You are currently viewing pbenjaminn – Exhibit A on how Wargaming Survives

pbenjaminn – Exhibit A on how Wargaming Survives

Well folks, it’s that time again. It’s time to take a look at the typical World of Tanks player and wonder, “Why the flying hell does this guy STILL play this game?”

Today, we’ll be looking at pbenjaminn, an epic exhibit A on how Wargaming manages to survive.

Most of us with brains either don’t play the game at all anymore or at best play very sparingly because we realized long ago that there’s really just no fucking point in it. If you’re not power platooned up in whatever the OP tank of the month is spamming non-stop gold rounds with 5 skill crews, you’re just fucked. End of story.

But not good old pbenjaminn. This guy is, and I say this with not only full sincerity but with a sense of awe, the ULTIMATE glutton for punishment.

So let’s take a look at a few basic stats on pbenjaminn:

  • Sign up date: 6-28-2013 (he’s been playing for 6 years, 2 months and 14 days as of this writing)
  • Number of games played: 37,991 (an average of 17 games per day)
  • Win rate: 49.9%
  • Wn8: 1297

So, he’s not a bad player. He’s not a particularly good one either. He falls right in the middle of the average, rank and file World of Tanks player.

So what does he actually think about this game he has played for so long? Well, folks, he hates it. What’s more, he’s hated it for a very, very long time. In fact, he’s hated it pretty much since he started playing it. Hold on to your ass and don’t drink anything, because his rants agaisnt the game are long and extensive.

March 1st, 2015: This guy is just sad. They nerf the foch 155 into oblivion and then introduce the op waffle. Everybody spends money to free xp to it, then they nerf it and plan to replace it. Typical wg practice to milk the players and then complain about people playing it. This company is horrible at doing anything about gameplay, because enough people just accept this garbage.

That’s as far back as his posting history goes. It’s the first in his history on the forum as of this writing. Now, we all know that Wargaming purged the NA forums of a LOT of shit back in 2015, so odds are pbenjaminn was bitching long before this.

But lets give Wargaming a bit of benefit of the doubt even though the worthless bastards don’t deserve it. Let’s assume that’s his first post, some 4 years, 6 months and 14 days ago.

From this point on, he does absolutely NOTHING but incessantly bitch. I’m not about to bog down my fucking server with the sheer biblical volume of his bitching, so I’m just going to cherry pick some of his post over that span of time.

March 7th, 2015: People have been caught using warpack and wg does nothing. It requires a premium account to run, so what do they care. Absolutely no way for them to know your using it, its a cheat and I advise against it……but wg only cares about money. Gameplay, cheats, balance issues….none of it matters…only money.

May 7th, 2015: It is a little better than a cromwell, but we are missing the point. When has it become acceptable that premium tanks are as good OR better than regular elited vehicles? Wargaming has always stated that would not happen. Of course they said NEVER any arty past tier 8, NEVER any tier 10 tds, NEVER any tier 10 mediums…..argh…I guess NEVER trust this company.

November 20th, 2016: Does it really matter….they allowed EVERYONE to cheat and get the t-22….yet did nothing….just a garbage company pretending to do something. Because all those people run premium accounts and many were from South American clans they didn’t want to alienate, wg na decided to do nothing. Its about money……not gameplay, happy customers, just bottom line.

July 11th, 2017: Tier 8 is now bottom tier almost every battle, difficult to make credits, need to spam premium ammo and EVERYONE now shoots premium ammo – add the arty splash changes so u always use your consumables and this economy is a joke. Its bad when even quicybaby starts to criticize these thieves that have made him comfortable. I know they have to make money, but every change simply gouges the consumer, gameplay consideration has nothing to do with wargaming decisions….game has become a scam…glad its free, i guess

October 22nd, 2018: Almost three arty per side every battle, insane power creep and tier 8 is unplayable. Game was fun once, dont waste your money on this garbage product. Play for free and you will feel better….this company is pathetic.

March 14th, 2019: Of course we need artillery, wheeled vehicles racing around like gocarts with magical auto-aim, artillery bombarment and air strikes which are broken and of course extra time, overtime, etc… your money this company is pathetic and does nothing to improve the game for the enjoyment of the players. Playing for free is such a better experience…oh ya crazy premium ammo spam……these moron s couldnt have broken the game worse if they tried.

You get the idea. And it got worse and worse and worse until eventually he completely OWNED the locked thread archive until his perma-ban from the forums on September 4th:

pbenjaminn OWNS the locked thread archive

Now folks, I cropped out the stickies and the announcement threads at the top of that forum just to show you the actual locked threads. It’s fucking unreal. The guy owns 90% of them.

