players alike.

On December 22nd, WarGaming sent out a promotional e-mail that stated the following:

This e-mail clearly says that if the following steps are followed by January 8th, we will receive 5 lootboxes on January 10th.

1) Invite a new player to the game and have them create an account using the invite code attached to the email.

2) Have them complete the Bootcamp tutorial and the relevelant “Boot Camp missions” in the missions tab.

3) I play at least one battle with that recruit in a Random Battle after they’ve completed those missions.

Sounds simple and fair enough, right? Unfortunately, no. Here’s where things become very shady.

Firstly, the language used in the e-mail was fairly vague. They provided no way to track the recruit’s progress, no follow-up e-mails about the event, whether recruits have followed the steps, and no e-mail even today when boxes are supposed to be given out.

Secondly, we didn’t actually receive our boxes today. Turns out, we’re getting them tomorrow, on the 11th.

But thirdly, and this is the most significant point, it turns out that they’re standard lootboxes (The same ones you get from the missions that only give you some decorations and consumables).

Let’s focus on this third part in particular.

The invite code that WarGaming provided was a single-use, invite code. Invite codes cannot be stacked, and once you pick an invite code, you’re stuck with it. Here’s why this is significant.

This is a chart that shows what all other invite codes provide new players.

Do you notice the common theme here?

All of the other invite codes provide Gold, Premium time and Premium tanks.

The promotional offer they sent out? 5 small boxes that at most will give a few small consumables and credits, and if the person is lucky, one or two large consumables.

It also provides christmas decorations, which are completely useless to new players because the Holiday Ops event is about to end. Even the consumables are hardly of any value to new players, considering that at most, they’ll be receiving 50,000 credits worth of stuff… And that’s it. That’s all a new player gets. 50,000 credits can’t even buy a camo net.

The e-mail used language that strongly suggested that we would be getting Premium lootboxes. The e-mail used language such as:

  • “fine gifts”
  • FREE holiday lootboxes

Now, fine gifts is a pretty bold claim. And to use “FREE” in all caps, twice, when talking about holiday lootboxes and “fine gifts”, really makes it seem like LOOK AT THIS YOU’RE GETTING A GREAT DEAL, SOMETHING YOU NORMALLY WOULD PAY FOR IS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

That’s the impression the e-mail gives. That we’d be getting the paid premium lootboxes, for FREE, which is why this would be such a great promotion, right? Only Premium lootboxes would make “fine gifts”, right?

And then when you keep in mind that this is a single-use invite code, that forces the recruit to avoid all of the other codes, and considering that all the other codes provide Gold, Premium time and Premium tanks, you would be misled to only one conclusion:

“I must be getting 5 premium lootboxes, that also contain Gold and possibly Premium time and Premium tanks… Just like all of the other invite codes do. Except if I get lucky, I may even get a Tier 8 tank!”

Except, this wasn’t the case. Not only did WarGaming make zero effort to clarify what kind of boxes we would actually be receiving, but they did not actually inform us until after the promotion that:

1) We’re not getting them today.

2) They’re small boxes.

CabbageMechanic shared with us today on Reddit (Yes, Reddit, not on the Forums, not on the portal, not via. e-mail… But on Reddit, where people are least likely to even read this):

Wow, thanks CabbageMechanic! How generous, not only are the boxes late, but you’re only telling us after the event finishesafter recruits got screwed out of actual invite codes and on Reddit where noone will actually see this post, that they’re 5 small boxes.

Thanks man, I’m so glad you care about your customers so much! 5 small lootboxes that hold as little value as the text in that post, and had as little thought and effort put into these “gifts” as it took for you to type that post out too. Thanks for caring! Man, if we just got the paper you wiped your rear with, then this would be the perfect gift, so thoughtful and considerate, and such a helpful and great start to new players joining the game!

Now, here is where Scorpiany and I part ways on things. You see, we’ve had our differences largely because he thinks that shit like this happens mostly because Wargaming just makes mistakes. I on the other hand see through that. I am not presently nor have I ever been a fucking fanboy.

They did that shit on purpose. Here’s why:

Wargaming lost any hope of keeping new players about 4 years ago. That’s about the time the game stopped growing at all and started slowly shrinking, accelerating with each passing year.

So who do they have left? Who’s left they can bilk for money?


You have people like GeorgePreddy (Ron Copeland) and others who have so many fucking accounts it’s laughable. They constantly try to reroll another account so they can once again try like hell to get better stats so they can brag to the world about how they “win” at a fucking free to play pixel tank game.

