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World of Warships PAX South Fail

Well folks, it’s that time again when we feature yet another colossal fuck-up on Wargaming’s part.

Now, if you’ll remember (and you probably don’t) we did a story right after we got this site rolling about how Meatslab tried to attend a World of Tanks gathering in Mobile, Alabama. You might want to read up on that before you proceed. (The TLDR is: Wargaming completely fucked up a gathering.)

Now, right about the same time they were fucking up down in Alabama, they also pretended they were an active member of GENCON 2017. They of course weren’t. They were too fucking poor to be a part of it, so they set up a makeshift tent a couple blocks away and tried to lure in customers like a pack of fucking vultures as they walked past on the way to GENCON proper.

It just never ends, does it? OF COURSE NOT! Welcome to yet another gathering fail, this time by the idiots over at World of Warships!

So let’s set this up: There’s this thing called PAX that most rational, thinking people don’t really give a fuck about as it’s dominated primarily by Magic the Gathering and displays only a low rent, half-assed effort on Sony’s part. Even with that, Wargaming decided it was in their best interest to set up a gathering to take advantage of it.

Now, this is not posted on Word of Warships web page. It’s only on the forum. What’s more, the announcement was done in a very half-assed manner by somebody that probably plays Magic the Gathering. Here it is:

Yeah. Lot of fucking effort went into that.


Someone also needs to tell those asshats that they’re not 13-year-old’s anymore. Act and dress like the fucking middle-aged losers you are, idiots. At least then maybe I’d have a bit of respect for you.

Oh who am I kidding? No the fuck I wouldn’t.

At any given rate, the members of World of Warships who set this up posted a half assed schedule (with no times or anything of that nature…you know…shit that rational grown ups provide so you have a fucking clue where to go and when). Here it is with my commentary in red. (Yes, the irony that they use red is intended.)

And of course they didn’t fucking show up!

So it’s business as usual for Wargaming: Try to mooch off of a large gathering of the gaming world because you’re so fucking broke you can’t actually pay to take part in it, then stiff your fucking players that actually show up looking for your stupid asses. (Why, I’ll never know.)

And the payoff is this: when those guys stated they were there, what do you think happened?

  • Did the World of Warships people post saying where they were?
  • Offer an apology such as “Well, sorry we missed you”?
  • Point to a few photos of where they were and what they had been up to?

Fuck no. Here’s what they got:

Yeah. PM me so I can give you some bullshit story without airing it out in public and getting my slack ass hated on and having to create yet another account because I’ve lost all credibility for the 8th fucking time.

Typical Warfailing in action, folks.

These guys couldn’t plan to take a shit properly, let alone anything else. Jesus wept…somebody pull the fucking plug on these assholes and put them and all of us out of our collective misery.

And on a Parthian shot, that fine dining establishment they wanted to meet at and never showed? Here it is:

Yeah. Classy. Real classy.

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  1. Zeedox

    I’d call it half-assed, but that’s only half right.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    With Wargaming it’s always a recurring theme. They just never, ever seem to learn from the mistakes they make, and they make more of them than any other company I’ve ever seen.

    It’s just more of the same “look at us, aren’t we special” shenanigans they pull to promote themselves at the expense of anybody and everybody else.

    I wish I could say I’m surprised, but it happens with just about everything they do. I have never seen anything even remotely approaching the ineptitude of Wargaming and it’s representatives.

  3. Thing 1

    That’s hammer meets nail right there. It’s not just gatherings, it’s everything. They fuck up EVERYTHING over and over again. Just like arty and carriers. They fucked up arty 9 ways from Sunday and then turn around and to the same exact thing with Carriers.

    MM, spotting, all of it. They fuck it all up EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMNED TIME.

    Jesus Christ on a sawed off crutch, how many fucking times can somebody be that fucking inept?!?!

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    They break everything they touch! IF they don’t screw something up it’s purely an accident! They are their own opposition research, and self destruction team combined in one.

    There must some type of master plan behind all of this? It’s just too damn consistent not to be a plan. Then again with all the screw up, it would seem that would fail too? (The Fail is Real)

  5. WolfAttack_1

    I would add this: you cannot take a bunch of loser devs or, in this case, NA idiots and expect them to be experts at public affairs. In fact, they never had any professionals fill that slot, they cannot afford to.
    This leads to my next point. WGing HQ needs to clean house in the NA. Get rid of all of these PC and SJW morons and hire the right people. Will it happen? Not if the current ownership holds on to this sinking pos.
    Great is the day when someone fire-bombs that cubby-hole office in Austin.

  6. Thing 1

    They already did, pal. There’s no fucking body left. They shitcanned over 200 people when they shut down the office in Emoryville. That we know of, they only kept 3 people and of those two are on a part time basis working remotely for peanuts and the other finally quit.

    They’ve got two people from the mother ship and a few temps working at the Austin office and that’s it. There’s nobody there. Most everything is now done by remote from Europe with only a skeleton crew left in North America.

  7. Meatslab

    LOL Awesome! Im still alive BTW.

  8. WolfAttack_1

    Really now? How is it that they have time to chat ban players and delete any forum threads that does not fit their game promoting template?

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Still alive and Kicking ? 🙂

  10. Thing 1

    @Meatslab – good to know! Mom has been worried about you!

    @WolfAttack – Dude, they use volunteers. It’s the same asshole clan mates that all see things Wargaming’s way and act accordingly. Why do you think all the same people show up on a thread bashing the fuck out of the OP and the instant he fires back at them he gets banned, the thread gets locked and then deleted?

  11. WolfAttack_1

    @Thing 1 – Ikr, the WOT forums is nothing but a cesspool of shitbags and fan-gurls. And you are right about the OP’s, who make a valid point about anything with Wargaming’s flaws, getting trashed by these fuk-tards.
    And now Frontlines is back and OMG does all the same tards praise it! I have played the mode, it sucks. The maps are much larger, however, it is nothing but a camp-n-snipe fest. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to be on defense, count on a loss 90% of the time, as the game caters to the aggressor with an excessive amount of time.
    I am forum banned and also chat banned from speaking out and not taking any shit from the forum or in-game trolls. No loss, it is all a sham anyway.

  12. Thing 1

    Preaching to the choir, brother. You’re preaching to the choir.

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