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Nunya_000 – Cheat Denier, Useless Advice Giver Extraordinaire!

Nunya_000 is one of those people that are in every sense of the word, useless.

Seriously – the guy gives advice he’s not qualified to give, talks shit he knows nothing about, and more than anything denies that any cheat exist or has ever existed in World of Tanks. No matter how obvious it is, no matter how many people talk about it and know about it, no matter how many videos you see, articles by Wargaming themselves are posted, he’s a “head-in-sand, fingers-in-ears, lah-lah-lah-lah can’t hear you” village idiot.

If you ever need help with anything, advice on anything, or suspect something and this asshole shows up, IMMEDIATELY believe the opposite of whatever he says and you’ll be pretty much spot on.

Proof you say? No problem! He leaves it everywhere he goes. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

The thread: can a standard account run past tier 7

The thread title says it all. Here comes Nunya_000 to the rescue with this golden response:

View PostNunya_000, on Aug 01 2017 – 09:42, said:

Try to avoid using consumables if at all possible.  I understand that using that consumable may be the difference between dying in a battle or surviving.  However, if you survive and then do no significant damage, the consumable was pretty much wasted and only cost you credits.

An average player can make a credit profit at tier VII.  They can normally break even at tier VIII.  They will likely lose credits at tier IX and X.  Having a few premium tanks can normally keep you in the green creditwise and they will probably need to be ran often to keep you in credits in you plan on running tier VIII and above a lot.

Wow. Just wow. OK, for the record I think it’s important to see who EXACTLY is giving such groundbreaking advice.

Woof! OK, so let’s take his reply line by line:

  1. It’s not possible to play nearly ANY tier without using ANY consumables, numbnutts…and when you get to T8 you simply CAN NOT do it. Unless you don’t care and want to die very, very quickly.
  2. If he survives you idiot he actually has a lower repair bill in the vast majority of cases, so using a consumable may in fact help, not hurt.
  3. He didn’t ask about making credits at tier 7 idiot. He specifically stated PAST TIER 7. That means tier 8 and up for those of you who have number issues.
  4. Nothing breaks even at T8 on a loss if you’re average except a premium vehicle.
  5. Likely lose credits at T9 and T10? LIKELY? No, shithead – you WILL lose credits T9 and T10 no matter what on a loss. It’s guaranteed. There is no LIKELY to it. On a win you’re lucky to break even at T9 and make a few credits and at T10 you will most times lose credits even in a win unless it’s an EPIC performance.

Now, all of that said, the real question is: why the hell is he even commenting on it? He seldom ever plays above T7 to begin with. In fact, of his 20,611 games, only 12% have been played above T7 and of those battles he’s not very good at all. So how the hell would he know?

He wouldn’t. He doesn’t. But he’s just GOT to weigh in with his two cents even when it’s not worth half that.

Then of course there’s the cheats denial. (Probably because he uses them ’round the clock and tries to discredit anybody that spots them being used.)

For instance, this thread: Cheating is Alive and Well

The statement from the OP is simply that he spotted someone using aimbot, which is a cheat and is well documented, so he called him out in a PM in game. What does the guy do? Call him full of shit? Tell him to fuck off?

Nope. He offers to show the OP where to get it if he doesn’t report him. Here’s the screen shot posted by the OP:

So what does our boy Nunya_000 come back with?

View PostNunya_000, on Aug 03 2017 – 09:03, said:

Dude….don’t go through life so naive.  They are trolling and laughing at you.

Really? So you know that how, exactly? I mean, we all know aimbot is real. We all know it’s banned. We all know people are still using it. We all know Wargaming has been banning people from the game permanently for using illegal mods, so what makes you think the guy isn’t serious? Let’s get back to that later.

Moving on to a thread right next to that one: Aimbot

OP describes a simple situation and ask if it could be aimbot being used against him. What does Numbnutts_000 come back with?

View PostNunya_000, on Aug 02 2017 – 09:37, said:

If you are being fired at by a brass musical instrument, I would say there is definitely a cheat being used.

Right,  moron.

Once again this asshat denies any and all possibility that a cheat is being used. In fact, according to him, none exist. It’s simply made up. So now the question becomes, “How does EWOT know it exist?”

Simple – Here’s Quickybaby showing it to you telling all EXACTLY how it works:

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. They don’t hide these cheats, folks. They’re everywhere, advertised, easy to find. Wargaming knows all about it, but does nothing. Why? Because at this stage of the game they’re probably making more money off the cheats than they are the damn game.

Here’s a site where you can get most any cheat you want for World of Tanks or World of Warships: Warpack – Cheats for World of Tanks & World of Warships

And here’s the forum where they talk about how they work: Warpack for WoT & WoWS Forum

So, yeah. They’re out there and readily available. All Wargaming has done is make them use redirects and about 2 months ago they made them start using the word “mods” instead of “cheats and hacks”.

Nice of them, eh?

Then all that’s left for them to do is sit back and watch the cheaters that use all those illegal mods run around their forums with impunity telling everybody that thinks they’ve come up against them that they’re stupid, wrong, a noob, needs to learn to play, or whatever other insult and troll bullshit they care to post.

Funny, isn’t it? How in the face of all the scandal, articles on various sites, thousands of threads, videos, screen shots, all of it, that Nunya_000 still denies they exist at all.

He’ll be the one that denies CO2 is a problem while he’s choking to death on it. And that tells you all you need to know about him.

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  1. Frau_Blooka

    This fucker is a douchebag!! I love how he always talks down to everybody in every fucking post he makes and he’s a fucking average player on a good day. What a fucking asshole!!!

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I think they are growing them in fields and sending them here to WOT on purpose. It’s an epidemic man!

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    We have gotten some new insider information that he’s a real “snitch” and a “back stabber” with the mods and the admins also! A word to anyone that comes here be warned that this little SOB likes to tattle and snitches to the mods, and employees every little chance he gets! He wears his panties on his head, when they get too tight on his genitals.

    This one has deep anal retentive problems. He’s an company prick if there ever was one.

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