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Whisky A Go Go vs Ron Copeland aka GeorgePreddy

* This Featured Image is of the alleged 70 year old Ron Copeland and his hot, Brazilian supermodel wife he claims to have.*

Well folks, it’s taken some time to track down all the pages of yet ANOTHER deleted thread to get all the shots to put this together. Now, all of you should know by now who GeorgePreddy is and how much of a failed, epic loser of a man he is. If you don’t, you can read about him here and a part two of that here.

Some guys are just so fucking awful it defies belief…because here is what amounts to a part three.

Now this whole thing started when a dude made a thread about how to spot a stooge (or shill if you will). It is now, of course, deleted as usual because Whisky absolutely fucking owned one of Wargaming’s “live in moms garage, shut-in, has-no-life” forum warriors.

Here’s the OP:

Simple enough, eh? I mean, if he had made that in off topic it could have probably rolled on unnoticed and been a pretty fucking good time.

But nooooooooo. First fucking poster to hit it was GeorgePreddy. Whisky bitch slaps him immediately.

Whisky 1 – Ron 0

It rolls on with a back and forth that can best be described as a fucking beat-down of Biblical proportion. Ron walked into a battle of wits COMPLETELY unarmed as usual. Seriously guys, put your drinks down before you read this shit because you’ll be fucking dying by the end of it:

Now it’s at this point that Ron realizes he’s in over his fucking head. He knows he’s stone cold fucking busted. So what does he do? What he always does: switches over to an alt account to try to defend himself. That exchange doesn’t go any better and he gets owned AGAIN.

So after getting owned fucking TWICE in the span of minutes, he swaps back to his main account and gives what must be the most sorry-assed, pathetic, completely bullshit excuse since “my dog ate my homework and was then abducted by aliens or I would have cut him open to get it back”.

And then, of course, the famous post that got Whisky his first strike. Full disclosure: this shit  was a pathetic post to get a strike over. You’ve got to up your fucking game man. Make the next strike actually WORTH getting.

Have fun in the comments section, folks!

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  1. Rafalefighter47

    Had lots of fun watching the argument. Is George a narcissist? Because if there’s one symptom of NPD is that you(George) lie ALL THE TIME!!! Thing 1, did I not tell you that I was an average player? I’m gonna be honest about this also, I’m a wimp in the strength section as I was born with low muscle tone so while I can lift SOME heavy stuff that doesn’t mean I can hold say my(hypotheticalof course) bride in my arms. Look up my stats, I don’t make stuff up. I know I’m not great, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never performed well. Like I said, there are times where I’m good but not pro good and there are times when I’m bad. Moral of the story is, don’t lie about yourself and be honest with yourself. Last moral of the story, don’t lie about yourself, because you’re gonna be proven the hard way that you(George and his ilk) are incredibly delusional and stupid.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    That’s an all day long, out behind the barn spanking. Well done, Whisky.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    My mouth is hanging open! What make’s these guys just keep doing it? I mean seriously? At what point does it take to make them stop? What level of delusion make’s them believe that they can keep fooling themselves that they are such frauds to keep doing this? To actually believe that people on the forum believe they have any credibility about who, or what they really are?
    You know, “What if someone pulled some sort of Michael Moore job on this ASS ? I mean if someone cornered him out in public locally in the mall, or on the side walk, with a hidden camera ( or situation etc. ) in one of those senarios, started an got him on topic about World of Tanks, and got him to admit to who he was, and on topic about the forum etc… Get some more on camera goods that would burn a hole in the earth he stood on !
    And get everyone to come over here to view it. LOL, LOL 😀 I wonder if the Green Goblin would be using Green ink anymore ?

  4. Zeedox

    Post edited to embed gif rather than Youtube link by Thing 1

  5. Thing 1

    The guy is simply out to fucking lunch.

    At least Laceylace finally got with the program after we busted his ass with that video clip and he changed his name (now he’s Huey_Long) and started acting like a fucking guy.

    He’s still a fucking prick, but I can at least say that he learned his fucking lesson and dropped the facade.

  6. PrinzEugen85

    Hello gentlemen, long time, no see. I love seeing this good for nothing waste of a Calvin and Hobbes avatar being ripped a new one. What a freak.

  7. _Gungrave_

    I’ve seen people use their real name online for various non social media sites and it NEVER ends well.

  8. Whisky_A_Go_Go

    Permabanned today. I have no idea why. I didn’t get into it with anybody at all. Just “poof” and I’m permabanned for other/misc.

    Only had one strike. Odd. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

  9. Thing 1

    LMMFAO!!! There you go! Well done! From one strike to fucking OUT!!!


  10. Shadora


    You have made some funny posts, but in reality, the WG forum has been dead for ages and all that is left are fanbios who are either employees on alt accounts or ball hanging fools with too much time on their hands trying to defend a game being run into the ground.

    The game already died, but no one told them. They never got the memo. It really is sad how fast they destroyed the game. They make ridiculous decisions without even listening to feedback from players and then promise to finally listen and just continue to ignore players.

    They will not change. They will ride this game into the dirt still believing they know better than everyone else.

