You are currently viewing Blatant Cheating Video – Backup article for main WoT Forum Post

Blatant Cheating Video – Backup article for main WoT Forum Post

Folks, we can’t take credit for this one. We’ve had several people during the night PM us the video link and an article posted on the main WoT forum by none other than Steven Sisk showing a video of a guy BLATANTLY cheating.

This article is not only a backup to that one that will surely be deleted by Wargaming the instant their ONE employee gets to work this morning, but to show you a brief history of cheats and peoples opinion on them.

So here’s the video:

Now all of a sudden everybody seems to be all up in arms about this guy cheating. And take a look at all the MAHOU people and other power clan people in that stream. How did they ALL KNOW TO BE THERE?  How did they even know this guy at all and decide to come hang out? Why would they ALL go hang out to watch some unknown dude from an unknown clan stream and happen to capture it while doing so?

The timing seems very, very odd, doesn’t it? It almost seems like the ENTIRE THING was PLANNED.

Now let’s take a look at what some of those same assholes have said about cheats VERY recently:

And you can go back as far as the forum does on this same topic and find the same shit by the same fucking people:

The same fucking story: “You don’t understand mechanics, there are no cheats” bullshit.

Why? Because they’re covering up for cheaters. In other words, themselves.

It has NOTHING to do with someone “not understanding mechanics” you fucking cheating douchebags. It has to do with a guy asking the following questions:

  • How does he know EXACTLY when I’m reloaded?
  • How can he know EXACTLY where I’m aiming and angle every fucking time?
  • How can he tell EXACTLY how far to pull forward to where he can shoot me and I can’t shoot him?

THOSE THREE THINGS ALONE give you a HUGE fucking advantage and THOSE THREE THINGS ALONE ARE IN THAT FUCKING VIDEO IN TWO MODS ONLY: the laser aiming mod and the reload timer.

And that’s just for starters. There’s more in that video like the illegal aimbot and others that have been around FOR FUCKING YEARS.

You put all that together, and it’s simply an insurmountable advantage to overcome.

It’s not skill you fucking lying sacks of shit. It’s fucking cheats.

And here’s one recent post in that same thread some of these quotes were taken from by our resident Wargaming community contributor I find interesting:

You suspect less than half a percent. Others of your ilk say 1%. We all know it’s more than that, but just for shits and giggles, let’s take a look at the so-called “SKILL” scale from the home of cheating, toxic people, shall we?

But that’s just a coincidence as well, isn’t it?

Just like all those power clan people suddenly deciding to hang out and watch this guy stream with cheats and then try to discredit the fact he’s cheating by saying it didn’t help him.

That’s all just coincidence and chance, right?

FUCK NO it isn’t. It’s why they lie about cheats. It’s why they discredit them and claim they give no advantage. It’s why they belittle and insult anybody that suggest otherwise.

They always have.

They always will.

Because this fucking shit game is all they have left.

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  1. Thing 1

    My bad on not setting this open for comments from the outset. I’m working a new layout that moved things around a bit and I totally dropped the fucking ball.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    Well, it’s a reach, but it does make some sort of sense. What’s the best way to discredit something? Show that it doesn’t make any difference.

    I mean, how hard would it be for one guy to change an account name, create a new clan with it, yolo his games for a few weeks and then make this video?

    Not hard at all. In fact, it would be very, very easy.

  3. Scorpiany

    I would disagree with your assessment here. The reason why people went up in arms in this particular case, is because it’s 11A_D. It’s a Clan that’s been well-known for a long time to have very shady practices, including many purchased accounts, illegal mods, etc.

    WG has supposedly known about them for a while, yet has never taken action because they “don’t have proof”. Now there’s finally proof – Yet still nothing is done. Twitch reacted quickly. WG? They’re nowhere to be found.

