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Ranked Battles NA Cancelled! Not enough players!

Well folks, it’s official: The North American server, or what’s left of it, is so dead now they’ve cancelled ranked battles.

Now, to be fair, it’s not just the NA server that got the axe. SEA Server got axed as well. Guess why. Go on. Guess.

Not enough players. They’re still rolling out ranked on both EU servers and the RU servers as well, but they figured why bother with us and Asia. They’ve burnt that bridge completely down to the point the trolls are the only ones left playing and they don’t give a shit about them either, so there you go.

But of course the shills are already out in force on the NA server swearing up and down it had nothing to do with population numbers that it was simple down to “there’s so much going on on the NA server”.

Seriously? THAT’S your argument DragonOfTheArmory?

And then yet another shill pops in to say it’s just a lack of interest.

Really, Caketime? You’re going with that when there’s no less than 11 threads about it made by pissed off players?

About the only guy calling this thing correctly is NA_PA2 who said:

If you apply Critical Thinking to their statement.  EU and RU with healthy populations are running Ranked Battles. 
SEA and NA with lower populations are not running Ranked Battles.
If you cannot run an event because the population is too low, do you say the population is too low, or do you spin it to make it sound better?

So let’s get into the hard numbers, shall we?

Now, everything is going along just fine on the EU server. Here’s their numbers over the last week:

EU1 Server Numbers 11 to 17 May, 2019

Now, of note here is the average: 28,053 The other thing to note is the 11th and 12th. That was Saturday and Sunday, last weekend. Notice how much thicker the population area is? It’s nearly double the weekday numbers.

That’s an ACTIVE community that works it’s ass off during the week, then floods the servers on the weekend to game on for a while…as it should be.

But then we look at South East Asia over the last week:

South East Asia Server Numbers 11 to 17 May, 2019

Wow. That’s just pathetic. One of the most heavily populated areas on earth and they can’t even average 7,000 players. They fall just short at 6,897. How fucking pathetic is that?

Note also how their weekend numbers are a bit better, but it’s not nearly double the weekday average like the EU server is. That means that what you have are some unemployed assholes playing ’round the clock and that’s about it.

Then we move on to the North American server that we all know is used primarily as a botting test ground and chat room more than actual game play these days:

North American Server Numbers 11 to 17 May, 2019

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. We can’t even manage to average 11,000 anymore. Shit, we’re BARELY hanging on to 10,000 at an average of 10,376.

Now what’s VERY telling about this image is that there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL from the weekend numbers to the weekday numbers. That means that the ONLY people playing the game are the same, tired old trolls. There are no weekend warriors anymore.

Now, if we consider that all servers have the same events and game modes (and they do) and we assume that only about 5% of people are clicking the ranked battle button at any given time, then our player numbers look about like this as far as players for ranked are concerned:

[wptg_comparison_table id="11"]




In fact, it’s fucking God-awful. No wonder they pulled the fucking plug. Are you really going to go through an update, launch, support and all that shit for what amounts to a few hundred forum trolls with no life outside a fucking free to play game?

Fuck no. I mean, why bother, right?

Folks, that’s EXACTLY what Wargaming said: WHY BOTHER?

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  1. Zeedox

    Everyone’s already said, “Why bother?”

  2. Gomez_Adams

    I’m not the least bit surprised.

    That’s been the modus operandi of the NA server for the last three years plus.

    Little by little they’ve cut specials, cut events, shut down offices, shut down servers, fired 95% of staff…

    In another year the website will stop being updated, there will be very few if any sales, there will be absolutely zero events and then, inevitably, they’ll pull the plug.

  3. Gungrave

    Not that surprised given how the NA server has been bleeding around 3 to 5 thousand players a year for the past couple years.

  4. Gungrave

    I’d imagine that when it gets below 7,000 they will start to cut back on most of the remaining events. At around 3 to 5 thousand I wouldn’t be surprised if they go the greedy route and charge people for server transfers EU and RU.

    Guess I better find someone willing to buy my account soon because its easily a few hundred bucks in my pocket if I sell it.

  5. Thing 1

    First off, sorry it took so long to approve your posts. We’ve been moving servers and had a shit ton of problems I’m just getting sorted.

    Secondly, yeah. You’re probably right. I can see them saying, “Either start your new account on EU or for $49.99 you can have your existing account moved!”

    Fucking assholes.

    And good luck selling your account. I know several people that have tried for over a year to sell theirs for next to nothing and not even had an offer. I know Gomez tried to sell his Warships account. It’s got like 500 dollars or more worth of premium ships and he couldn’t even get 50 bucks for it.

    Word is out man. Wargaming is just a shitty company that took good games and completely fucked them up. Nobody is going to pay for that shit anymore. At best, they’ll reroll, buy a 10 dollar low tier premium and bash bots for fun.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    That’s something I had never considered. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see them charge to transfer.

  7. Icon_Charlie

    Well You know that what has been posted on actual data is close to my tracking of the company global player base.

    So yes the game has been hemorrhaging. They have under 1.1 million players that play this game in a monthly manner. HOWEVER this does not take into account of all of the bots that are in the game. These bots have been around for several years. We all know how truthful WG can be.

    They have lost all of their money making countries. Make no mistake. The EU is declining as well.

    What should be noticed is that summer 2018 is the same as summer (so far) of 2019. Flat lining. I expect less people to be on in the NA in the following year. I also expressed that they will leave the NA once all of their leases have expired.

    WG is a RUSSIAN game. A Game that is so bad that only fools and idiots think that this is going to be turned around somehow.

    Play a Tank game try War Thunder. Yea its got its own serious issues, but at least there is actual blocking terrain instead the crap you see in WoT.

  8. Thing 1

    Where the hell you been, man? How are you doing?

  9. Icon_Charlie

    Well being the nicest guy you never want to me… Glad you guys are still here…

  10. Thing 1

    Went through a server migration. Shit got fucked up for a while but we’re OK now. Good to have you back!

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