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Russian Bias Proven – Scorpiany Banned

You know, folks, sometimes you can just see the shit storm coming. You see it coming from MILES away.

Now, you don’t WANT the shit storm to happen. Of course not. You WANT it to die out before it gets to you. But that rarely if ever happens. Typically, as in this case, it just gets stronger and stronger as it heads your way.

Then it hits.

And here it is:

There has been talk since day one about Russian Bias in this game. Most times, it’s met with the same trolling and bullshit posts from the corporate shills that any other thread that points out flaws is met with.

But not this time, folks. Because, you see, this time it was someone reputable. This time it was a company man that has for YEARS towed the company line. This time he had proof. This time, it was a well thought out, well written dissertation on blatant, wanton Russian Bias in the game to a level best described as fucking ridiculous.

Now, BEFORE we get in to all of it, it’s important to point something out here in the interest of full disclosure:

Scorpiany and I got off on the wrong foot from the outset and we still have our differences of opinion. I have always thought of him as something of a Wargaming shill and he has,  to his credit, proven me wrong on at least three different accounts. That said, he didn’t bring this shit to me. I watched it all happen and now am in the position to post about it because that’s just not Scorpiany’s style.

But it’s definitely my fucking style. It’s right up my alley because it once again shows how fucking awful Wargaming is and how absolutely rotten to the core their moderators are and always have been.

All of that out of the way, here we go. Here’s Scorpiany’s Original Post.

Now, if you click on that, you’re going to see this:

Wow. A complete fucking deletion. Wiped out completely. Not locked, not moved to locked archive so everybody can still see all the trolling of the corporate shills, just COMPLETELY FUCKING OBLITERATED.

It must have been bad.

It must have been outrageous!

Now, just so we have something to compare to so we’re not accused of “EWOT Bias”, let’s take a look at the most recent “locked” threads that were so bad they warranted being locked and the OP banned:

OK. Nothing so outrageous with foul language or porn or any bullshit like that, but obviously shit posts. So why are they allowed to stay up for viewing?

Well, it’s simple, really: because they’re shit posts that everybody shows up and trolls the OP with insults over. Wargaming likes that because they THINK it makes them look good and the player base look like the problem.

So obviously, to be outright deleted, Scorpiany’s post must have been a flaming shit post from hell, right?


Here it is, in its entirety, unedited by us in any way, shape or form:

Come on WarGaming, this isn’t remotely funny. You’ve been flopping around with Ranked Battles for a year now, and you still can’t get the XP system working properly?

You’re not even trying to hide the Russian bias in this game. The recent Russian tanks that got buffed are now better than all direct counter-parts, and now you’re favoring Russian IS-7’s in the XP system?

This really is a joke and a half. Why is it that IS-7’s magically get bonus XP for doing significantly less than everyone else?

To put this into perspective… Keep in mind, spotting counts for half of normal XP.

  • My E4 did 3,655 damage, 104 spotting and 1 kill at point-blank range. This is a combined 3,707 damage worth of XP.
  • The IS-7 above me did 1,869 damage, 1,155 spotting and one kill. This is a combined 2,447 damage worth of XP.

This means that the IS-7 did 1,260 combined damage worth of XP LESS than I did… Yet he gets more XP and the chevron?

Also, look at our Pz.Kpfw VII vs. the IS-7 above him.

  • Pz. Kpfw VII did 1,633 damage and 142 spotting at point-blank range. This is a combined 1,704 damage worth of XP.
  • The IS-7 did 0 damage and 1,170 spotting. This is a combined 585 damage worth of XP.

This means that the other IS-7 did 1,119 combined damage worth of XP LESS than our Pz. Kpfw VII did… Yet he gets more XP?

The Russian bias here is beyond blatant. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and WarGaming isn’t even trying to hide it.

You want to get more XP in Ranked Battles? Play a Russian tank. You may as well anyway – The Obj. 430U is better in almost every single way than a 113.

And again… IS-7 does 0 damage, 446 damage, spotted 1 tank. That counts as 223 damage worth of XP. The BatChat? 1,152 points of damage on targets he was spotting himself. 0 assisted, but spotted 3 tanks. That’s 1,152 damage worth of XP.

So why does the IS-7 get more XP, yet agian?

The system is rigged / biased to favor IS-7 tanks, for reasons I don’t know.

