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RELIC: The Gayest Clan on Earth

You know, we here at Exposing World of Tanks started this whole thing to show the blatant bullying, rules violations and bullshit that go on in this game. These pages are chock-full-O first rate assholes, each and every one PROVEN to be a worthless prick.

Well, folks, it’s not every day this happens, but an ENTIRE CLAN has gone out of its way to prove themselves all…well…several things at once. It USED to be a leading clan in World of Tanks, but has digressed into what can best be described as a bunch of also ran, bitter, immature, latent homosexuals.

How do we know this? Well, there’s some circumstantial evidence, and then there’s some direct proof. For starters, let’s take a look at RELIC’s clan logo:

Hmmmmm…yea. Catch me – fuck me glasses, pursed lips, hat cocked at ridiculous angle…yea. It doesn’t get much more suggestively gay than that.

Then there’s this on their clan page:

PREDOMINATELY” 18+. Hmmm…so they like ’em younger if they’re “mature” enough. Well, that’s pretty suggestive too, is it not?

So then we get to what happened in general chat last night. What happened can best be described as a “coming out” party by RELIC as a whole. It was inspirational that so many would take the leap at once, but they didn’t just come out for themselves, they actually tried to recruit Insurrectional Leftist to the cause. Here you go:

So, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following members of RELIC on their “mature” coming out party:





Ser_G (Read as Sir Gay, of course…a new “recruit” ;))


Chewy_Sammich (Obviously the pivot man in all of this. He’s been passed around more clans than a joint at a Black Crowes concert.)


Congratulations, gays…I mean, guys. We here at Exposing World of Tanks are very, very proud of you all. It takes guts to come out at all, let alone in numbers like that. Well done!

We do have a suggestion though: you should use this content on your clan page. We feel it’s much better suited to who you really are and what you really stand for:

All of that aside, what happened next was a bit weird. All of a sudden, they started flooding the chat with this:

Wait a tic…did Thomas Aebi get arrested?

Has he been jailed?

Held without bond?

Did he go and get caught with child porn on his computer AGAIN?!

Oh well…you can lead a pervert to water, but you can’t make him stop surfing child porn.

As if that weren’t enough, they finish up the night flooding with this:

What the hell is that all about? Seriously, we’re all baffled. He IS a veteran. So, are you suggesting he’s a person into self loathing?

Who knows? We’re obviously dealing with the under 18, but “mature” end of the RELIC clan, so there’s really no telling.

At any rate, congratulations to the RELIC clan and it’s “new attitude” and “coming out” party. It was, to say the very least, inspiring.

Well done, ladies!

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  1. Frau_Blooka

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I don’t care who you are that’s some funny shit right there!!!

    It is, isn’t it? What cracks me up more than anything is that it’s grown men behaving that way. These guys are in their 30’s and 40’s for fucks sake.

    It’s not only funny, it’s actually a pathetic, classless and moronic as hell display. I have come to the conclusion that RELIC is actually the Westboro Baptist Church.

    – Thing 1

  2. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my. A bunch of grown men chat spamming Leftist is gay and that’s the mature leg of the clan? I mean, that’s their Executive Officer leading the way for crying out loud. Words fail me.

    You? At a loss for words? Well shit…there really IS a first time for everything. 😉

    – Thing 1

  3. Speedy_DePalma

    Bunch of sponsor deserving MLG superstars aren’t they? Oh wait no they’re not they get their shit pushed in every year by the top Russian and European clans in the championships.

    Getting their shit pushed in. LMFAO! Nice one!

    – Thing 1

  4. Gomez_Adams

    That is funny as hell, Speedy. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Speedy_DePalma

    I’m dead serious about that, the NA server is the minor leagues compared to the Russians and the clans here spent so much time circle-jerking eachother and collaborating via teamspeak how to divide up the territories and keep prospecting players down that when they go toe to toe against a real clan with real sponsors and actually play with together in the same room they get their asses handed to them.

    We’re well aware of that. What does it say about the state of this game when the best team in Russia quit the league because there was no interest in even doing it anymore?

    – Thing 1

  6. 4khan

    Proud to be a part of the relic community, thanks for making my day

    Of course you are. No decent clan would have you, so you’ll take what you can get, Mr. 53%.

    4 years ago, they would have laughed your ass out of there for even daring apply. Now, you get in because they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, and all your fail clan is good for is circle jerking and flooding general chat and harassing people.

    You sure as hell can’t play the game, so you gotta do what you know.

    – Thing 1

  7. PrinzEugen85

    Tsavo’s in the clink, or is that just wishful thinking?

    He’s the pivot man / crack whore of them all. The guy probably has an ass you can drive a car through.

    – Thing 1

  8. Gomez_Adams

    So I actually played a couple games last night. Good to see REL2 still keeping it classy.

    REL2 still keeping it classy

  9. Thing 1

    Ahhhh yeah! Went running in, got his shit blown up and then cried like a bitch didn’t he?

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist

    RELIC all right.. That’s them.

  11. Gomez_Adams

    That’s EXACTLY what he did, T1. The guy that got him was an ISU TD. So he yells at a turret-less TD for camping…which is what you have to do in a turret-less TD.


  12. Frau_Blooka

    Those fuckers have been assholes since day one!!

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