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goldman69 – bot player protected by Wargaming

Well folks, you just can’t make this shit up.

Wargaming is on the offensive protecting bot players. No shit. We’ve all known that for years.

But this is one of the most egregious cases we’ve ever seen. Now, this was brought to our attention by Atragon. Let’s take a moment and see who we’re talking about here:

Pretty damn decent player. This is the kind of guy you’d love to have on your team. He’s also the kind of guy you like to play against. A good player that obviously tries very hard to do well.

So he got shit-can banned by the fucking asshole Wargaming mods over this worthless piece of shit:

Really? I mean FUCKING SERIOUSLY?!?!

You have absolutely GOT to be shitting me. You’re going to 7 day ban a guy that tries his best, cares about the game, does what he can, over THIS FUCKING WORTHLESS, BOTTING, SUICIDING PIECE OF SHIT?!?!

A fucking 32 overall Wn8. He doesn’t even qualify for bot, folks! Botting software is actually better than that.

What this asshole does is go out and suicide pretty much every game he plays just to piss people off. That’s his idea of a good time. That’s all he does, folks. That’s how bots actually have better stats than he does.

goldman69 actually tries his level best to be fucking awful and piss people off. And Wargaming protects him for it.

So basically what happened is this: Atragon entered a game. Immediately at the start, goldman69 announces to everybody that he’s going to kill himself in a lake.

And then he drives straight into the lake and drowns.

Now, Atragon didn’t use this worthless piece of shits name on the forum. All he did was post a link to the replay and ask if botting software could do shit like this.

Now the answer is: yes, it can. But that’s not the point. The point is that Wargaming immediately banned him for the post for 7 days and deleted the thread.

Yeah. Good job, Wargaming you worthless fucks. Protect THAT worthless, botting piece of shit and punish the players that actually CONTRIBUTE something to your fucking worthless game.

This is yet another example of why Wargaming went tits up in North America. I mean, shit, when you let worthless, suicide bots run your game, you deserve to go out of business.

But while we’re on the subject, something else came up when this was brought to our attention:

Apparently, Wargaming had banned nearly all of their fucking player base, so they switched to a 5 strike system to try to keep people around longer.

They of course never announced this change to anybody that was permanently banned after three strikes.

That of course is because their fucking forum trolls are all racking up 3 strikes now and they had to extend their limit to keep them trolling the populous.

So once again, Wargaming moves the fucking goal posts on everybody to help themselves while fucking over their player base that actually gave a damn about the game from the outset.

Protect the trolls, bots, assholes and worthless fucks at all costs. It’s the Wargaming way.

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Wargaming and their punitive moderating procedures! Have been, and still are the more corrupt, maladaptive, twisted, of any on-line game out there. It’s like Stalin himself operates their policies. They brow beat the successful, the corrupt one’s are protected etc. Average players are shaken down in the middle. The logic is simply mind boggling.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    Something just occurred to me: isn’t this the same bot account that someone else had reported several times before a few years ago?

    I seem to remember a Canadian something account outing a bot with very similar stats several times until he was banned for it permanently.

    Back in 2015 or 2016 when we were all still playing.

    I’m just sure I’ve seen this account before.

  3. WolfAttack_1

    Let’s make it clear that this is NA and their piss poor moderation program ( if you can call it that ). Remember, WGing NA is more interested in chat / forum / in-game bans than in game quality or, for that matter, ANYTHING else that would help the game. I mentioned it before as a question: How does WGing NA have no time for customer service issues yet they have plenty of time to scour their worthless site to ban players for, well, for not liking them???
    What we have here is lunatics running the asylum. I don’t know of a better answer. A bunch of retards in Austin Texas. And who is the fruitcake that took Meathead Militia’s place?

  4. Thing 1

    @ Gomez: Yeah man! I remember that shit but I can’t remember who it was. But you’re right. Somebody had called out an obvious bot like this before. I’m just not sure if it’s the same account or not.

    @ Worf: Dude, I think it’s this simple – Wargaming are running shit tons of programmed bots that do all kinds of crazy shit to make it look like there’s still a lot of people playing.

    There aren’t.

    That’s why they don’t do anything against the fucking bots and punish the actual players to shut them up. They don’t like people proving how fucking full of shit their player numbers are.

    On an experiment years ago, me and two others created new accounts and ran Tank Leader, the best botting program for World of Tanks at the time. (It’s no longer made because nobody was interested in the game anymore.)

    You can set your bot up to run specific patterns on specific maps, shoot with auto aim, even type messages at random to appear to be a real player.

    That’s exactly what Wargaming does. They run shit loads of bots ’round the fucking clock programmed to look real. That’s also why there are so many wipeout wins and loses now: It’s always a team full of bots and three players on one team vs. a team of all players and maybe two or three bots on the other.

    It’s literally shooting fish in a barrel.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @WolfAttack, I have no idea who the dude is that took Meathead’s place? That wears the little bow-tie? Probably one of their little insiders that has always been there the whole time in the background? Or has connections with one of the Devs? Or someone owed a favor to someone? Or related to someone? Might even be related in some way to one of the Wargaming heads? Or could be a big pleaser company man to Wargaming?
    Maybe with some further research we can find out “who he is?”

  6. Gomez_Adams

    They have a new guy doing stupid videos?

    I would ask why, but it’s Wargaming. Probably a guy thinking that doing it for free will boost his internet ‘cred’. The poor sap.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    It’s that Micheal Lovan dude…

    Edited to embed video by Thing 1

  8. Thing 1

    So they got rid of a douche bag and hired an epic douche bag.

    Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, they just keep flowing downward like a river does. Seldom ever changing course.

  10. TANKER-U853

    Thanks for posting that. I was scratching my head thinking I (Atragon) was wrong to post it but it occurs to me WG does not like ombudsman type people in their forums bringing any kind of embarrassment to their game or revealing their scam like behavior. They cater to or their marketing target audience seems to be unsuspecting naive people .

    Thanks again!!!

  11. Thing 1

    No problem, dude!

    Contrary to what the fucking trolls say, it’s why we’re here: to point out the complete bullshit that goes on and who is responsible for it no matter who the fuck it is.

  12. Thing 1

    I’ll check that out in just a few moments.

  13. Thing 1


    What a fucking noob! Tsavo is such a fucking douche bag.

  14. Gomez_Adams

    I don’t even have the game installed anymore. I saw the report sheet on the replay link. Looks like he was trying to help stat pad for his two TD platoon mates and it didn’t end well.

    What happened?

  15. Thing 1

    He did the usual “run around in circles hoping like fuck that lag, ping and RNG keeps you from getting your ass killed” scouting and got owned. I’ll capture it a bit later and post it.

  16. Thing 1

    OK, here it is. Now, there’s about two minutes of game before this happens I think. All he does is run around in circles on the hill when there’s fucking NOBODY there. If you look at the minimap, you’ll see his last marked locations and see that there is nobody to scout where he’s scouting. Even so, he gets fucking owned.

  17. Gomez_Adams


    Well, yeah. That’s what they all do, really. If your platoon mates can cover you and you get a bit lucky, you look like a genius. If they don’t and you’re not, you look like a fool.

    That’s one of the biggest thing that annoyed me so much about WoT (and Warships for that matter) from day one: there’s just SO much RNG that luck and numbers play a whole lot more role than any individual skill.

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