You are currently viewing T2Easy4ME – A failed reroll, pathetic forum troll who wishes actual cancer upon others

T2Easy4ME – A failed reroll, pathetic forum troll who wishes actual cancer upon others

You know how I said that my next post would be about WarGaming’s Customer Support? Well, apparently I fucking lied. I needed to make a post about this pathetic little individual who goes by the name of T2Easy4Me.

As his username may have already implied, he prides himself on “being good” in the T2 Light tank. He posts about it all the time, and also keeps asking LemmingRush to make a video about some of his T2 Light Tank games. LemmingRush has completely ignored these requests.

He is using an alternate account on the Forums, but based on how much he talks about the T2 Light tank on this account, I’m sure the same applies to his main. Let’s just take a look at these “stats” of his, shall we?

Brilliant. Really showing your skill there buddy. Only Tier 2 played… And those are his ONLY battles played on this account. I don’t even want to know just how much seal clubbing goes on with his main account.

But that’s besides the point, at this point. Rerolls & statpadders are everywhere – So what makes this guy so bad?

MAYBE THE FACT THAT HE WISHES CANCER ONTO PEOPLE, and jokes about arty on a Thread where somebody is talking about an ACTUAL CANCER DIAGNOSIS.

No way there’s somebody that deluded, right Scorp? Tell me you’re joking Scorp. I fucking wish I was.

TailGunner1977 here had a Stage 1 Seminoma diagnosis, which is a form of testicular cancer. He made another post updating his current state, and my best wishes go out to him. Hopefully it can be beat.

So how does T2Easy4Me respond? By saying “At least it isn’t arty”.


But it gets worse. In the SAME FUCKING THREAD, after someone says the same thing as I did, “unbelievable”, THIS is how he responds.

Are you fucking kidding me dude?

Now this fucker just told someone “You deserve what you play”, obviously in reference to artillery & cancer.


And of course Laceylace chimes in quoting his post. There’s a reason you’re chat banned in-game, Lacey. I’m amazed they haven’t Forum banned you yet, with the kinds of things you say.

But Lacey is besides the point. Let’s take a deeper look into just what kind of person “T2Easy4Me” really is.

He’s known for EXTREMELY helpful Forum posts such as:

“Naaaazzzziiiisss”. Contributing so much to the Forums, you are…

When someone asks how they can improve their stats, and why they’re stuck in place at 49%, he responds with:

Very helpful. I’m fairly sure that the OP bloody well knows that he’s not carrying enough. How about providing some ACTUAL SUGGESTIONS to him?

In response to a Forum thread talking about why rerolled stats are misleading, T2Easy4Me butts in, obviously offended that his own precious rerolled stats are being “attacked” here.

More useful content from him?

Yeah mate, because you’ve never made a single grammatical mistake in your life, and it’s obviously oh-so very important to the topic at hand.

And last but not least, in what may be the most pathetic attempt at lying / exaggeration that I’ve ever seen…


No wait… You can’t be serious. You are? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Fucking 150,000 people online on NA WEST? Mate, you seem to have an extra zero there. NA West has never exceeded 15,000. IIRC the actual server stats said that the highest was 11,000 in the server. 11,500 people in queue? My fucking ass dude. 11,500 is the highest NA West has ever seen ONLINE.

So, what can I fucking say?

Yet another stat obsessed, pathetic little forum troll who thinks it’s funny to joke about people suffering from actual cancer, and who ACTUALLY WISHES PHYSICAL CANCER, ONTO ARTILLERY PLAYERS.

Look mate, I don’t like arty either, and I’ve love it if it were removed from the game… But c’mon dude, are you actually fucking serious? Are you so mentally deluded, and obsessed with this game that on a Thread where somebody is talking about THEIR CURRENT EXPERIENCE AND TREATMENT WITH TESTICULAR CANCER, that you’d not only “joke” about artillery, but you’d go and say “You deserve what you play (cancer)”?

To legolion17 – You are absolutely right, when you say that this guy is a troll. But he’s worse than a troll. He’s someone so deep down the rabbit whole of gaming syndrome, that not only is he begging from attention from relatively large YouTubers about mediocre games, and prides himself on his rerolled, seal-clubbing stats – But he wishes ill will upon others, and does nothing but post absolutely useless drivel onto the Forums.

Mate, you need professional help. You really fucking do.

UPDATE 1/17/18:

His real name is Felix Thibault. He’s another spoiled brat Canadian bitch with nothing better to do than be an asshole.


His father’s name is Sébastien Hébert.


