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GeorgePreddy Part Deux – EPIC Douchebaggery

Well folks, some people just can’t help themselves. They take this whole internet fake life bullshit just way too far.

Now, some time back around the end of last year, we did a page on GeorgePreddy aka Ron Copeland. He admitted it was him, tried to laugh it off, but vanished for a while because a lot of people saw exactly how full of shit he really is.

But people tend to forget. Time goes by, and they think it’s cool to come back out from the woodwork with the rest of the roaches and lowlifes and start spewing pure bullshit all over again and get away with it. (Tsavo, anybody?)


Now, the last time we took it pretty easy on Ron because, well, he’s another in a long line of dipshit losers with no life that live a fantasy life on the internet because it’s all they have. It’s sad, really. But there comes a point in time when your fantasy life at the expense of others removes you from any and all pity. And this is it for you, Ron…you fucking worthless, shithead waste of life.

It all started as things usually do with someone posting about the shitty state of the game and saying they’ll not be back until it’s fixed. Here you go:

And of course all the shills and yes men come out of the woodwork to bash the OP about how he wont be missed, how he’s an asshole for posting his thoughts, how he’s a loser that needs to “git gud” and all that other typical bullshit they always do.

I tell you, it kills me. They say, “Why do you post” to people that have a grievance, but then never stop to think about why the fuck they’re posting. Fucking hypocrites. At least the OP has a fucking point.

Anywho, on to Ron the asshole…

So after a couple pages of bashing the OP, good old Ron has to jump in with his pure bullshit:


This is a guy that we all ALREADY KNOW is a fucking loser that wanted to be an artist that can’t even drive a fucking car (more on that later), rides a bike everywhere he goes and mooches off his sister and her family as well as his parents, but now all of a sudden he’s a fucking pilot?

I didn’t know the FAA made visits to parents basements and certified people on washed up computers. What a fucking revelation!

Then, being typical Ron, GeorgePreddy just can’t help himself. He posts this shit:

Excuse us for just a moment…

Now, from before we all remember Ron’s Facebook page. Here it is:

September 11th, 1981 to be precise. Well, asshole, that makes you born about 26 years too late to even qualify to be drafted at all. (You’d have to have been 18, which would put your stupid ass not available to sign up for the draft until 1999. The draft ended in January of 1973, dipshit.

Now, on a personal note I have to say this at this point: Beornotns, how the fuck did you of all people fall for his pure fucking bullshit lies? COME ON, MAN!

But I digress…back to GeorgeFucktard.

So we all know that Ronald M. Copeland is a fucking liar. He lied about how old he is, what he does for a living, how he looks and it’s all posted right here, folks. But lets take it one step further. Let’s check out the FAA and see what they have to say about Mr. Ronald M. Copeland, shall we?

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nichtig. Not a god damned thing. No A/, C/ or P/ certification exist for him.

That’s because he’s completely full of shit and a pathological liar.

Cue Iago.

Anywho, on with the show as it were…

Ron tries very, very hard to hide who he is. We mean who he REALLY is (again). Most asshole trolls that have no life outside the internet do, like Thomas Aebi (Tsavo) who at almost 40 now still lives at home with mom sleeping on the same twin bed he slept in during junior high school.

Ron is no different. They’re two peas in a pod. In fact, they even look similar and could easily pass for brothers. They’re both short, both overwieght, both losing what little hair they have left, and both look fucking pathetic.


(note to Ron: Vietnam is one word you fucking shit-for-brains.)

So lets take a look at who Ron REALLY is.

Ron has two sisters: Sandi (Sondra) and Amanda. He uses Amanda’s address a lot as he stays with her and her family from time to time because it’s about 100 miles from Ron’s shit-hole in Ohio to Pittsburg, but this is where he really lives and has for the last 18 years:

Yes, half of that majestic, piece of shit hell-hole is where he resides. My fucking car is worth more than that shit-hole.

And here’s the landline to his house if you’d like to tell him personally exactly how full of fucking shit he really is: (330) 832-9402

Now, remember how we said he rides a bike everywhere he goes? Well folks, here’s why:

The fucker is a habitual offender. He’s had his drivers license suspended, and now can’t afford  the fucking insurance to even drive a car at all.

