You are currently viewing PewDiePie – Wargaming’s New Douchebag of the hour.

PewDiePie – Wargaming’s New Douchebag of the hour.

Hello folks! I know, I know…long time no hear from. Well, I’ve been on something of a hiatus lately and I must say I feel like a hundred dollars. My blood pressure dropped 20 points, my cholesterol is…well, whofuck cares about my cholesterol?

Anywho, I logged in today for the first time in a week just to check shit was still running smoothly and lo and behold I’ve got messages in my inbox from my man in Istanbul.

Apparently, Wargaming have decided to shell out another 5 figure fee to a douchbag of the highest order to promote their game. This time, it’s a Swedish asshat named PewDiePie.

If you’ll remember, one of our authors did a story about the last time Wargaming did this shit with Dr. Disrespect. It went over about like a fresh turd in a punch bowl at a church social.

So who is this “PewDiePie” and what’s his game? Well, he’s another in a long line of spoiled brat millennials that have spent their entire lives playing video games and making money doing so. There’s roughly 1 in every 1,984,374 that actually do that. All the others live in their mother’s basement leeching off their parents social security wishing they had been the one that made it.

But I digress…old habits die hard, what can I say?

Anyway, here’s the stupid-assed video he made (WARNING – Contains enough douchebaggery to rupture internal organs):

PewDiePie – Douchebag Extraordinaire – Plays World of Tanks

Paying some half-wit I wouldn’t let wash my fucking car 5 figures to play your game is, to me, fucking moronic. But hey, it’s the millennial world these days and it runs completely on stupidity. More on that later.

This guy is, to say the least, an asshole. He once had a contract with Disney. Fucking DISNEY, folks! They canned his ass. Why? Well, here you go:

Disney cuts ties with PewDiePie for being a racist douchebag

So he’s an antisemitic horses ass. No wonder Wargaming hired him! Let’s review:

And folks, that’s just for starters! It’s been abundantly clear from day one that Wargaming are pure, dyed in the wool white supremacist. Pretty much everything they do, everybody they hire and everybody they associate with are as well. Birds of a feather, you know.

And here’s a few of PewDiePie’s exploits:

Folks, I could literally go on for fucking DAYS! There’s just page after page after page of his racist bullshit.

See folks? This is the problem with people today. They no longer have the brains to think for themselves. They “follow” and “subscribe” and “friend” these “influencers” who tell them how to live out their failed and miserable lives. They follow these asshats because they THINK that they’re buddies. That they’re the same. That they’re “in it together”.

They’re not, people. They don’t give a shit about you. They never did. They take money from people to say whatever they want them to say about their product to sell it to you because you’re too fucking weak willed and flush with inferiority complex to figure shit out on your own.

Like this PewDiePie asshole. He always sets his videos up to look like it’s just him holed up at home playing games having fun along with you.

He’s not. He’s being paid to tell you whatever the company that paid him told him to tell you. Don’t think so? Read this:

Youtube star PewDiePie was PAID to promote computer games, investigators find

They’re all like that, people. Every last fucking one of them.

I’ve never liked videos. I’ve always liked to read shit on my own and figure it out for myself. I don’t “follow” anybody. I don’t “subscribe” to anything. I don’t listen to any “influencer” of any kind.

You shouldn’t either.





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  1. Zeedox

    If there was ever a bullshit job, it is “influencers “. No better then the ‘fluff’ girls at business conventions.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    This is Wargaming all right. The one video game that always caters in any way possible to Anti Semitic stripes of any kind, no matter what. If there’s a streak of Nazism, you will get the benefit of doubt with Wargaming. If your anti Semitic, and can speak Russian, “boy, oh boy” you’re really hot stuff !!

  3. Gomez_Adams

    Agreed. It’s actually something they’re looking into now – accountability.

    In the U.S., advertisers must clearly state disclaimers and such during their advertisements. So-called “influencers” do not and several have already been charged (See the Fyre Festival Debacle) for fraud for promoting a scam.

    It’s people like this who in one hand say, “It’s just my opinion” but the reality is that they are paid advertisers and nothing more.

    Within the next few years you’ll probably see more legislation world wide regulating these people and requiring them to add disclaimers and such as the advertisers they really are.

    That, of course, will put the vast majority of them out of business.

  4. Carolus Rex

    Whilst I mostly agree with you, I don’t think Pewdiepie is anti-Semitic or racist. He is just a manchild that many children like to follow and I think the more important thing is just that he is promoting a pay to win game which is totally unsafe to idiot children who will do anything their internet idol tells them to

  5. Icon_Charlie

    Whether he is Anti Semitic or a Racist, He used his influence to make comments that he know that will cost clicks. He does not care that he lost “the Mouse” and not working for them, He’s a fucking rich man. He got rich by his antics and was at the right place at the right time.

    He is an Influencer. Which is the modern term of a used car sales man. Anyone can do just a little bit of research and see if the product is really legit and not be mouth piece on a product because they throw money at you. Pewdie is no better than The Paul Brothers and anyone else that do not check on the products they sponsor.

    This is our society of today. They are nothing about talking mouth pieces akin to the charlatans selling medicine water in the 19th century. No Excuses for this dude.

  6. Thing 1

    Here’s the rub for me – this asshat starts his video off talking about how he got kicked out of his parents house.

    He’s allegedly rich and in his mid 30’s. What the fuck is he still doing mooching off his parents anyway? Typical fucking millennial. That sums the asshole up right there.

  7. Carolus Rex

    Yup i agree, but i think the hate towards all millenials is unjustified. He is a one in a million person, most ordinary people have actual jobs, better to categorise influencers instead of calling out all millenials.

  8. Gomez_Adams

    While I do agree with your sentiment somewhat, Carolus, if you read the profiles of the people covered on this site, the vast majority (I would estimate around 90%) are in fact millennials.

    That can’t be a coincidence.

  9. Carolus Rex

    fair enough but i think it’s more to do with fame, the average millenial is fine, its the ones that get sudden fame without working for it that are bad.

  10. Rafalefighter47

    Wow, awhile ago I’ve found out that PewDiePie was accused of anti-semitism(and he was and STILL is), but he’s even more of a moron than I thought!! I didn’t even watch the whole WOT video and two times in a row this idiot played so badly. While I am mindful that SOME bad players are indeed idiots, some that are really good are also no more stupid. He gives up on a Swedish tank and calls it bad, then buys the T-44-100 with same results. Is he THAT bad of a player? Or is he even worse. Never had a human idol, and not once have I ever thought about following this anti-Jewish moron, even before I came to know him as some brainless, drooling idiot.

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