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DomoSapien aka JakeTheMystic aka Jake D. Nickels

Folks, sit down and buckle up because this one is a real fiasco of self inflicted, career damaging bullshit.

This whole thing actually started about a year ago when we published yet another story about GeorgePreddy aka Ron Copeland. That story was published in December of 2018.

Flash forward 7 months and all of the sudden, out of the blue, when the story had been pretty much dead for over half a year, JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels shows up and comments on that story.

And as usual, somebody that “thinks” he’s smart is actually a dumbass. When I pointed out a couple things without even trying, he hit me with this shit:

JakeTheMystic aka Domosapien post some smack talk.

Now, what Jake didn’t know was that I didn’t even put any effort in to what I had done at the time. So I came back with this (Just copying and posting the thing since I don’t feel like screen grabbing and piecing together a long image):

OK, numbnutts, here we go:

You just now logged in with your Steam account for that post because you probably realized you fucked up using your Discord Account.

You are correct though that I didn’t do a complete, thorough trace of EXACTLY where you were. I have now done that just to remove all doubt.

Now, both of your logins came from the same exact place. IP:

Here is where that is:

JakeTheMystic IP Trace

Now, from your login from Discord, I can see this:

JakeTheMystic Discord Information

So then we trace the email:

JakeTheMystic Email Trace

And low and behold, that address happens to be at about the same exact place that your IP traces to:

Email Trace Address

Which traces to this shithole of a house:

JakeTheMystic house

Now deny all you want to, dipshit. Facts don’t lie. Your email, your IP’s, everything aligns to one name, one person, one place and one place only.

Happy now, dipshit? I wasn’t going to fuck with you. Just letting them know you weren’t Ron. But, hey…you fucking asked for it, dumbass.

To which he replied:

JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien admits information all correct except his age.

OK. That’s it. As far as I was concerned, end of conversation.


Zeedox mentioned that the style of typing matched that of DomoSapien, the Community Coordinator of World of Tanks North America. To which, upon even a cursory examination, proved to be true:

@Zeedox. Yeah. There’s only one Domo on the World of Tanks scene and that’s DomoSapien.

Also odd, DomoSapien was created almost exactly one year (only missed by two days) after JakeTheMystic’s account was created.

What’s more, they often post during the same time frame.

What’s more than that they post fucking EXACTLY alike. Same use of line breaks. Example:

JakeTheMystic post
DomoSapien Post

Same use of verbiage. Same constant use of parenthesis and shit. And oddly, JakeTheMystic gets away with insults, profanity and other shit like that when others don’t. AND the fact that he chose now to show up defending the new “sheriff” in town looks a bit suspect as well.

Not saying it is, but you have to admit it looks really fucking fishy doesn’t it?

@Icon Charlie – Yeah. Or his buddy Ron was crying buckets about the shit and sent him over to defend his fat ass because he’s fucking incapable of doing so himself.

@JakeTheMystic Most people always fuck up somewhere. That’s the problem with THINKING you’re smart – In reality you’re too fucking stupid to realize you’re not that fucking smart.

So that’s where we left it.

Until this morning when I received a PM from a guy I like to call “My Man in Istanbul”. This guy pops by from time to time, usually every few months and almost always points out information I didn’t have on things I either didn’t find on a story at the time or, and in most cases, something I was completely unaware of.

Now folks, let’s examine something again just for review so that we’re all clear on where this is coming form:

DomoSapien aka JakeTheMystic aka Jake D. Nickels constant use of ellipses with space.
JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels constant use of ellipses with space.
DomoSapien aka JakeTheMystic aka Jake D. Nickels constant use of tiny type for no apparent reason.
JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels constant use of tiny type for no apparent reason.

The similarities aren’t actually similarities. They’re the EXACT SAME DAMN THING! He doesn’t even bother trying to hide who he is. At all.

Which brings us back full circle to my man in Istanbul.

He was up late rereading some of the site for lack of anything better to do (note to MMII: get yourself a life, mate!) and noticed something odd:

Since Wargaming shut down the Seattle office, they’ve been running remote workers out of closet offices for the most part. Now, let’s all look at where DomoSapien aka JakeTheMystic aka Jake D. Nichols is set up in relation to the Wargaming Bellevue office:

Jake D. Nickels aka DomoSapien aka JakeTheMystic location relative to Wargaming Bellevue Office

That’s one helluva coincidence, is it not? You know, at some point you stop calling it coincidence and start calling it fact.

Now, here comes some pure conjecture for you all to consider: Pretty much every single North American Wargaming employee we’ve ever listed or mentioned on this site is no longer working at Wargaming. Now, I don’t know if that’s yet another in a VERY LONG LINE of coincidences or if Wargaming looks at this shit and says, “Yep. He’s got to go.” when they see them on our site. (We’ll be covering this more on our “Where are they now” special coming this Christmas.)

So Jake D. Nichols aka JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien is a Community Coordinator that runs all the community shit for the North American Market, right?

Well, apparently, not for much longer. Wargaming over the last couple of weeks have put ads in the classifieds looking for people to replace the people at Bellevue. Might want to take a look, Jake. I think your ass is on thin ice, and from what a little bird told me, it’s for more than just all this bullshit.

