You are currently viewing Nazis run Wargaming. It’s the only plausible explanation.

Nazis run Wargaming. It’s the only plausible explanation.

Folks, here we go again with yet another example (three in fact) of Wargaming protecting Nazis.

Now, one would think that especially now, given what just happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, that somebody at Wargaming would get on top of this shit. After all, even the President of the United States is not immune to it and has taken a BEATING over his bullshit statements. What’s more, he’s lost every major business partner IN THE WHOLE OF THE UNITED STATES over it.

Apple, Tesla, Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart for fucks sake…ALL OF THEM have walked away from him.

So, if the President of the United States gets totally fucked over for not condemning Nazis, what the flying fuck makes Wargaming think they’re immune to it and can not only protect Nazis but actually promote them and support them?

I shit you not – it’s as if this is how Wargaming welcomes new players to its games:

Now, some excuse making racist assholes have come to us saying, “But it’s a lot of work and they don’t have the manpower to hunt down all these Nazis!”


Fact is, they don’t really have to. People are pointing them out for them. All they have to do is push a fucking button and ban them or reset their name and tell them, come up with anything EVEN REMOTELY RELATED to Nazis, and we perma-ban your fucking account!

It is just that easy.

But they simply REFUSE to do it even when it is CLEARLY pointed out to them. Don’t think so? Well, strap in and read this shit:

Recently, as in just a few days ago, this message was sent to not only the Forum Moderators Volier_Zcit (the same exact asshole that looked RIGHT AT the Nazi Image in this article and called it OK but was later changed after our article hit), Mezurashi (another moderator that completely ignores the rules and bans those he doesn’t like but allows shit content blatantly against the rules to go on unabated) and JayStark02, who is about as useless as a buzzard on a shit wagon…

but was also sent to Wargaming in a ticket when, as usual, the useless fucking Nazi moderators looked right at it and did absolutely nothing about it.

For those too lazy to read the attachments, the names are:


This name refers to the supreme being, the master race that Hitler spoke of and mentioned by name many times.


That one is self explanatory. What’s more, he’s a member of GSH, the Nazi clan we’ve told Wargaming about that they’ve done nothing about as well.


This SS Panzer unit fought in Northern France during the D-Day invasion and in the weeks afterwards. This Nazi asshole is also a member of GSH. Why are we NOT surprised?

Now, there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOUBT that the names in question reference Nazis. None. ZERO. It’s about as cut and dry as it gets.

So what do Wargaming come back with? You guessed it: the same bullshit auto-responder email everybody gets and has gotten for years:

So they took action!

Umm…no they didn’t. Now, if the names in question were not in violation of the rules, then why don’t they explain that? Why don’t they respond with, “We understand how you are interpreting those names, but we find them to be in line with out directives and not a violation so no action was taken”?

I mean, to say you “took action” means you did something about it. But clearly, they didn’t. At all. Nothing. Not one fucking thing was done. They simply reply with an email saying they did something but the fact is they did nothing at all.

That’s how they roll, folks. It’s all lies, bullshit and Nazi Protectionism at its finest. They don’t even come CLOSE to enforcing their own rules!

Now, as if that weren’t enough, another ticket is sent in sort of stating what we just said:

Now, if there was any doubt in their minds before that message as to whether the names were Nazi in nature, then that doubt should have been COMPLETELY removed by that statement.

So surely, after all of that, they took action. Right?

WRONG! Same fucking auto-responding, we-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck bullshit:

Folks, we’ve been combating this bullshit for just over a year now. Straight up. We’re not alone in doing so. People send us stories like this time and again, we publish them time and again, and nothing happens time and again.

Now, the funny part of all of this is that YOU CAN’T DISCUSS THIS ON THE WARGAMING FORUMS.

At all. Ever.

That being the case, how is it that it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to discuss it, but you can OPENLY DISPLAY IT?

How the flying fuck is that even possible?!!?

There’s only one possible explanation, folks:


There simply is no other plausible explanation at this point. When you do everything you can to ignore your own rules, when you take action AGAINST the people FIGHTING the Nazis, when you AIDE, ABED AND PROTECT THE FUCKING NAZIS, THEN YOU ARE  A FUCKING NAZI.

And you want to know who’s doing it? We have a list of them RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    How absolutely revolting. I’m really wondering how these people live with themselves.

    Another point is: If the “all white” crew at Wargaming North America weren’t racist, why wouldn’t they do something about all of this rather than actually take an active part in covering it up and letting it happen?

    Frankly, you should put the swastika next to each and every one of them until some action is taken to rid the game of this abomination.

  2. Thing 1

    Now THERE’S a fucking idea!