It’s rigged for IS-7’s, and it’s unbelievably obvious. They’re not even hiding it.

Want more proof? Not convinced yet? Look through this entire album of IS-7’s getting significantly more XP, for doing 0-1,000 damage; than tanks that did 2,000, 3,000 or even more combined damage.

That’s it, folks.

Outrageous, isn’t it? Of course not. It’s one of the most well thought out, well written, completely unbiased, factual posts I’ve ever seen.

And you know what? I fucking KNEW it wasn’t going to last the instant I read it. I KNEW he was going to get into a world of shit over it.

So it must have caused all kinds of outrage, right? It must have gotten everybody so fucking worked up that all hell broke loose, right?


Here’s the cached copy of it while it lasts.

Everybody is agreeing with it! There is peaceful discussion going on! Nobody is really even that surprised over it!

So why was it deleted?

For all of the reasons I just stated, that’s why. It was a well thought out, proven, factual posts that everybody looked at and knew it was truth.

And Wargaming just can’t have that, can they?

Of course not. So they delete the thread and then BAN SCORPIANY FOR POSTING IT!

No shit folks. They fucking banned him for THAT post!




Well, for that we have to defer to Wargaming. Here’s why THEY said they banned him:

Name and shame, folks. They banned him for name and shame.

Apparently, pointing out BLATANT FUCKING RUSSIAN BIAS BEYOND ANY DOUBT is now considered a name and shame by Wargaming.

Can you believe this mother-fucking shit?

Well, they can ban him and delete his post there, but the shit storm from this is just getting going. Things are coming to a head here QUICKLY in North America. Dozens of Wargaming employees have already been shit canned, more are going to get shit canned on the move to Austin, still more will be shit canned once they get there, servers are closing down…

All that’s left now are a couple of die hard fans, the fucking anime pedophiles, the Nazi’s, and of course, the fucking bullshit forum mods who are all of the above.

I’ve got 5 bucks riding on Scorpiany losing his Contributor Status over this shit.

And that will be the biggest fucking mistake, and probably the last fucking mistake on that magnitude, that Wargaming will ever make in North America: Getting rid of the absolute last person left Wargaming has in North America that has any credibility at all.

But hey, that’s Wargaming. That’s how they roll: Hide the truth, promote racism, pedophilia, violence, hate…yeah! That’s what Wargaming wants.

Facts, fair play, honest discussion…that’s not on the menu at Wargaming because it shows the world who they really are and what they really stand for.

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  1. Gomez_Adams


    Just wow.

    I bet if he had posted a bunch of Nazi’s marching and anime porn he’d have 1000 +1’s and have been promoted to head community contributor.

    I tell you, every time I think that Wargaming can’t sink any lower, they prove me wrong.

    What a completely shameful, classless display this is. Simply beyond the pale.

  2. Allegra

    WG in general and WGNA in particular just never learn. They say they are listening and yet again we see the simple fact that if there is criticism they will over-react. Time and time again, their heavy-handed moderation makes things worse than if they simply let discussion or criticism occur. Can you remember which WG group stepped into the breach regarding the Sir Foch incident, thus flaming the fires? Moderation is seriously ONE of WG’s worse failings and has been since the games inception.

    I don’t know about Scorp losing his Contributor status, but having seen what has occurred in the relatively recent past, I wouldn’t put it past them to perhaps put it to him that he can remain, but severely limit what he can write….and where he can post. That would be worse than canning him outright.

  3. Scorpiany

    They actually did can me last month. WarGaming had been trying to restrict my content for a while. As I grew increasingly tired with WG’s shenanigans, the less I headed by those requests. Ultimately, the reason I ever went into WG’s contributor circle in the first place is because I enjoyed producing content the way I wanted to produce content.

    Even though I’m no longer held by “contributor standards”, now that they’ve removed me, they still are very heavy-handed towards everything I write. They know I still hold some influence, because of the popularity of my content.

    That being said, I monetize my content through my own means – WarGaming’s CC platform was a way for me to gain credibility for content I wrote, and it made it easier to gather an audience. But us contributors are not / were not employees. We got benefits, and a better platform to begin making work with content.