So you look at the reroll clan and you see this:

Now, Ethereal_Slim_Shady is in fact yet another reroll of T2Easy4ME. They’re both Felix’ accounts.

So who is the other guy? Who is that mediocre dude that joined this lonely, sad-sack, sandwich making, loser?

Well, I’ll give you a hint: we featured him a couple weeks ago.

Give up?

Well, lucky for us, he’s once again stupid enough to tell us all:

That’s right, folks! The other fail reroll is none other than our buddy Xeraux (Jasper Leto-Niemetz). He simply used his old name for the new account.

So right now, between these two guys alone, you’ve got about 12 posters on the forums posting complete bullshit and trolling people.


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  1. Thing 1

    Son of jsnazz?

    Here’s a fucking thought: What if he, jsnazz, and Laceylace are all the same guy?

  2. Zeedox

    I bet he’s a wg employee

  3. Thing 1

    Fucking has to be. Shit, I’m starting to think that’s all that’s left over there posting anymore: Wargaming employees with multiple monitors spamming complete shit with multiple alt accounts just trying to bait people into getting mad so they can ban them for fun.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    As a cancer survivor and one who still fights it, it’s simply disgusting to a level I can’t express in words that someone would wish it upon anybody.

    What’s more, the fact that people would compare some pretend vehicle in a free-to-play pixel tank game to the most devastating disease known to man kind is deplorable on that same level if not beyond.

    Yet another thing about War Thunder that beats World of Trolls: that is forbidden there. They don’t think cancer is a joke.

    Nobody should.

  5. Scorpiany

    I agree Gomez. It’s simply appalling that some people don’t see just how terrible some of the things they say really are. I just don’t see how someone can get to the point where they think that it’s okay to say that someone deserves to suffer from such a debilitating disease as cancer, because of the imaginary pixel tanks they play. It’s just disgusting.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Cancer is never a joking manner. It can simply destroy you. In so many ways. Bodily, Mentally, Spiritually etc…

    These little shits don’t understand even the seriousness of Cancer to make jokes about it. They have not even earned the right to crack any jokes about it. They should go to a Cancer ward and help Cancer patients and see for themselves.

    They need their eyes opened.

  7. Rafalefighter47

    I felt sympathetic about the OP and this guy is something else beyond belief. Shame on him for pouring salt on his open wounds. I lost two of my grandmothers to cancer, one of which died before I was born. Not to brag, but I did to a cancer walk once, in memory of my grandmothers and to help out the cause to fight the monster known as cancer.

  8. T2Easy4ME

    U do not no de wey

  9. Thing 1

    Well, that about sums up your stupid ass. I started to hit the delete key simply because of the pure fucking gibberish you typed but then I didn’t.

    Showing the complete fucking moron you are works better. Thanks for removing all doubt you stupid fuck.

  10. Zeedox

    I think T2 got unbanned toady as it’s all over the forums…..

  11. Thing 1

    He’s Canadian. Post updated to show who he is.

  12. Zeedox

    father’s failbook page is gone. wonder how dad took it………

  13. Thing 1

    It must be a Canadian thing. I can still see it just fine.

  14. Gomez_Adams

    Well, at least he’s not fat.

  15. Thing 1

    LMAO!!! Yeah. He’s got that going for him at least.

  16. Zeedox

    From his linked-in:
    Skills Customer Service


  17. Thing 1

    I hear he makes a mean sandwich too.

  18. Gomez_Adams

    I like how he captures his videos with a cell phone / camera rather than via screen capture. Very top drawer.

  19. Thing 1

    Updated yet again for your laughing pleasure. Man, it’s just so fucking pathetic these losers have nothing better in their lives.

    Then again, making sandwiches and clearing tables does make for a pretty fucking miserable existence I guess.

  20. Gomez_Adams

    Oh for crying out loud.

  21. Thing 1

    Folks, meet Laceylace. The lisp speaking fucking asshole. This is him. Long ago, when Laceylace logged in here, I traced his IP.

    He THOUGHT that he was bright using a VPN because he thinks you can trace it back to the source.

    He is wrong. You can.

    So when he visited here long ago, I tracked it back to Canada. Go fucking figure. Now this asshole Felix also uses a VPN which I also just traced finally back to the same IP at McGill University in Montreal.

    So there it is, folks. We finally know who the lisp talking fucktard really is.

  22. Zeedox


  23. PurpleBlitz

    What a fucking asshole. Finally got them, fuck Lacey, fuck Felix, fuck ’em all. Oh wait, it’s one person. Hahaha, FUCK YOU.

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