And it should come as no big surprise that he’s also a criminal. I mean shit, people…look at the fucking list.

Here’s a criminal mischief to get you rolling.

And then you have this little jewel:

Now, for those of you who don’t know, a def tres is when you are told to never come back to a given place, given a verbal warning by the police, but you go back anyway and get caught.

In other words, sports fans, our boy GeorgePreddy aka Ron Copeland is a fucking stalker.

He also has other charges pending, but we’ll not get into all that.

So that’s who he really is, folks. He’s a fucking pathological liar, stalker, criminal, habitual speeder that has no life outside the internet. Well, he does, but it’s a shitty one chock full-O failure.

That’s why he posts shit like this:

No, Ron. That’s you. That’s just you, asshole. It is in fact you’re entire life you pathetic fuck.

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  1. Allegra


    My, what an upstanding citizen.

    I can well understand why he may wish to be a pilot – let’s face it, I’ve never heard of a plane being booked for speeding.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    My God. He is exactly like Tsavo. They must be brothers from a different mother. Even their driving records are similar.

  3. Thing 1


    At least Thomas isn’t a low-life fucking stalker…that we know of.

  4. Allegra

    LOL – I was reading some additional posts made by people who began calling George out and refreshed the page……no more thread.

  5. Rusty_Shackleford_IV

    Wow this guy. Such a piece of shit and to top it off he doesnt live but a few hours from me. Its so comical seeing his stupid ass “git gud” or the game is perfectly fine comments. Another wargaming fan boy wannabee

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    For Heavens Sakes !! Dude, you need some counseling. Better still, you need to book a Psychiatrist, and find out what those issues are? Do some reform in your life, start digging away at those motivations behind those issues? Truly, I’m very serious here. Sit down somewhere, and reflect. Do it for yourself, there’s no shame in seeking some help, get to the bottom of it. Or else, people are going to keep calling you out, as well as the authorities! Bigger trouble lays on the horizon, clean yourself up man, purge yourself.
    Git GUD with life. Life is far more important. “Get a hold of yourself” These guys above are trying to tell you something !! But, do have to admit… This is funny as HELL 🙂

  7. Speedy_DePalma

    If anything I’ve learned from him it’s that apparently there’s such a thing as marshal arts as opposed to martial arts I wonder what the difference is.

  8. Zeedox

    The other thing preddy does is give out fact like their candy but never backs them up when asked or challenged.
    His only martial art is wax on (the bosses car), wax off (the bosses car)…

  9. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    @Allegra: I was there. I made two post about how he had already admitted who he was before and Lethal Havok posted this picture of an airplane and went on to say how GP had claimed it was his own personal aircraft. But then Lethal Havok used Google image to reverse look up the picture and it turns out it was from a magazine.

    Of course he confronted GP with that and GP never said another word about it. The other funny thing is that in all of his pictures on every site he runs you wont find one single picture of an airplane or him in one. You know full well he’s lying. How anybody could be that stupid to think nobody would bother to check him out with his outrageous claims is a complete mystery to me. (Or anybody with half a brain for that matter.)

  10. Thing 1

    No fucking way! He said he OWNED a fucking plane?!?! You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!

  11. Shadora

    These articles always make me laugh my ass off. I simply love this. I do not visit the WG site often, but when I do I totally ignore anything George has to say. It is the same exact thing every time so I just scroll past it.

    Tsavo I totally ignore too because everything he says always includes “I” in it. Apparently he thinks everything is about him. I scroll past both of them as if they don’t exist on the forums.

    I don’t think George is lying about flying 100 planes. I seriously think he is a Flight Simulator X pilot and has logged 10,000 hours of flying virtual planes and is so delusional that he can’t separate reality from gaming.

    With his vehicular record I wouldn’t trust him piloting a big wheel in a fenced-in backyard.

  12. Shadora

    BTW, awesome article Thing_1. This is what makes this site so great IMO.

  13. Thing 1

    Thanks, man!