So Wargaming hurls out this fucking half-assed “invite a friend” program. They knew full well nobody was going to invite a friend. They did know that the rerollers would see that and think, “SHIT YEAH! I’m going to call the boys, get some help, reroll a new account and we’ll all help each other with new accounts. Once we get the premium loot boxes, we’re SURE to get at least one good premium tank out of it and then we’ll power platoon our way to new great stats!”

And they fell for it.

And they all rerolled.

And they all discovered that they got shit boxes, not good loot boxes.

And there was much gnashing of teeth.

So once again Wargaming suckers a bunch of people into thinking they were actually going to get a good deal only to snatch the rug out from under their feet. Why do that?

Because they know that people like Ron Copeland aka GeorgePreddy simply will not be able to let that go. He’ll see all the effort he put into creating the new account, playing the required games to get the loot boxes, and then say, “Well, yeah it sucks I got fucked on the loot boxes, but since I’ve come this far, I might as well buy a little T5 premium and start grinding again.”

It’s the weak mental state of the typical Wargaming player. They just can’t fucking let it go. Wargaming drops them a couple little crumbs of coke and they’re down there on the carpet snorting it up so hard they pull up the fucking padding.

That is what this was, folks. It was no mistake, no oversight, no “oopsees” in translation. This was a planned, calculated campaign to get hopeless, mindless, addicted players to shell out another 20 bucks or so, hopefully more.

Wargaming: Now resorting to fucking over what little is left of their player base to make a dime.

Come on, folks. You just HAD to see this shit coming.

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  1. Scorpiany

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was completely intentional. What shocks me about it is that they continue shooting themselves in the foot. They lost so many customers because they’ve been dishonest and deceitful to their playerbase. They’re struggling financially, and overall the company is losing their paying customers at an alarming rate.

    It should make so much more sense for them to try to rebuild that fractured trust. But instead they keep taking the route of trying to make a quick buck and cash in now, at the detriment of their players, customers, and of course their own company in the long term. Even if they’re desperate, surely they can’t be so clueless as to think that they’ll survive in the long run pulling shit like this.

    But despite all logic, despite all sensible action, they just keep fucking up. Whether it’s intentional or due to complete incompetence, they keep fucking things up more and more.

    For some reason I keep hoping that they’ll begin improving themselves at some point. It’s pretty clear that if they don’t they won’t last all that much longer; especially here in NA where the server population is dwindling faster than any other server. It’s a shame. I like the game, but I hate how WarGaming is running it, and as a result themselves, into the ground.

  2. Thing 1

    Did you read our banking article?

    When you’re essentially flat fucking broke and every investment you’ve made has flat out failed, you don’t have time to rebuild trust. You have to do whatever you can to get a dollar to keep your lifestyle going.

    World of Tanks was the only thing Wargaming ever really made that was a winner. That’s why it got fucked the hardest and milked to the point where now it just puffs out dust from time to time.

  3. Scorpiany

    I did read the banking article. I guess the time for rebuilding trust has passed years ago by now. They’ve put themselves in a cycle of digging a hole deeper and just throwing the dirt behind them. That’s all going to come caving in above them at some point though… And they’re getting closer and closer to reaching that point.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    Well, I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

    You know, from the time I started playing the game back in 2012, things like this simply didn’t happen. About the worst thing they ever did was schedule an update and it would take longer than they said, or it would start an hour earlier or later than expected.

    I can remember when that was the biggest gripe on the forums: updates and times. “They said it would take 2 hours and it’s already been 2 hours and 34 minutes!” – that was the typical gripe.

    Now, it seems that every single month there’s some sort of bogus event like this that happens. It’s been nothing but highly suspect for the last few years now.

    It’s what happens when you begin to believe your own hype. You finally get a winning game idea together so suddenly you believe you can win at banking and real estate and wine and pretty much everything else.

    And then it ultimately turns out that all you were good at was an idea for a tank game. It’s a shame, really.

    They did the same thing to Warships as well, which I hate because I truly loved that game far more than I ever liked Tanks. Now, I have an account worth 600 dollars I can’t even sell for 200. Nobody is even remotely interested anymore in anything from Wargaming.

    Each day, I kid you not, I half expect to see people flooding reddit, Twitter, Facebook and even this place with the news that none of the servers are up and none of the Websites or Forums are there either.

    It’ll just be gone. Just like that.

  5. Thing 1

    Dude, I’m willing to bet that’s EXACTLY what happens. There wont be any announcement, no farewell, no go fuck yourselves, it’ll just be fucking gone.

  6. Zeedox

    “it’ll just be fucking gone”
    Truer words were never spoken

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    This little clip ^ can illustrate how the players have been screwed over the years. Each and every step of the way every single patch that was released, there was always a boobie trap waiting behind just about everything.

    Edited to embed clip by Thing 1

  8. Thing 1

    LMMFAO!!! That’s fucking brilliant!

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