    That’s the funny thing about it – Because it’s content we make about WG’s game, WG wants to treat us as employees. They would never tolerate an employee saying the things I did, even if it’s true / valid criticism. But it’s our content that we monetize in our own ways. Sometimes that means limited freedom, but that’s why a lot of the former CC’s have been expanding their content to move away from WG’s platforms, and especially to move away from relying on WoT.

    Content I produced was more of a hobby than anything else. I haven’t liked the direction WG’s been taking, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself quitting the game completely. Once I stop enjoying making content, I’ll have no more reason to continue playing the game, or even associating with WG at all.

    I still don’t know what was in WG’s pipe when they came up with the “Name and Shame” excuse though. Man, pass me some of that shit… It sounds like pretty strong stuff.

  4. Thing 1

    I hear ya man. I didn’t know they had already canned you. I figured this would be the straw that broke the camels back.

    That leaves not one single person left that has ANY credibility at all. None. Nada. Nichtig. Zip.

    How fucking stupid is that?

  5. GeoMonster

    Let’s look at the ban for naming and shaming in a different light for a moment. The battle results that were given had the player’s names listed. It may be embarrassing to some players to have their names in the WOT Forum showing that they were in one of the three tanks (IS7, T110E5, T110E5) that had ZERO damage. That could be considered shaming them. The ban might in fact be for THAT shaming of the players and NOT for the comments on Russian bias. Just an alternative viewpoint to consider.

    The OP should probably have blanked out the names. The OP should also have been given a warning and NOT banned outright since he didn’t list the names to shame anyone, but just posted the results to be able to talk to key points in his post. Just an honest mistake, and considering his “status”, some leeway should have been extended to him due to an unintentional and honest mistake.

    On the subject of Russian bias … the Churchill III is another Russian tank with “strong” EXP potential. For Tier 5/6 missions that you need to be in the top 3 for EXP, that is a go to tank! Win or lose, just firing a bunch of shots into a tank or two is enough to get into the top 3 even without spotting damage OR blocked damage (which is also a strong EXP component I believe). I’ve had people double my damage and I have been far above them in EXP even with ZERO spotting or blocked damage. On many occasions I have had more EXP in a losing effort than the top EXP gatherers on the winning team. Something is definitely wrong with these examples, but since it works that way I use that tank for Tier 5/6 EXP missions as top 3 in MOST games is easily obtained.

    As an aside, I do agree with most of your comments above and find WG’s position disgusting at times.

    Just some food for thought on the ban and an alternative explanation.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    WGNA moderation and their admin staff are some of the worst I have ever seen. I hope they shit can everyone of them! They moderators are scumbags. They would ban me with this same approach every time! Always some totally off base lame, unrelated infraction that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Just some trumped up, contrived, off the wall, (anything they could come up with) reason to ban you with reason to retaliate to shut you up with, and to strike you. Then vaporize the post for exposing the truth on them.

    This is how Wargaming rolls. Soviet style, dictatorship, asshole, commie, thugery to shut people down. Their low-lifes. All of them. Their company sellouts. And they remind me of those guys in that movie RoboCop. The employees of OCP. Blood thirsty all of them except they are the Russian version of it.

    Listen Wargaming, you better hope their’s not a God, because if there is, “Their’s a special place in Hell waiting for you now.”

  7. Gomez_Adams

    I like how it says if he had covered up the names he wouldn’t have had a problem.

    I covered up the names on the image I posted. I still got perma-banned for name and shame over it.

    No names visible at all, still a name and shame. Fact is, that entire phrase is just a catchall for “because we don’t like you making us look bad”.

  8. GeoMonster

    Gomez … but if he DID blank out the names wouldn’t you be curious if the OP had still gotten banned and what rule they would have said was broken? Name and Shame is too much a catch all rule it seems.

  9. PrinzEugen85

    Unreal, just unreal. I hope Scorp can find a more deserving game to do coverage on in the future.

  10. Thing 1

    The problem is that the topic had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH ANY NAMES.

    It was about tanks. It was about the XP levels tanks were earning.

    The only name mentioned in a bad light was “IS-7”.

    They’re fucking full of shit, got rid of the thread because it showed how bad the fucking game is and then made up some lame-assed excuse for why they did it to cover it up.

    And I agree completely, PE.

  11. Gomez_Adams

    @GeoMonster – It wouldn’t have mattered. They were going to ban him no matter what.