  14. Insurrectional_Leftist

    ” With his vehicular record I wouldn’t trust him piloting a big wheel in a fenced-in backyard.” LMAO 🙂 That is hillarious !! Buckle your seatbelts, your pilot for today is George! And we only have 2 chutes on the plane…!

  15. Icon_Charlie

    Preddy is claiming that he is 70 years old with a Brazillian wife. So is this the same George Preddy aka Ronald Copeland that has been posted here?

  16. Thing 1


    Same asshole that admitted it was him the first article we did.

  17. Rafalefighter47

    lol Wow! This guy is unbelievable!! What a fraud! Plus the fact that this guy is a repeat offender shows him how much of a dullard he really is.

  18. Thing 1

    And the asshole is still going on about how he’s a pilot. LMMFAO!!!

  19. ZoM_2014

    The green text he writes in triggers the fuck out of me. At times i gets really annoying.

  20. ZoM_2014


  21. Zeedox

    Preddy posts lies. We ALL know it.

  22. Gomez_Adams

    I just can’t believe that he keeps posting. I mean, I posses enough pride to where I wouldn’t have the gall to post such nonsense to begin with, let alone keep up the failed façade after I had been in all ways outed and made a complete fool of.

  23. Zeedox

    When you’re alone in your parents basement at 35 …

  24. Thing 1

    37. He’s fucking 37. Him, Silversound, Nunya, Tsavo and others all beating down the fucking door of 40 and still living at home with mommy talking smack in a free-to-play pixel tank game.

    Man, I would shoot myself in the fucking mouth if that were my life.

  25. Gomez_Adams


    It’s the simple, brutal way you put things that makes it so funny instead of so pathetic and sad.

  26. Thing 1

    It’s why I’m here man. Comic relief. 😉

  27. _Gungrave_

    Damn, he has quite the leadfoot while driving.

  28. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    Got my first strike guys! (And a one day read only ban.)

    Got into it with this guy on the forum yesterday. It was laughable. He went with new story number 1,392 or thereabouts that he only used the name Ron Copeland because it was a boy he new in grade school that died in an accident, that it was never his name.

    I was laughing so hard I nearly cramped up.

  29. Thing 1

    The thread is deleted Zeedox but I’m looking at a cached copy.

    Yeah Gungrave he does. He’s a fucking idiot. Like all things he assumes nothing ever catches up to him which is why he’s in the shit situation he’s in and has been all his failed and miserable life.

    And first strike dude?!?! Seriously?!?! What the fuck is wrong with you man? Get out there and get yourself up to 3 at least!!! 😉

  30. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    The thread Zeedox posted is the thread it happened in. I didn’t see it or Gungrave’s post when I first posted.

    I got the ban for calling him a sad little man after the last excuse he made.

  31. Thing 1

    That’s because I just got to the site and approved the posts so they weren’t there when you posted. Anything with a link I have to approve. And Gungrave must have come in on a different IP than usual so I had to approve his as well.

    I’m looking the thread over now. My god that fucking guy is beyond delusional. I’m taking screen shots and will make an amended post later on. Thanks to you both for pointing it out.

  32. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    Ah! Understood. I also got into it with your buddies Tsavo and Nunya_000 as well. Apparently, Nunya owns his own business while living at home mooching off his parents and runs it by posting on the World of Tanks forums all day.

    Quite the entrepreneur, that one.

  33. Thing 1

    So that rat faced little fuck owns his own business and runs it out of his bedroom at Mom’s house? LMMFAO!!! What a load of complete bullshit! PM me the link and I’ll take care of it later on. We’ll see if little Dick owns anything other than a pair of underwear.

  34. Zeedox

    I won’t ask who it was that posted about preddy being on EWOT; although it was great seeing the name on their forums…

  35. Thing 1

    I just saw that a minute ago going through all this shit. LMAO!!! We both know who it was. Kudos to him!

  36. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Man,,, I missed all of the Fun on this Caper !! Wished I could have saw that thread on the NA forum..! Those two bit little mommie dick_heads ( Nunya_00 and Pready ) 😀

  37. Thing 1

    It’s taking more time than I thought being able to pull up the cached pages but I’m almost done. It’s fucking laughable how badly Whisky owns them.

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