    Consider yourself lucky for the forum ban. I don’t post there anymore nor play the game because I have lost interest in the waste of time it has become. The game wasn’t relaxing or rewarding in any way. It is just a poorly managed mess.

    George is a delusional moron. This post is funny as hell and he got buried, but ignorance is bliss and he will just go on in life falling on his face, happily being a virtual pilot married to a Brazilian blow up doll with pink hair.

    The other sad trolls on the forum will do the same and then move on to another game’s forums when this one closes shop. I think the game will die faster than I predicted because what I didn’t account for was more stupid decisions like the PMM memo blaming PMM tanks for the MM being so terrible, and not the devs creating such a dogshit system to begin with, but them blaming it on players and even saying the devs and players are finally happy with the shit they put out with the MM is an outright lie.

    There is no way they do not know players hate it because every poll on their forums, NA, EU and RU all hate the 3/5/7 MM. They are liars besides begin incompetent.

    As the game loses more and more people the percentage of players playing for free will increase due to the value not being there to pay for, but only there for some as a free game. To me, the game has zero value. It is a complete mess so far removed from being playable or enjoyable that I would rather do just about anything else.

    I always enjoyed your posts however the forums truly died a year or so ago and nothing is left there except people complaining about the game and a few trolls trying to defend. They literally post all day long in every thread. It really is a sad state of affairs but they have nothing better to do. They probably hate the game and stopped playing it long ago too.

  11. Icon_Charlie

    The reason why I still post there is because I still have to let the Fanbois know that all of their bullshit does not equate to actual data being thrown up there by myself and other people. Of course I ignore them. I’m the one that posted 25 grand in a dare just to shut the assholes up. You should see my hobby money now.

    But I digress. To combat those pussies is to state the facts. You think I really care now about their Admin and the Stalin police being ran over there? We all bleed the same color so the answer is flat out no.

    People are on the forum by their own example posting how to get their money back from their credit cards. We were the first on this site to show that it is possible. We are also by our diligence to keep the fanbois looking like the fools that they are.

    The Russian mindset of management is lowbrow, and pretty much anything goes. It not illegal unless you get caught. It shows in this game.

    There is no reason for 3rd party software in this game unless the company is making money off of it.

    There is no reason why there are so many hacks in the game unless they are making a profit from it, which means by not spending money on stopping the hacks or… “other” things.

    There no reason for them having a bank, but you know where this line of thought leads as well.

    This game has grounded down to be such a slot machine mentality with Bots filling up the gaps in game play.

    In a few years this game will be a complete non issue but until then the newcommers who do come into the forum need to be informed. Those who look at my profile which btw has not changed since I’ve joined will see I am no fool in the certain fields and skill sets of my long life.

    There is an old biker saying that goes like this. “Respect the man who walked the dark side of biking and lived”.

    I am such of that man.

    And when these shit head assholes, many of them who have not grown hair on their ball sacs start telling certain things that I know a fucking a lot about… well they are going to get bitch slapped in anyway possible.

    The easiest way is of course showing these freaks the truth and rattling their cages.

    So yea I’ll be there posting and keeping the fools honest until I am no longer able to do so.

    Because I am Icon_Charile “The Mad Hatter of Mania” “The Prince of Rebellion” and “The Chronicler of Chance”…

    I am the nicest guy you never want to meet… Peace out. 🙂

  12. Gomez_Adams

    The guy is simply shameless.

    He’ll be telling these same stories to his street buddies when his parents pass away and he has to at long last fend for himself.

    He’ll be telling them all about how he was a big shot once upon a time. The funny part is that he’ll never explain how he lost it all.

    Because he never had any of it to begin with.

  13. Zeedox

    Just posted this to wg as a posting complaint about preddy’s latest grotesque lies on the forums..
    Submitted to wg:
    “pure unadulterated lies. as long as you let this shithead (you read that right, shithead, george preddy) continue this fucking charade you’re just as fucking culpable as he is for those LIES.

    this is pure fucking bullshit to the true fucking heroes back then and to allow shitheads like george preddy to climb on the fucking bandwagon is obscene and disrespectful in the highest regard.”

    fuck george preddy and his lying ass.

  14. Thing 1

    Don’t hold back now, Z. Tell us all how you REALLY fucking feel about him.

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist

    What is that low-life Preddy doing now? What worthless lying sack of **** he is. That no good for nothing ass munch, couldn’t possibly drop dead fast enough, WG is responsible for all his ilk, by letting him get away with his slimy behavior all the damn time. It’s all on you WG, it’s all on you what preddy get’s away with !!

  16. robertthred

    Ol’ George there strikes me as the type that would take a pistol to a video game tourney in Jacksonville FL just in case he loses.

  17. Thing 1

    Nah. He’s too chicken shit for anything like that. He’s a fucking cave dweller that lives in his step father’s basement and nothing more.

    In other news: A troll account running through a VPN doens’t last long here. So, try again with a real account. You could use your own, Ron. You’re not fooling anybody.

  18. Insurrectional_Leftist

    ? LOL He just can’t quit can he?

  19. Zeedox

    Apparently people ARE that stupid.

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