  12. GeoMonster

    Amazing … another thread on the same topic has arisen on the WOT Forum and damage control is being attempted with respect to Russian bias in the form of the standard fanbois.

  13. Rafalefighter47

    Considering how criminal, Naziistic, and corrupt Wargaming has gotten, you might as well call them ‘mobsters’, brown-shirts(in reference to the SA, the German stormtroopers), and of course, the neo-Nazi reborn SS(Stupid Simpletons).

  14. landedkiller

    Okay, people, we can sit here and make posts like this or we can go over to discord and bug the effing shit out of them. Jeez Scorpiany you know what I mean Wargaming is rats trying to get greedy rich

  15. Zeedox

    Wow Scorp. Just simply wow.

  16. Zeedox

    Let’s see how long that web-cache lasts in Reddit WoT

  17. Thing 1

    I went by them just a bit ago. Man, the World of Warships channel is a fucking who’s who of pedophile anime perverts.

    EVERY SINGLE ADMIN / MODERATOR is an anime pedophile perv. ALL OF THEM. It’s fucking sick…I feel like I need a long shower and a tetanus shot after just popping by the fucking place.

    And check out who I saw while there:

    Prinz Eugene went Anime Perv

  18. Thing 1

    Check this out. Old Tsavo is on his horse giving them hell. He’s actually posted the images back into the thread that Scorpiany originally posted but with the names blurred out. LMMFAO!!!

  19. Zeedox

    I am surprised at some of the names I am seeing agreeing.

  20. Mr_Alex


    I just checked it out at work, most of my colleagues were seriously disturbed when they saw that anime crap

  21. Insurrectional_Leftist

    LOL… Man, whom ever did that ban is catching some hell for it now. What stupid, and illogical ban that was. This is the kind of thing that make’s you not want to post over on the NA Forum you know? Posting in fear that you will get the big one some day, of being Perma-Banned eventually. Or then again, when that happens you suddenly almost feel relieved, or set free you know?

    Wow, I better not admit that! That would mean they would never ban us, and keep us forever tormenting us on the forum! After so many bans; however after so man bans, you just get tired of all the lumps on your head, and finally just stop posting like I did.

  22. Thing 1

    I’ve seen Scorpiany’s list of times he’s been banned. It’s at least 20.

    I mean, I can see me banned. I have no tolerance at all for fucking shills and asshats. But Scorpiany? I don’t know about that at all. You ban him, you got some serious fucking issues. He’s the most level headed guy, with the possible exception of Gomez, that I’ve ever encountered.

  23. Mr_Alex


    Lets say that WG completes its move to Texas, any bets that they will also can the last remaining old time supertesters in World of Warships and Tanks as well since they are linked with the crew that was in California?

  24. Thing 1

    You need to get over supertesters.

    They don’t exist anymore. They’re gone. They’re done. They were never employees. They were free advertising yes men. Nothing more.

    NOBODY in California is going to have a job. NOBODY.

    They are all shit canned already. They have weeks left to find another job before they all go on unemployment.

  25. GeoMonster

    Any remnants of the existing California work force that move to Texas have a good job of corrupting the new folks that are being hired. Wargaming has a chance to reboot their NA operations with both new people with fresh ideas and a commitment to the customer, and also with a new version of the product coming out in March.

    Let’s hope that the powers that be recognize the hostile and non-customer friendly environment and take this opportunity to breathe new life into the game. They also need to do something about the hostile and unhealthy WOT forum environment. Maybe ban the shills and forum trolls for a few months?

    Well … we can hope, can’t we?

  26. Thing 1

    Not going to happen.

    The folks in California are going nowhere. Not only are they going to have to move half way across the continent, they’re going to have to take a pretty major pay cut as well.

    Yes, the cost of living in Austin is lower than the valley in California. But so is the pay rate. By a FUCKING TON.

    They’re not going anywhere. A month and a half from now, they’re all gone.

    Again, that was Wargaming’s plan all along – cut them all loose.

  27. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I’m still interested to see how far up it goes? I guess we’ll find out as time move’s on? What I mean by that is, “How far up above Jay Cohen, or below etc.. And will it wipe Jay Cohen out also?” Line of delineation ? Or a total wipe out period?

    If so, that may mean that they have it already structured in advance by now already down in Austin, TX well planned in advance, an has been for some time. Names already assigned to positions on the door practically, more or less?