So if he hates the game that god damned much, why keep playing it, right? I mean, we’ve all been there. We’ve all struggled to quit. It’s like fucking smoking – hard as hell to finally let it go.

But this isn’t about game play. It’s about gambling. People keep on thinking if they pay a little more, get a little more invested, it will FINALLY start to pay off.

Las Vegas makes its billions the same exact fucking way. They get people like this who are actually sick. They’re fucking addicted. And they milk them dry for every single fucking penny they can get.

Don’t think so? Check out pbenjaminn’s hardware:

Folks, that is some serious fucking cheddar. Samolians. Cisterci. Drachmas. Deutschmarks. Dollars. Greenbacks. Pounds Sterling, Franks, Rubles, Lira, Yen, Clams. What-the-fuck-ever.

Know what else? The fucking guy is STILL playing.

The poor bastard is STILL playing!

pbenjaminn, buddy, pal…you need help. Seriously. If you don’t get help at Charter, get help somewhere.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. That poor guy.

    He reminds me of the gambler that goes through his wallet, then cleans out his bank account, then cleans out his kids college funds and finally in the end mortgages his house and loses it all.

    It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  2. Thing 1

    Yep. My fucking dad was that way. He’d gamble away everything and often did. I never fucking understood it. Ever.

    I’ve never gotten the whole betting thing or what the fuck people see in it. I mean, I’ve bet lunch on a factoid or some shit, but that’s about it. Roulette? What the fuck?!? Cards with a fucking shoe that’s 10 decks thick?!?! What the fuck?!?

    Anybody that does that shit is a complete fucking idiot. My dad was LORD of the fucking idiots.

  3. Zeedox

    Wow. Of all the threads he created I haven’t found one in which he returns.

  4. Thing 1

    That’s probably what got him shitcanned, and rightly so I think. I mean, if you’re going to bitch, bitch. Make a thread, state your case and debate it or at least fucking TRY to debate it.

    If all you do is make a bitch thread and leave over and over again, then fuck you. You need to go.

    I will say this though – did you notice how the usual suspects all show up and bash the fuck out of him for multiple pages even when he never posted again?

    I mean, who’s worse? Him for spamming bitch threads or them for spamming shit about bitch threads to a level 10 times worse than he did?

  5. Zeedox

    You mean the ten-account shills like preddy!

  6. Thing 1

    Yep. That’s all they got left now.

    I was just checking up on some of the people we’ve done articles about and some of the employees we ragged on. They’re pretty much all gone now. Most (employees) were shitcanned when they closed the Emeryville office, others got shitcanned since the move to Austin. Player wise, about 70% of the people we did articles on no longer play.

    So, pretty much what we said when we started this site a couple years ago came to pass. It’s so fucking funny that the vast majority of them are gone now who talked all that shit and we are still here and it took less than 2 fucking years.

    I’m going to wait to see how shit shakes out here the next couple months and probably do a “where are they now” special for Christmas.

  7. Gomez_Adams

    I really like the idea of a where are they now.

    I look forward to reading it.

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Totally awesome Idea dude !! 🙂 “Where are they now?” An EWOT Special.

    I just got done scrolling back over all the articles. Took me a good while! Lot’s of them. Hey, let us know if you need help making a list out of names etc?

    Even still, I wonder who is still left on the forum, in game, in clans, of who’s who’s. You could add to that list, “Who’s still slamming their head away etc.” Who has been banned? Arrested? Fired? Transferred to Siberia? Sent to the Gulag? Maybe, who’s working at Walmart as a greeter? Who got arrested for Swatting? OR Kinda like those ending’s at the end of that movie Animal House. 🙂

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    P.S. And, those Boneheads at Wot Labs. LOL

  10. Speedy_DePalma

    Out of all those threads he’s posted has someone actually legit asked him why and is it really worth it when there are hundred if not thousands of other games out there to try out?

  11. Thing 1

    First off, hey dude! Long time no see!

    Secondly, that’s kind of the point: all this cat did was spam thread after thread. Now, yes, the typical shills showed up shouting them down blindly with the same ‘git gud’ and ‘leave, nobody will miss you’ shit they’ve done for years, but man, if you read through them more than a few folks would chime in actually trying to help.

    Fucker never once replied to them. So, no. I don’t think it was worth him posting to begin with or even trying to help him – a complete waste of time both directions.

    And as stated, he’s still playing. So at some point he has to face the reality that he has a gambling problem and seek some professional help.

  12. Kittens_on_a_stick

    He owned 90% of the locked threads!?! OMG! Move over Baghdad Bob, a new hero took your throne.

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