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World of Tanks Population Numbers

Well folks, grab your drink of choice, buckle up and settle in because we’re going to do the real story on how well World of Tanks is doing.

Now, in any business, growth is paramount to success. Once you become static, you’re in trouble. Once you start digressing, you’re in even bigger trouble.

Now we’ve all heard the “game is growing” and “everything is fine” and “you’re just making shit up, loser” and “the population is fine, nobody needs the whiners” and all the other bullshit the shills and yes-men have been saying for the last 5 years.

Well, we did the actual leg work and folks, it’s not looking good. At all. We dug in to the REAL numbers and we’ve got them all right here so everybody can see what’s what. Now, in several cases (namely North America and Asia) it gets dicey because of the several server changes they’ve made, but stick with us and you’ll get a very clear picture as to how fucked up things really are.

Now, we’re going to start out on the server that started it all for Wargaming: the RU1 server. It’s the one that set the World Record, folks. It’s THE server for Wargaming and represents everything the game has (or rather had) going for it. I mean, after all, if you can’t keep your folks on your home turf, you’re in a shitload of trouble. Here we go!

RU1 – The Mother Ship

RU1 all time statistic.
RU1 1 year statistic.
RU1 1 month statistics.

[wptg_comparison_table id="6"]

Now, what we see here is that a great number of players have simply quit playing. The peak numbers are nowhere near what they used to be, so what you have are a lot of people that played on the weekends or casually during the week simply said, “fuck it” and left. 35 fucking percent of them or 44,940 players!

But RU1 has done a reasonably good job of hanging on to the hard core, it’s my life and all I have players losing only 8.65% of them, or 3,626 hard core players.

Moving on to EU1, the biggest, baddest server in Europe, we see some similar numbers. Here they are:

EU1 – The Purse of WoT

EU1 Server all time.
EU1 Server 1 year.
EU1 Server 1 month.

[wptg_comparison_table id="8"]

So in reality, they’re actually hanging on better in Europe than they are in Russia as far as peak numbers go. Only 24% or 26,816 peak players called it quits. It’s a different story with the overall average though. They’ve lost 13% of their overall player base or 5015 hard core players.

Now, when your peak numbers stay high, but your average numbers fall, that means your hard core players are quitting but your casual players are still hanging in there. That’s not good, folks, because its the hard core players that spend all the cash, not the casual passer by.

Believe it or not, folks, this is as good as it gets for World of Tanks. EU1 has held up better than anybody. (Not that that’s a good thing for them in the grand scheme of things given the numbers.)

Now we move on to North America and here is where it starts getting REALLY fucking dicey.

Since they split servers, then combined servers, then moved servers, what we have to do to get the real numbers is go all the way back and combine the East and West server totals for all time numbers, then we can use the one year and 1 month numbers from the central server. So here we go:

NA – The Epic Fail

NA East Server all time.
NA West Server all time.
NA Central Server 1 Year.
NA Central Server 1 month.

[wptg_comparison_table id="9"]




Folks, that’s fucking pathetic. You’ve run off 56.55% or 27,324 of all the players you ever fucking had.

LOOK AT THAT NUMBER, FOLKS! Wargaming have run off more players than they presently have playing! How fucking awful do you have to be to manage to do that?!

Don’t answer that! It was rhetorical.

Now, you would think that it just couldn’t get any worse that that, right? Well, this is Wargaming we’re talking about. They have absolutely no limit to how badly they can fuck up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

ASIA – The Sink Hole

Now, they’ve done very similar shit in Asia that they did in North America, so we had to go back to get the total numbers from the servers they shut down and moved around to get the full picture. Bear in Mind that Asia 3 server is actually the Australia server. The 501 server was shut down and consolidated with the 502 server.

Asia1 Server all time
Asia2 Server all time.
Asia3 Server All time.
Asia1 Server 1 Year.
Asia2 Server 1 year
Asia3 Server 1 year.
Asia1 Server 1 month – shut down, no longer in service.
Asia2 Server 1 month.
Asia3 Server 1 month.

[wptg_comparison_table id="10"]

Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow.

How do you do that? Fucking seriously? How can you run a game into the fucking dirt like that? It’s simply stunning how poorly they’ve done. They’ve literally run off more players than many games will ever have.

It takes a very special kind of asshole organization to be able to pull that off. And folks, it’s only getting worse. Every server is trending down, some faster than others, but these servers are THE BEST THERE IS. They are THE BEST MONEY MAKERS WARGAMING HAS.

And they’re falling like fucking stones.

They’re going to be a very dull, quiet, uneventful thump when they finally hit bottom.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. How do you fail in a nation of 1.3 billion people?

    And I never realized the Australian server was so empty. It’s not even half of what the U.S. West was which most Australians played on from the outset.

    It begs the question: why did they bother?

  2. Zeedox

    isn’t is easier to laundry money with offices in each country?

  3. Gomez_Adams

    LOL! The thought hadn’t occurred to me.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Man !! Holy, the Sam Hell ! Wargaming, what have you done? Everytime they release something with each progressive patch, that fall flat on their asses! You know their going to be lucky if they all don’t come up with “broken knee caps!” Because, if they are in more shady deals than what we are aware of, the Russian Mob will have them all in wheel chairs, before they can get a 2nd or 3rd chance to screw up!
    Well, waiting for that day, when I ever decide to log in again, and it says Error 404 Server not Found.

  5. kranvagn

    A sudden collapse is what I predict as they will eventually run out of money the way that server populations are going. Good work on this article

  6. Cymon_Larido_Sia

    can i just have my side of the story about the asia server.. yes its true that the players are decreasing.. but not at 50% .. the avg players here on asia till peak times is 15k.. and at morning and afternoons its 9k-10k…

    the 503 server is austraila. they split the server because Aussie’s were getting complaints that everytime they play on the main server . they have ridiculously high pings. so they had no choice to split it upo. and the cause of the split is because of a submerge cable connecting from the main server in Singapore to austraila. asia server is now fun also.. i quit this game a long time ago. and went back. and see that moderators are banning a shitload of players… but still this game is still P2W

  7. Thing 1

    Thanks for popping buy and weighing in. If you’ll look, the numbers you just quoted are the same numbers we posted. So you in fact verify what we’ve already said.

    Those numbers come straight from the Wargaming API. So even though you may have seen 9 or 10 thousand online at the particular moment you logged on, the overall average is just less than 7000.

    It’s a shadow of what it once was, just like the North American server.

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