    As for the correlation between good players and cheats – I would also disagree there. There are many, many bad players out there who would love to find cheat mods to use. In fact, many videos I’ve found on YouTube promoting cheat mods, have been from very bad players, and many of the comments looking for them, also from players who are below average.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t good players who use the mods too. Of course there are. But I really don’t think it’s anything to do with the person’s level of (or lack of) skill. It’s just a matter of how low they’re willing to stoop.

  4. Scorpiany

    No idea how to edit comments here, so I’ll make a second one.

    Something I forgot to mention: Another reason why a lot of high-end players immediately visited the stream, is because the commander of 11A_D and the officer “structure” of it, often went around bragging about how they “Had the #2 Clan on the server”. That’s absolutely laughable, since they were well known by most people to be full of purchased accounts and cheaters. That only made it all the more interesting for people; to find the commander streaming illegal mods. The guy who bragged the most about his Clan’s status, and who most people thought of a joke, was finally proven to be a joke.

  5. Thing 1

    You’re being suckered again. It’s a clan full of fucking rerolls of those same people just using it to troll the fuck out of the populace. This is yet another in a long, long line of the bullshit they do.

    There’s just NO FUCKING WAY all of this is coincidental – ESPECIALLY them leaving it UNTOUCHED on the fucking forum THIS FUCKING LONG.

    Dude, I know people that were INSTANTLY shit canned for posting one video of a cheat.

    I’m one of them.

    This is pure bullshit that came down from up on high to show that cheats don’t help disguised as a public service announcement and nothing more.

  6. Scorpiany

    I think you’re looking too far into. Seems too complicated of a scheme to me.

    I’ve been canned almost immediately by mods too, for posting all sorts of things. Hell, one time I got banned for “Naming and Shaming” on a Thread that was absolutely designed to name and shame me.

    Notice who gets hit with the “Name and shame” strike? In fact, go through the Thread – People on my side got hit with strikes. I didn’t see a single person on Donward’s side get hit.

    Maybe you’re onto something, maybe you’re not. Honestly, I’m just used to the moderators being inconsistent and illogical as all hell. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything they do.

  7. Thing 1

    We just had this conversation dude. You’re once again giving Wargaming and it’s power troll assholes the benefit of the doubt. You should know by now you simply can’t do that. At all.

  8. Scorpiany

    I’m not giving WarGaming any benefit of the doubt. It’s shameful they haven’t banned this guy, and the way they’ve been reacting to cheats recently does make me wonder why they’re not doing anything. Incompetence at the least. Possibly making money off of WarPack? It’s beyond obvious that WarGaming isn’t making any kind of serious effort to ban mods. Just a bit of show here and there with “We banned 100 accounts for 7 days”, but nothing that shows they’re really trying.

    I am giving the players the benefit of the doubt though. Although I will admit, you are right about their posts about illegal mods. Many players who said illegal mods aren’t anywhere to be found weren’t too shocked about it here – But I’m still fairly confident it’s because it’s 11A_D. I’m guilty of giving a lot more credibility to claims about illegal mods when it’s 11A_D or Y0L0, than I am for just a random battle.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    See, this is the kind of thing that really get’s people pissed off when you think about it. And it’s very easy to see why too. You spend money $ on this game, you spend hours on this game, you play fair like I do, etc. And you suffer by the hands of assholes by the like’s of those kinds of jerks who have cheated their way “exploiting” the system, like a bunch of trashy, foul, evil, cheap, violating assholes with no lives using illegal mods to pad stats, so they can march around thinking their better than everyone else. So, they can make fun of other people, while they hide behind a keyboard, run with other people in “key” stat-clans to game the system even further, to get free Golds, and other Stuffs, that I have to pay for out of my pocket ! I end up supporting the game ! Financially $ ! And what do the do? Their Moochers on top of being Cheaters ! and Exploiters !

    Then, I listen to their conversations in game chats like this, but this is not the first time I have heard their conversations. I’ve heard many of their conversations when I was a member of other clans in the past during clans wars that I was in back in the days I participated in Clan Wars in about 5 other clans. They say some pretty terrible things about other people, and It’s a know fact that a lot of them cheat ! You hear about it all the damn time!