Folks, you just can’t make this shit up. If you look at Jake D. Nichols, who JakeTheMystic’s email address is registered to, and you look at who his relatives are, you see this guy:

Gregory James Nickels former Mayor of Seatle

That, sports fans, is the former Mayor of Seattle, Washington.

Now, if that is true, then we also know who Jake D. Nickels really is. He’s THIS GUY:


December 14, 2007


Former Pit Boss Introduced Casino Cheats to Dealers at Nooksack Tribal Casino

JACOB DYSON NICKELS, 26, of Seattle, Washington was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to three months in prison, three months of home detention and 100 hours of community service for Conspiracy to Commit Theft of Funds from a Tribal Gaming Establishment. NICKELS pleaded guilty on August 30, 2007. As part of his plea agreement, NICKELS will join with other defendants convicted in the case, to pay more than $90,510 in restitution to the Nooksack River Casino. At sentencing U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour told him he was imposing the prison time because of the seriousness of the offense.

According to the facts outlined in the plea agreement, in August 2005, NICKELS met with co-defendant George Lee. NICKELS was working as a pit boss at the Nooksack River Casino and Lee approached him to get his assistance with a cheating scheme. NICKELS agreed to introduce Lee to two mini-baccarat dealers. NICKELS introduced Lee to the dealers and in return received three separate payments from Lee totaling $5,000. Lee showed the two dealers how to do a “false shuffle.” The technique allowed Lee and a co-conspirator to place bets knowing which cards would come up next at the table. In this way, Lee and his co-conspirator stole more than $90,000 from the casino. During the period of the cheating, October 2005, NICKELS was regularly in touch with Lee and the two dealers by cell phone.

Full story here.





So if all this holds water, Wargaming are presently employing a convicted felon. I wonder if he listed that on his resume? Something suggest to me that he damn well didn’t.

They were probably too busy thinking “OH! We have a former Mayor of Seattle’s son working for us! What a feather in our cap!”

Now, flash back to where JakeTheMystic said his birthday wasn’t right. Why would he insist on that? Well, it’s because he knew then what we didn’t know: that it was him and that if we put two and two together then it would put the nail in his coffin on who he was.

His birthday is August 4th, 1981. That article was published December 14th, 2007. The date from his listed birthday to that date is exactly 9,628 days.

That’s 26 years, 4 months, 10 days. The same age as the guy with the same name in the article.


So, what’s the lesson learned in all of this? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand fucking times:

Most people always fuck up somewhere. That’s the problem with THINKING you’re smart – In reality you’re too fucking stupid to realize you’re not that fucking smart.

Thing 1 – Exposing World of Tanks

Update 10/13/19:

Folks, I don’t know how the hell we missed this, but our boy JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels was banned from Steam for fraud.

JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels banned for fraud from Steam
JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels fraud Google results
JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels fraud banned from Steam

Special thanks to TANKER-U853 for bringing it to our attention. Thanks for the heads up, dude!

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Speechless. At Wargaming, anything is possible.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    Well, it was pretty much a no-brainer that JakeTheMystic and DomoSapien were the same person. That’s not news. But to find out he’s a convicted felon and the former son of the Mayor of Seattle is something.

    His poor father. Man, I’d be just gutted if that were my kid. The guy has everything in the world, a successful father and goes and does something like that. Over 5 grand.

    It just boggles my mind how very little some people will throw their lives away over.

  3. Zeedox

    He’s certainly no Fagin or Artful Dodger.

  4. Thing 1

    I’m not gonna lie dude…I had to look that shit up. LOL!

  5. maythelordunbanme_brap

    i don’t think that is domosapien because domosapien was at twitchcon and jakethemystic was streaming at the same time so you may just got jakethemystic info

  6. maythelordunbanme_brap

    just search jakethemystic on twitch

  7. Thing 1

    Other than he admitted we were right you mean?

    JakeTheMystic aka DomoSapien aka Jake D. Nickels

    The only thing he ever disputed was his age. And we all know why he did that now.

  8. maythelordunbanme_brap

    he could be verifying that info is right but i don’t know if that is conclusive in him being domosapien because domosapien was at twitchcon

    you guys are probably right now the jakethemystic fellow

  9. Thing 1


    For fucks sake.

    Twitchcon was held September 27-29. According to JakeTheMystic’s Twitch Channel, he has not streamed in the last 15 days. That would take it back to exactly the 26th, the day BEFORE Twitchcon.

    Fucking duh.

    And your link is a dead end.

  10. TANKER-U853

    Has anyone googled “JakeTheMystic” Dammm!!

  11. Thing 1

    Shit! How the hell did we miss that one?!?!

    Thanks for the heads up, man!

  12. TANKER-U853

    I guess it was some sort of fraud

    You welcome Thing

  13. Thing 1

    Not surprised at all. If he’s not scamming casinos and going to jail he’s scamming online trading and getting banned.

    Another spoiled kid that had it all that turned out to be a fucking waste of life.

  14. Zeedox

  15. Gomez_Adams

    Gee. A known criminal who set up a scam at a casino set up a scam in online sales of gaming materials. Why am I not surprised?

  16. Insurrectional_Leftist

    OMG…. This speaks loudly of Wargaming hiring practices, who they hire, associate themselves with, I mean first we witness the hiring practices regarding the Chieftain ( another story ), and now this. Wargaming must screen just enough to actually find people like this on purpose?
    GG Good Game Wargaming. I mean like, Wow man.

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