You are currently viewing Revenant Style! Another desperate money grab by World of Tanks.

Revenant Style! Another desperate money grab by World of Tanks.

Well folks, it’s the holiday season! And nothing says it’s the holiday season like yet another ridiculous money grabbing attempt by Wargaming with it’s new Revenant Style.

So what is Revenant Style and how do I get it, you ask? Well, it’s a lame, non-functional 3d addition to a tank that you pay out the ass for. That’s about it.

Here it is:

Revenant Style – Money Grab 2019 kicks off for Wargaming!

So what it boils down to is some little attachments of 3d art on your tank. That’s it. That’s all it is. For example’s sake, we’re going to take a look at the cheapest skin, the Panther II at $16.99.

To start things off, lets take a look at a plain Jane Panther II:

Plain Jane Panther II from the Wiki page.

Not a bad looking tank, I must say! So what is it and how much does it cost? Well folks, you can get this tank free-to-play. It’s a Tier 8 Medium Tank on the German line. It costs 2,390,000 credits. Here it is in the Tankopedia:

Panther II tank from Tankopedia

Now, just for shits and giggles and lack of anything better to do on a Friday, let’s see what this tanks monetary value is, shall we?

The Gold to Credits exchange rate in World of Tanks is 1 to 400 respectively. That means that for every one gold you spend, you’ll get 400 credits. So that means the tank actually costs 5,975 Gold. The closest amount of gold you can buy to that is 6,500 that goes for $29.79. At that price, that means that each gold coin is worth .0045 cents. So that means the Panther II is actually worth $26.89.

For that, you get the whole tank. Now they’re wanting you to pay damn near the entire value of the tank to get this:

Panther II Revenant Ripoff

You get lights! (That don’t fucking work.) And for some strange reason you lose the side skirts. But you get some barbed wire too! (That doesn’t fucking work.)

All of that for ONLY $16.99!!!

Pardon me for just a minute…

Now, as if that weren’t enough, they’re also offering a gold pack to get you through the night. Here it is:

Ridiculous Gold Pack Offer

WOW! WHAT A DEAL! ONLY $450.00!!!

Forgive us all for just a moment.

Folks, if you want a Panther II with lights on it and a decent camo, here’s a bit of advice:

Play War Thunder. You get one for free:

Panther II War Thunder

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  1. Zeedox

    A fire sale that burns you, typical wg.

  2. Gomez_Adams

    This sort of reminds me of the black tanks and ships from a couple years or so ago. Remember those? Same exact premium tank/ship with a black camo on it for the same price?

    Everybody I knew was laughing about it. Why on earth would you spend 50 dollars or so for what is literally the same exact premium vehicle painted black?

    I’m betting this is the same idea, only a camo/3d mod that’s cheaper because the “black” sale was a disaster and nobody bought them.

  3. Thing 1

    This sort of reminds me of the black tanks and ships from a couple years or so ago. Remember those?

    I do remember those! That was back in 2016.

    Remember Guido? He bought the T34 black. So he calls me up and tells me he bought it. I say: didn’t you already have the T34? He says yes. I say: what the hell are you doing? It’s the same damn tank only black!

    So we argue over it and I finally tell him just log on to the damn game and check the stats. So I’m listening to him clickity clickity click and mumbling the stats off as he goes from one to the other and finally he says: Oh man. I’m a fucking idiot.

    And I said: yes, Guido. Yes you are!


  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Guido, I remember him. Is he still around in the game? Or the community for that matter? Just curious.

    I still found it amazing how certain vehicles ( ex: the T34 ) as with many you could get great stats with on the E.U. vs. NA Other vehicle’s it was the opposite ( but always diametrically opposed ), when there was no reason for it.
    All variables held constant, I even used my 56% win rate T34 against my T34 EU tank, even with far fewer battles which would have a lower WR. I leveled crews for testing, equipment was equal, I even discussed it with multiple Unicums on the E.U. They found it also interesting.

    But as soon as you posted that on the NA discussion forum in two pages down comes the Ban Hammer !!

  5. Thing 1

    He is and he isn’t. He moved down to the coast (Gulf Shores) for a good job there. He’s not online much anymore. About like me really. We’ll PM each other once in a while but that’s about it. Bastard still wont give up his sauce recipe.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    I haven’t been to Gulf Shores since I was a teenager. I think I was 19 the last time I was there. It used to be a really nice place back then.

  7. huash76

    Had a kinda juicy story. Didn’t quite know where to put this or even if I could put this in here so here it goes…

    One of my friends is getting theatened by WG that they are gonna take a camo away from his account. ima say this friend he’s sorta unicum, kinda super unicum. Many tier 10s, many clan wars tanks. alot of gold, credits, bonds, etc. Now this doesn’t sound too bad right? Their taking something they gave to him away, right.

    So he reset his account the other day so he could basically reroll his main account and WG let him keep his prem tanks and special camos he earned. The thing is there was 1 camo that was only given to like 10% of the top players on NA. He earned this camo. See this camo is a Pre-set style. Now when he reset his account, WG, in their infinite wisdom, gave him the camo which they was supposed to do anyways. But instead of it being a pre-set style, it was made into a regular camo set.

    Not any regular camo, its now transparent. So he had the ability to put any base paint under this camo turning it into something not even the 1% top players on any server have.
    So now he’s being threatened, as i’ve said before, by WG. They said they are going to take this camo set away. But he was told because he the only one to even have sumthing like this, even the devs themselves don’t have this, when they remove it its going to break/delete his account. Now they offered, get this, they offered him any tier 8 prem he wanted in exchange for the camo. He said they must be fuking joking. All the tier 8 prems combined aren’t worth this camo. The camo itself is worth 1,000$. They gave him a week to decide and after he still hasn’t decided their gonna take it away regardless of what he decides.

    Now i’ve heard that the way they can fix it so it doesn’t break account it literally a 400KB micropatch. Just copy sum files over to their server and hit the Update button and Bam, done. No WG is gonna be fucking lazy.

  8. Thing 1

    Typical Wargaming bullshit. If you can give us more information, like who this actually is and when this actually happened, we would main story it in a heartbeat.

    It sounds to me like what happened was someone in programming that reset his account simply fucked up and what they’re trying to do is hide the fact they really fucked up from the supervisors and folks higher up the food chain. In other words, they’re trying to cover their own asses by throwing him under the bus.

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