    This all could be STOPPED !!! yes, all could be stopped. But, no, cause, “WARGAMING” Yes, there is a way to stop it. We all know there is a way to stop all of this. It can be designed so it can be stopped. But, Wargaming refuses to do so. Like all their failed shit.

    They lie to us all the time. Constantly, Lying, Deceiving, Scamming, etc. Look, all anyone needs are what the legal mods are which are contain in for example Aslains Mod Pack. Nothing more. Those mods could be safely and securely incorporated in such a way as to modulated in a “unique way” so they will be secure and selectable from which a selection process in game, or an exterior module process ( however it’s technically worked out ).

    Then you close that Damn mod folder off! Button the hatches down! Only WG approves and make’s sure whats’s legal etc. And runs special detection software’s and policing to insure any other intrusions, and additional scans for anyone trying to hack in for the more diligent hackers etc.

    Put a stop to it. It’s very apparent that the Clan’s, the players, are not honest. And WG itself has even proven they cannot be trusted to police the mod folder use, and have FAILED…!

    And those reports each month — ARE BOGUS —

  10. SilverEaglewing

    It is because its 11A_D, that unicums go to watch the stream. If you don’t know its said 11A_D is a clan full of bought accounts and only a few players. This is why you don’t see 11A_D detachments and advances. Also many people know who noobwargamer is, hes commander of 11A_D and buys accounts. 11A_D is “2nd” ranked clan made up of bought accounts.
    Most good players play vanilla, and some play with xvm features. Just like rest of playerbase.:thinking_face: We all know who that some people in the 1% are toxic, what about the 99% of the playerbase? People are people and some people are toxic.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Butthurt Image

    Hellsfog needs to pick up some of those Wargaming Auto Fire Extinguishers for his Butthurt. Really, man do something about that. 3rd degree burns are no laughing matter man.

    Edited to embed image by Thing 1

  12. SilverEaglewing

    Also if you think these cheats make you good, sure. Thats why noobwargamers stats arr dropping. Cheats can make you play a bit better sure, but cheats wont show you where to position. Things such as trees falling sure, but you still need to know where to position yourself if enemies are pushing.

  13. Dirty_Camel

    Bottom line: WOT is a game that openly allows cheats to be ran. If Fuckers don’t post replays or stream there is no fucking way to catch them. Saying that only 1% cheats when millions of Fuckers are running mods, is just stupid, especially when there is NOTHING preventing it. The 1% is the fucking retards streaming and posting replays. There are literally hundreds of videos of cheaters out there. Until WOT eliminates mods alltogether, some fuck tard will allways check that block in the modpack that is illegal.

  14. Dirty_Camel

    Bottom line: WOT is a game that openly allows cheats to be ran. If Fuckers don’t post replays or stream there is no fucking way to catch them. Saying that only 1% cheats when millions of Fuckers are running mods, is just stupid, especially when there is NOTHING preventing it. The 1% is the fucking retards streaming and posting replays. There are literally hundreds of videos of cheaters out there. Until WOT eliminates mods alltogether, some fuck tard will allways check that block in the modpack that is illegal. Note: illegal Mods dont make shiiters good, they make good players great.

  15. Thing 1

    Wargaming shows up here, reads our assessment, and within 9 minutes the thread is magically deleted.


    I just noticed about 10 minutes ago that their IP was in the guest list. I thought, surely not…surely someone didn’t say, “the jig is up, better go check it out” and BOOM!!!

    Thread deleted instantly.

    Uh huh…but that’s a coincidence too, isn’t it?

  16. Dirty_Camel

    How is it when I call out some shitbag, even blocking out the shitbag’s name, I get a warning and a ban…… all the while, when some fucker from Vilin Name and shames the fuck out of someone the thread runs strong as a bull. More Nazi shit brought to you by wargaming’s finest!
    I’m sure this post was meant to be “constructive”, as I also received a ban for mine being “NON-constructive”. Are the fucking moderators these asshole’s clan mates or what?

