You are currently viewing Exo_xd_On_The_Bench___hi AKA Ariel Isakson – Racist asshole of BULBA

Exo_xd_On_The_Bench___hi AKA Ariel Isakson – Racist asshole of BULBA

Remember our little racist commander of BULBA, Ryan Brehm? Well, meet one of his asshole racist buddies and junior officer, Exo_xd_On_The_Bench___hi.

Yea, he’s one of those “let me come up with a fucked up name that nobody can accurately type into the search engine to track me down when I do all kinds of racist shit” people.

What’s more, he too is a member of Wargaming League for team Eclipse. So once again it’s all of the Wargaming League players that are allowed to run off at the mouth with racist remarks all fucking day long and nothing is ever done about it.

Here he is in the same video spewing racist garbage along with his boss and fellow racist prick, Ryan Brehm:

Now, here comes the funny part: Ariel is a Jew.

That’s right, sports fans! Can you believe this shit? So far, we have an Asian mixed breed and a Jew that are racist assholes spewing anti-black comments. How fucking beyond the pale can you get?

And Ariel? Where have I heard that name before? Hmmmm…

Ahhhh, that’s it! Princess Ariel. Guess whose mom was very disappointed in having a boy. I tell you, I’d probably requisition a name change on my own if my mother had dared named me after a fucking Disney mermaid. For fucks sake, man…do something about that.

Although, to be honest, he’s got some sisters and one VERY weird looking brother. (No offense, Ariel, but Marat is a strange looking mother fucker. Ella must have been walking on the wild side to get him, no?)

So what does this Jewish racist look like? Well, here you go, folks:

And here’s his Facebook Page.

And as sort of a red flag, here’s his last update from a few months ago:

Can you believe this mother-fucking shit? A Canadian Jew that’s a racist Trump supporter. You can’t make this shit up, folks! I mean, I know Aurora, Ontario isn’t what one would call a megatropolis by any stretch (population right at 55,000) so how off the fucking wall is this asshole to be living there?

His number one interest? Women…and he doesn’t have one. (We can only surmise that’s why he loves his name so much, but we’re completely guessing on that at this point.)

He probably feels like a one-legged Indian at an ass kicking contest. I mean, life just beat the shit out of this poor guy from day one.

What’s more, dear mom and big sister are members of just about every Russian-Israeli fan club/group you can imagine. We’re NOT KIDDING HERE. They are.

But we’re not quite to the point we’re going to drag Ella, Alina, Marat, Simon, and all the others into it.

There is one thing though that’s really got me itching to pull the fucking trigger on:

I wonder what Idan would do to your stupid ass if he found out what you’ve been up to and potentially dragging everybody in your family, especially Alina, into it?

Seriously. I bet he’d beat the flying fuck out of you. After all, he’s never liked your scrawny, dumb ass to begin with.

Want to find out?

Fuck up one more time, asshole.

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  1. ConquerorGunCarriageGG

    Pretty sure Idan would just block you and exo isn’t scrawny to begin with xd

  2. ConquerorGunCarriageGG

    dude you’re a fucking ****** who cares

  3. Only_Meuploading


    Bit confused about your post on May 3.

    It appears as if you’re replying to YOUR statement dated April 27 and in the process calling yourself an exceedingly offensive name….

    I don’t know – maybe it’s just me – but you wouldn’t belong to a certain WN website do you – as they seem to be the only absolute prats that I’ve come across lately.

    Exactly. He’s been drinking formaldehyde with his dad again while beating his mother and got so blotto he thought he was responding to someone else. It’s typical of low-life, white trash racist.

    – Thing 1

  4. ConquerorGunCarriageGG

    Oh that’s hilarious, you forcibly post on my account and then claim I’m replying to myself, the typing style isn’t even the same. I like the profile picture change you made and the email, which I reverted.

    Dude, you need to stop smoking cheap dope.

    – Thing 1

  5. sickinger_immortal

    ok, now 3 people are “proven” racist by 1 person saying something racist. cmon man… at least this one has no address and number…. but putting someones family on the 3 posts to, threatening someones family because they rubbed you the wrong way…. what do you think you are a mob boss? you need to chill man. people are dicks, doesn’t mean you should be threatening to “bring” their family into it. that makes you more of a low life then them right off the bat.

    Chris Sickinger aka sickinger_immortal fellow racist asshole Facebook page.
    4913 Jefferson Ave
    Ashtabula, OH 44004
    (440) 998-7440
    (720) 201-2999

  6. Thing 1

    Chris, you jackass…

    If your ‘buddy’ goes to rob a bank, and you go with him holding the bag or driving the getaway car, it makes you an accessory to the crime. It makes you just as guilty as he is.

    This is no fucking different. ALL OF THEM were in there spouting racist bullshit and yucking it up about it. They were ALL in on it together.

    Since you seem SO FUCKING HELL BENT on joining them, then join them, shit for brains:

    Chris Sickinger Facebook

    4913 Jefferson Ave
    Ashtabula, OH 44004
    (440) 998-7440
    (720) 201-2999

  7. Zeedox

    Someone’s sounding anxiously worried…

  8. Thing 1

    Yep. I mean the fucking guy goes and defends all three with complete bullshit. He must have had a little chat with these fucktards and they’re worried mommy and daddy will find out and cut off their internet, ground them for a month and make them go to bed early.

    Fucking morons.

    I’m sorry…fucking racist, dumbassed morons.

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