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Seems like someone did try to do that not to long ago. And, suddenly out of no where a legal professional showed up strangely. What was strange was back in 2014, if they decided to label you a Nazi on the forum, they would then turn around and ban you for being a Nazi when they made the accusation themselves !! While you were demanding it was not true! And simply because their shills said so who were infact the Nazis !!

    Wow, is it not amazing how their little minds operate!

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    After all Trump gave them the green light ! ?

  5. Thing 1

    There’s something to that. All the damn Nazis have been emboldened since their Tweeter-in-chief took office.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    That is a fact.

    When the President of the United States doesn’t instantly, totally, and without any hesitation denounce the Nazis that caused death of that young lady, then he simply tells them, “I’m with you! I’ve got your back! Be a Nazi in the open because I’ll cover for you!”

    It’s revolting on a level I never imagined possible in this country.

    There’s only one bright point in all of this: James Buchanan is finally, after over 150 years, going to lose the position of ‘Worst President in American History’ to Donald Trump.

    And in another “thank God” observation: That will also knock George W. Bush out of the top 10 worst ever presidents. He’ll be bumped to number 11.


    I wonder what happens to me now that I am at Strike Level 4 for calling Victor Kislyi
    CEO of the Wargaming a Fascist Zionazi Fake-Jew Khazar Son of a Jewish Organized Crime Syndicate Father? If I reach Strike Level 5 will I been banned from all Wargaming Crap forever? Will I be forced to seek restitution for the thousands of dollars I have spent on this fucktard game by tracking him down with my 7-brothers, assassinate his bodyguards, and capture Victor alive, ankle-cuffing him to dangle by one ankle over a small campfire to slow cook until well done? So many questions! So few really good answers! 😀 😛


    I really detest Victor calling me a Goy all the time and so I started calling him a Fascist Zionazi Terrorist, which isn’t far from the truth.


    World of Tanks was a Zionazi farce from the first get go and has just steadily become what it is today. An organized crime owned enterprise and money pit for suckers like me who were stupid enough to trust these desert dwelling Hillbillies who stole Palestine after stealing Canaan. It is time to force their clothes and leave everything else behind and move back to Germany where they came from.

  10. Thing 1

    First off, welcome aboard.

    Secondly, if you get a 5th strike you’ll be permabanned from the forums if that’s where you’re getting the strikes. They CAN ban you from the game as well, but they wont do that. They need your money.

    Thirdly, I moved your comments to this post from the Login page as we don’t use the Login page for commenting. I thought this post was a more appropriate place for your comments.

    Lastly, yeah. These fucking assholes take the cake. They’re the most racist organization I’ve ever come across and pal, I know a guy that’s actually in the KKK. They’re not NEARLY as bad as Wargaming is.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Dude, I should be asking the same question as he does. I have more than once in game chat ask Victor to Resign, fix his game, and told him to Rot in hell with his broken ass Match Maker !!! So, I am too guilty.

    If they take my game account account away, I’ll snap and start calling Lawyers etc 🙁 I’ll not do something like the guy in Las Vegas did, but I will not be a happy camper if they take that gaming account.

    If WG is looking for real trouble! They’ll get a shit storm from me then ( a for real one)

  12. Gomez_Adams

    Actually, you wouldn’t be able to sue Victor. You’d have to sue Wargaming North America. So you would in fact be suing Jay Cohen and your lawyer would in all likelihood list every head of department as well in the suit.

    Once they are all deposed by your attorney, it will become clear who actually “hit the button” that banned you, who ordered it, who approved it and those will be the actual people listed in the final filing for the court.

    Unless any of them state the order came directly from Victor, he really has nothing at all to do with it.

  13. Insurrectional_Leftist

    So another words, they will die of their own actions, or be a sacrafical lamb for Victor (unless WG steps in and takes responsibility for it, or they squeal and rat him out, and I don’t think they want that to happen) So, what would happen then?

  14. Gomez_Adams

    That’s how the legal system works – it’s whoever performs the action and/or is responsible for the action.

    You can name the owner in a suit saying that it’s ultimately his responsibility, but you would be hard pressed to prove he had knowledge of and directly enforced that action.

    It would be like trying to sue the Owner of a car dealership because a mechanic tried to cheat you on a repair bill. You would have to show at the very least that the owner knew about it and took no action to rectify the situation for him to be culpable of it.

    The only other way would be to show a pattern of systematic neglect on his part. Now that’s a whole new story there – but the amount of money such a suit would take makes it all but impossible to even contemplate.

  15. Icon_Charlie

    More or less what Gomez commented on is correct.

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