  17. Scorpiany

    @Dirty_Camel: Responding to your comment, before it gets approved by Thing1 – Yeah, that’s what I found so strange. WG hasn’t touched the Threads, nor has banned Noobwargamer; despite multiple WG employees knowing about it. I brought it up yesterday to one, and was just told not to talk about it there; without any answers or indication that something is going to happen.

  18. Thing 1

    Are the fucking moderators these asshole’s clan mates or what?

    Yes. And in some cases they are the OP themselves on an alt account.

    On another note, this pic came in via e-mail from Zarg12 who happened to catch Noobwargamer_Reborn online. No clue who he is, but it’s funny.

    Zarg12 message to Noobwargamer_Reborn

  19. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Dirty_Camel. Yes !! You’re on the right train of thought. This problem has been going on “forever!” These clowns (shills, trolls, big clansmen) that you see causing all this unrest, insults, non-constructive posting, attacks, undermining, etc. who never seem to get banned are in fact friends, pals, insiders, and it has been proven even in the past “To be the employees themselves ! using alt accounts”. Some of them even have been identified as employees playing in regular purple clans, “which is not supposed to be occurring at all !”

    They are only supposed to be playing in WGA Clans only, if they are Wargaming employees. But, it has been proven otherwise! ( For example OTTER was outted as having employees in their clan).

    I countless of times very carefully, and skillfully uncovered and revealed where these big clansmen on the forum were infact “buddies” whom platooned on a weekly basis with the moderators, NA Admins, Forum personnel, with screenshots, replays (even), and direct evidence even only to be banned, for 7-days at a time, while the thread went un-locked for about 2 weeks while I was mercilessly attacked into the ground by the “Shit head ” Big clansmen ( violated EULA rules with full-blown force !) without any resistance from the moderators!

    They are protected !! They even go to the “Meets, gatherings, and pal around with the WG folks every chance they get !!” They rub shoulders, they suck up, they get forgiven for lots of things etc. Because of who they are!! They are the Stooges, company men for Wargaming, and they are there to punish you for speaking out for what you find wrong with the game, or find out about their CORRUPTION IN THE NA OFFICE.”

  20. Thing 1

    Look, this shit is so painfully obvious it’s ridiculous. Let’s review this shit:

    A Video of some asshole using cheats was posted. This video showed illegal mods being used and nothing happened to the guy at all.

    OK. But there’s more.

    The person that RECORDED the cheating is the leader of one of the most toxic power clans out there. That was fishy in and of itself.

    What made it even MORE fishy is that ALL OF THEM were there. All these power clan assholes, NEARLY THREE FUCKING HUNDRED OF THEM, all showed up.

    Then, the video VERY QUICKLY turns from any mention of cheating, to how the cheats aren’t doing the guy that much good.

    Then the video turns into a COMPLETE APPROVAL OF CHEATING. This from the fucking POWER CLANS, FOLKS!

    Then that thread, which is COMPLETLEY against forum rules, goes on for days, post after post, page after page UNTIL:

    We post that it’s rigged. That it’s a fucking fake story engineered by and approved by Wargaming to make people think all the illegal mods are OK to use since they don’t help you.

    Then, all of a sudden, Wargaming shows up here reading the very fucking story and comments we were making about that video.

    Within 10 fucking minutes, the entire thread is COMPLETELY NUKED.

    Then, as if by magic, THIS THREAD POPS UP and is now going on page after page, post after post, day after day of SAYING CHEATS ARE OK!!!

    If there was ever any doubt at all the bullshit Wargaming was trying to pull with that fucking half-baked, set up, rigged video thread then this removes ALL OF IT.

    In the end there are two types of people: Cheaters and Players.


    The Fucking Cheater

    That’s it. Full stop. There is NO coming back from that fucking statement.

