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uberdice is an Australian player that trolls the North American forum insulting people every single chance he gets. To make matters worse, when he runs out of people to insult, he makes them up by posting old videos of himself in game insulting the players in it.

Here are some select quotes from this epic troll:

View Postuberdice, on Jul 25 2016 – 04:18, said:
Oh, but then people won’t be able to play tier 10 to grind credits.

How awful.

View Postuberdice, on Jul 24 2016 – 09:06, said:
It must be frustrating to always be hoping to get on a team that can carry you.

View Postuberdice, on Jul 20 2016 – 06:23, said:
You’ve probably been told by some mean old unicum stet pedder that you can get better at the game by improving your map awareness and learning the maps. Of course, you probably ignored them because they obviously padded their stats using illegal tanks and gold mods and rigged ammo.

But maybe, at some point, you actually wondered what “map awareness” and “map knowledge” actually meant.

Maybe you should watch this guy in his CDC as he absolutely schools both teams in positioning with a support tank:

Hey! Good game, right? Now let’s generate some discussion to keep this thread active so I can get that dank YouTube money and keep giving away horrible premium tanks to my unfortunate subscribers:┬áTell us about a time you watched someone else play and you realised that you were watching someone who was actually good at the game.

In short, this guy goes beyond troll into the realm of complete horses ass. All one really has to do is visit his Youtube Channel and watch a video or two and look at his comments there as well.

He’s probably the little guy that got beaten up all his life and had his lunch money stolen, so now takes his revenge on 15 year old kids playing a pixel tank game from the safety of hiding behind a monitor in a room in the back of his mothers house.

This guy is so toxic he can’t even play on his own server. He has to come all the way to North America to spew his bullshit.

Good thing he’s way over there as well. I mean, if this little scrawny puke were within arms reach of any typical American, they’d stand on his pretty little eyelids until he screamed ‘Uncle’.

Yea. Tough guy.

Apparently, Australia doesn’t tolerate people like him but we do. How very unfortunate for us.

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  1. WheresWaldo

    It’s funny as shit that you guys totally missed that uberdice and Laceylace are the same person.

    You have GOT to be kidding us! Any evidence to back that up?

    – Thing 1

  2. WheresWaldo

    Man you guys are slow. Go look at uberdices youtube videos. He commentates all of Laceylaces videos. She never speaks. Watch the game play. They do the same exact things no matter which one he says it is actually playing. Laceylace also never streams. She also posted pictures of different girls claiming they were here when they’re not. Then look at when “they” started posting videos. The same exact time. uberdice was around since January of 2012. Laceylace account was created March of 2013. They first replays posted by them both are only 4 days apart. You really dumb enough to think that’s a coincidence?

    Wow! That’s pretty shocking. It makes sense though as they even type the same troll comments most of the time. Thanks for the info!

    – Thing 1

  3. spacedude

    has anyone teamspeaked with lace? or is there any videos with her voice?

    Nobody we know or that has contacted us has ever heard him. Ever. There are a few replays of him and uberdice playing together, but his voice is never heard. What we don’t know is if he just lets a buddy play his account once in a while to keep up the illusion that it’s two different people.

    One thing is certain: nobody to our knowledge has ever heard him speak and he’s never done a voice over on his own videos; only uberdice does that.

    That is very, very strange indeed.

    – Thing 1

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