Test for User Post

Test per T1 to see if this works.

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  1. Thing 1

    OK, so that works. How is it on your end to get shit done?

  2. Gomez_Adams

    It’s kind of odd, but not that difficult to figure out. I don’t think anybody will have a problem with it. I do think you’ll have your hands full sorting through a ton of spam.

    Other than that, it is pretty cool.

  3. Thing 1

    Cool deal man. Thanks.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    No problem.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Testing this from a mobile…

  6. Thing 1

    Cool. Good to see that Mr. Alex was able to log in as well. He was having issues the other day.


    Didnt even reset me. Still logged in.
    Seems smooth exchange. At least not a step back. Or 2 or 3 or 4 like wg seems to do every so called improvement.

  8. Thing 1

    Cool deal. My point of this area is so that rather than replying to that eternally long thread of the “Thoughts/Suggestions” post, people can submit their own post and we can comment on them directly. I think it would be much better than the constant flood of variable ideas on the other thread that often get derailed.


    I love seeing this site growing. Improving.
    All the while wg doing the opposite.
    Even wotlabs has taken a severe dive down the shithole.
    And here this site is. With a huge smile on its face. Saying “not only did i tell u, but im showing you.”

  10. Thing 1

    Thanks, man!

    We try. Frankly, we had so much shit on that old template that it was getting very, very cumbersome and difficult to work with, so we had to do something so we could keep on going. This is going to work much, much better for us and it’s also going to let anybody that wants to take part in it.

    Last time I was over at Wotlabs,it was fucking awful. Took FOREVER for a page to load only to find out that it was still the same shit: All of them bitching about the game far worse than we do and Solono still begging for money.

    The fact that my eyesight is getting to be shit and this template is far easier to read than the old one is purely coincidental. 😉

  11. Gomez_Adams

    It is very cool. It kind of makes me want to redo a few of my post from the Stories-Suggestions section.

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