  21. Gomez_Adams

    I have to agree completely. Let me elaborate if I may.

    I used to be a huge baseball fan. I grew up playing baseball. I played little league. I played in high school. I played in college. I was pretty good…but I was simply not major league material.

    I understood that. I loved baseball anyway.

    One of the guys I used to really like was Barry Bonds. In 1986, I was a freshman in college when he was a rookie in MLB. He was thin and in shape and could run like a gazelle. He had decent power too. He was a great ball player.

    Then something happened.

    When he showed up in 1990 I didn’t even recognize him. He had put on about 35 pounds and looked like the Hulk. He couldn’t run like a gazelle anymore, but good god could he hit.

    He got a little bigger as time wore on and the hits just got more and more outrageous.

    He was cheating. He was taking steroids. Why? I mean, he was a great ball player. He didn’t NEED to cheat, but he did it anyway because, I guess, it’s never enough.

    Can you imagine him now, trying to say, “Yeah, so I cheated…but it didn’t make that much of a difference because I was good anyway”?

    If I had used steroids, maybe I get another 2 mph on my fastball. Maybe my slider cuts just a bit more and maybe, just maybe that’s enough to get me to the show.

    Maybe not.

    But the point is simply this: Steroids made a great ball player even better (hitting wise) and steroids would have made me, a good pitcher, possibly great.

    But we’ll never know because I didn’t cheat.

    So anybody that ever says, “Cheating doens’t help you that much” is a liar. They are a cheater. They have to be to even utter that sentence no matter what the circumstances are.

    I don’t watch baseball anymore. It’s nothing now but doped up players bashing a rubber ball with a corked bat now. To me, they ruined the game.

    Not surprisingly, for many, World of Tanks is the same.

  22. Thing 1


  23. Thing 1

    Every fucking time I post calling their ass out showing how fucking obvious it all is, threads fucking vanish.

  24. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yea, I just found out myself the other thread got vaporized also. I posted over on the other link. OMG, it’s almost like we are being shadowed 🙂

  25. Thing 1

    Well look at the bright side! Steven Sisk’s other account, Demonic_Angel_of_Death was permabanned for posting the video. So, we can all look forward to his 5th account posting real soon once he gets a few games under his belt with it. LMMFAO!!!

  26. Gomez_Adams

    LOL! Now that’s funny! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  27. BobJustBob_1

    Do you really believe that they thought something as heavy handed and obvious as this was going to make us all go back to sleep and agree that cheating doesn’t happen and isn’t a problem if it does?

    It doesn’t say much about what they think of the player base.

  28. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Wow, he got Perma’ d for that ? OMG… Zowie.

    He was already circumventing 1 permaban already !!

  29. Thing 1

    @Bob – No shit, dude. But the again it’s obvious that they haven’t given a shit or thought much of the player base in a couple years now.

    @Leftist – Yep. He got the fucking ban hammer. Again. That’s the third account he’s had permabanned form the forums. I think he’s going for some sort of record.

  30. PrinzEugen85

    WG has to understand, these 300 or so powergamers don’t matter. They cheat, they rig the system so they never have to spend the money like the rest of us did. It’s the yellows and greens (like me), the bog average player who enjoys spending and playing. If this middle class of gamers got a bit of tlc by slashing cheaters, it would be a good start to patching up the games problems.

  31. Scorpiany

    Cheating does not have anything to do with spending money, Prinz. Regardless of how they play, the incentives for them to buy Premium time, Premium tanks, etc. are all still there. If you’re playing high Tiers without a Premium account, even if you have every cheat mod in the world, you’re going to find it very difficult to turn a profit. Same applies to credit-grinding for new tanks.

    There is the argument that WG may be making money off of WarPack, but those mods are all available for free download separately, so I don’t see why anyone would pay for WarPack.

    But I also agree, that it’s the average player that’s hurt the most by people using cheat mods. WG needs to take the issue more seriously.

