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Halloween Cancelled! Wargaming Fails Again!

Well folks, I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but you see, I went to a friends place for his annual Halloween Extravaganza (typically a 2 kegger with an open bar and four grills running ’round the clock and this year was no different) and had a great time. I figured, “Surely Wargaming can’t fuck something up that badly for just one day”.


Yeah. OK. So fucking sue me.

Now, every Halloween (or any major holiday for that matter) most every game does at least a little something. A spooky garage/hanger/port/station that stays around way too damn long, maybe a decal or something and once in a while a special game mode for the season.

This year though Wargaming announced something different: A PvE experience. This was announced on September 15th by Wargaming.

Gratuitous pic for those to lazy to click and read:

Halloween Event announced by Wargaming on September 15th, 2019

It sounded pretty damn cool, did it not? And people were actually really pumped about it:

Very excited to see that new HE mechanic change and the Halloween event.

Good memories, i won my E25 in this event

Now, granted, there was a bit of the usual pessimism with the announcement as well, like they could have done better and shit like that. But bear in mind that Ito Masahiro was the same dude that took a 50 million dollar budget and raked in nearly 100 million dollars with it, so that guy I’m sure didn’t come cheap.

But after all the expense, all the work, all the hoopla, guess what?


Turns out it was a global event as well. What’s comical is the way it was cancelled on the NA forum (or do we simply call it the U.S. forums now that apparently Wargaming doesn’t give a fuck about any of the veterans in North America outside the U.S.?) and the way the news was broken on the EU forum.

Here’s the U.S. Forum announcement:

Halloween Event cancelled on the U.S. forum

And here’s the very classy announcement on the EU forum:

Halloween Event cancelled on the EU forum

Short. Sweet. To the point. I like it.

And of course the fallout was swift, brutal and frankly, fully deserved by Wargaming:

I am really dissappointed, i mean you only had a whole year to work in this event…Bring back the Hounted Houses in Tank Rewards!

Want to see my shocked face……. nope dont have one for War Gaming anymore. Their focus has shifted to making pay to win tanks. Everything else has become secondary, or lower.

No sweat warfailing, I’ve just about cancelled you.

THAT TOTALLY STINKS, the halloween event is one event that older and new players can participate in without having tier 8 , 9, or 10 vehicles.

I guess the devs were too busy working on the next set of made up tier 8 premium tanks to milk the player base for even more money, rather than working on the event.

It goes on for pages and pages and pages, folks…on BOTH the U.S. and EU forums.

The really bad part of it? Nobody was surprised. Wargaming has been so shitty lately that nobody really expects them to be able to do anything right anymore. It’s really pathetic how far they have fallen.

A player named Steeldeathdriver started a thread that caught our eye. Here’s the image for you lazy asses:

Sign of the Times

He’s right. And apparently, a good many people on the NA…sorry…U.S. forum thinks so as well.

More and more every single thing Wargaming tries to do fails catastrophically. It’s like watching a fully loaded 747 crash into a train that is crashing into a crowed subdivision in slow motion.

Place your bets on how shitty Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be, folks!

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Back to back epic failures. Well, if nothing else, at least they’re finally being consistent.

  2. Zeedox

    I’m amazed they didn’t blame the game center.

  3. Kittens_on_a_stick

    You have to wonder… Are these a bunch of assholes that STOLE the game and now just milking players for the most cash they can get? Seriously; How the hell can Wargaming consistently suck ass?
    Used to like the game but then it turned into a colossal cock up the ass. So glad I uninstalled.

  4. Thing 1

    You’re not far off.

    World of Tanks was originally developed with Ubisoft. Right before launch there was a big falling out between the two and Wargaming went on its own after paying off Ubisoft.

    Word around the campfire was that it was Ubisoft that did all the original design for the game because Wargaming didn’t have the talent to do it. That’s why nothing ever changed for so long and none of the blatant issues (bad MM, bad lag, bad vanishing shots, bad maps) were ever fixed to this day. They simply don’t know how.

  5. WolfAttack_1

    It would make alot of sense that Ubisoft, an outside developer, was the original designer of the game. And now we have the shitbags of WGing just fucking it all up. It just makes total sense that nothing has improved since the break-away.

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