TheCapedKnight and the epic failure that is Wargaming’s automated system.

Well folks, here we are again with yet another classic example of Wargaming’s epic failure that they call their “automated system” (read as completely full of shit, bogus-assed, cluster fuck).

Now, the automated system is supposed to keep track of who does things wrong and automatically sanction that person. So, if you shoot your teammate enough, the game is SUPPOSED to know that you were the idiot that screwed up and as such you are the one that should be punished for it.

That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work.

Problem is, if flat-out fucking doesn’t!

Our man in Istanbul in this example is TheCapedKnight, who graciously sent us this via our roving reporter Gomez Adams. Now, TheCapedKnight starts off minding his own business. Soon after he arrives at his spot and sets up camp, our asshole of the day youbadmom shows up behind him.

Now, from the outset things look pretty tight, but TheCapedKnight does quite well in staying out of the way. He fires, pulls back, lets yourbadmom pull up and fire, waits for him to get out of the way, and you’d think everything was fine.

But nooooooooooo. This is World of Assholes, and yourbadmom is about to throw a hissy fit. He just pulls right into the rear of TheCapedKnight, jacking him up on top of his tank and shoves him all the way down the hill, across a flat area and into a building eventually flipping him over.

And who gets the blue and ban?

Why, TheCapedKnight, of course! After all, he was just sitting still, minding his own business and having a good time. It couldn’t possibly be the asshole that rammed him from behind, then pile drived his ass into a building 100 meters away, right?

Time after time we see that this “automated system” just doesn’t work. At all. So what do they do about it?

Well, you can file a ticket if you want…but good luck with that.

Here’s the video on it:


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  1. Gohibniu

    Doesn’t work reliably. Doesn’t penalize shitters from griefing.

    That’s true. What’s more, if you watch the Laceylace video, they actually know exactly how it works and how to get around it so they can actually TK people when they want to.

    – Thing 1

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