  32. Thing 1

    Bullshit Scorp. Prinz hit the nail on the fucking head.

    They cheat like hell, work amongst themselves to milk the system dry of gold, rig contests, all of it. They don’t HAVE to spend a dime because Wargaming lets them do it.

    I know for a fact that NOBODY in -G- has spent one single dime on this game in nearly 3 years. Why would they? They get free gold, free protection from cheating and rigging, free accounts to play any tanks they want as “game contributors” and such.

    It’s fucking laughable how bad it is.

    The only thing Prinz is wrong about is the number of people. It’s closer to 500.

  33. Scorpiany

    If they don’t generate revenue, wouldn’t that give WG more reason to purge them rather than defend them?

    Top Clan players do spend lots of money on new Premium tanks. Take a look at their Service Records – They didn’t get the non-techtree Premiums for nowhere. -G- being included; I speak from experience considering that I was in -G-. Many of them spend money on Premium tanks and Premium time too. It wasn’t as necessary 2+ years ago, but WG has since severely reduced Gold earned from the Global Map and has removed tournaments almost completely.

  34. Scorpiany

    I think that’s in large part why WG is so inactive about addressing illegal mods, contest rigging, etc. though. Ultimately, it’s their paying customers that they don’t want to lose.

  35. Thing 1

    That’s the funny part: They don’t care.

    The whole thing has been run into the dirt for the sole purpose of satisfying those very assholes that NEVER spend money.

    They’ve treated the entire operation like their own personal world where they make the rules and fuck you all if you don’t like it.

    I don’t think Wargaming Corporate has any clue how bad it is. I really don’t. I think they (Wargaming NA) bullshit their way through it blaming bullshit factors like economy or genre or any other half-assed excuse they can come up with.

    Meanwhile, they suck up paychecks and run the entire operation as their own little personal troll machine for them and their extended family of fucktard trolls.

    They don’t give a fuck if it goes belly up. They’ll just go get another job someplace else and say “fuck it”. It’s all of us that wind up getting screwed over the entire fucking thing.

  36. TeaTimeWithKongou

    Yeah I’m with scorp on this one sure some clans are know cheaters I mean 11_AD has been proven that they buy accounts for fecks sake, their NoobWargamer kid was a scourge on the community and glad he’s gone maybe a lot of the misconceptions that good players always hack will go away. I mean I’ve spent 100s probably thousands on this game and maintain that “1%” average that you pretty much insinuated that they are hackers. I mean its not that hard to play this game and do well at it to be fair. but its good on you to expose this certain 11_AD kid what hes been doing for years is wrong and the funny thing is all the top clans knew it was happening over there.

  37. Thing 1

    To be fair, we didn’t first publish this. It was a forum thread on the main World of Tanks forum that was brought to our attention.

    We simply published it here because we knew full well that the instant Wargaming found out about blatant cheats being shown on their forum they’d delete the shit out of it…which they did.

  38. GunTurret

    I was in that thread, the fanboys just came out of the woodwork on me….
    of course there is cheating… everyone knows it…

  39. Thing 1

    Everyone knows it, of course. The guys that keep on saying it doesn’t exist are the fucking guys cheating. So long as they keep spamming people to death and trying to discredit them they think that means nobody will think they’re cheating.

    They’re fucking wrong, of course.

  40. rodzilla01mccloud

    When World of Tanks first came out I loved it. Over the years the number of people using cheats has grown to a large percentage of the population. When I stopped playing the game a few months ago. I think its very fair to say that the team that normally won random battles was the team that had the best/most cheats. There are other things like play to win tanks…hence the german E25. Its not worth it to me. I’ve been searching for a new main game. I only have a crappy i5 laptop. So, I’ve been playing WoW. Its fun enough for now but I miss the constant PvP. I hope to find a good PvP game I can play. However, I’m never going back to WoT.

  41. Thing 1

    Don’t blame you pal. Pretty much everybody is moving on to other things.

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