    Moving certain people up, and fresh new hires coming in etc. Fresh new hires also allow them to start people on the bottom of the pay scale also.

    Wonder where Jay will work next?

  28. Allegra

    Posted by CabbageMechanic…I think they received too many complaints – check out what is said in the second to last sentence in the first para.

    Hello Tankers,

    After reviewing this thread and the report that caused it to be moderated, I have removed the point from Scorpiany’s record and am reinstating this thread. I initially messaged him about this yesterday afternoon, and after my review and his response, I do not believe that it was his intent to name and shame any of the players shown in the images in the original post. I would like to ask, both Scorpiany and the rest of you, that if you are posting a scoreboard screenshot please black out the other names unless it is absolutely essential to your thread content and does not violate forum rules. You may not intend to offend someone, but they might not want their name broadcast to the community at large next to a particularly bad game (and we all have them from time to time).

    Regarding Scorpiany’s original post, I do not agree with his position on the question of bias, and neither do many of the individual vehicle statistics. However, we are looking into this and will file a report if our findings corroborate his belief that there is a base XP discrepancy on the IS-7.

  29. Thing 1

    Of course he doens’t agree with it. He still has a job at Wargaming.

    For now.

  30. GeoMonster

    The ATTITUDE of some people on the WOT forum is amazing. They look logic in the face and twist it around with a unwavering position that is completely indefensible and to help prove their point they have other fanbois join in to refute what is being said.

    Unbelievable. At times it makes you want to … I better not say it here. But the idiotic comments some folks make are just too unbelievable for words.

  31. Thing 1

    They’re the same assholes that have been doing it since day one, pal. It’s never changed…which is why the game, the community and the company are complete shit.

  32. GeoMonster

    I wasn’t here on Day 1 … or even day 2 or 3. I am used to forums being a GOOD source of information and discussion. But the WOT forum is so hostile it is unbelievable. You have people there just waiting to team up and pounce on a poster, spouting utter stupidity and belittling person after person AND then denying it! Some of them need to move out of mommy’s basement and get a life. You just have to wonder what they are getting in return for continuously spouting the party line no matter how idiotic they appear.

  33. Allegra

    Unfortunately the WG forum – at least in NA – has never been a good source of information…well, at least since Beta.

    The forum now is much, MUCH better than it was for several years.

    Let that sink in for a bit.

    Today It’s merely a place for a number of people to stroke their e-peen.

    There are some that attempt constructive posts only to be howled – nay, stamped – into oblivion, and there are some that can write the most obtuse, non-constructive pieces and are yet praised by many.

    It is the way of WGNA.

    Pity it sucks so much.


  34. Beornotns

    Fuck each and every one of those rancid pair of piss-flaps in the ass with a flaming chainsaw lightly seasoned with a souçon of cat piss for the ban, the deletion, and the intentional censorship.

    Fucking low-life, scum-sucking, puss licking, syphilitic jizz golems the lot of them!

    (“Um, I’ll take ‘ways Beorn could NEVER type in the WoT NA forums’ for a thousand Alex”)


  35. Insurrectional_Leftist

    It almost make’s one think they are moving to “Austin” to TURTLE. To an even more extreme strong hold to carry out even more harsh hardliner tactics !!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that instead of things getting ‘better’, things may take a more degenerative turn for the worse ! Meaning they make go more hardcore! In many different ways! They could get far worse. That’s what I’m looking for. More cost cutting, more sneakiness, more extreme measures, ready to bust people’s heads for the slightest things (in-game, out-of-game, forum-wise, etc. billing, across the board) harsher, and let’s not forget GREEDIER ….

  36. Thing 1

    @Beorn – LMMFAO!!! Nice one!

    @ Leftist – You have to get it straight: They are NOT “moving” to Austin. They already had a small studio in Austin. (From a buyout of some other small, no-name, never was worth anything company.)

    All Wargaming did was say, “OK. We need to cut NA loose. What’s the best way to cut cost the most and the fastest?”

    The answer is simple: Keep the cheapest location you already have. That is Austin.

    Fire everybody in California and shut that shit down.

    That’s all there is to it. It’s a downsizing, not a move.

  37. Icon_Charlie

    @ I. Leftist.
    I agree with you on them turtling in. As I have posted in the past, I’m not against most of the employees at WG NA. BUT I am dead set against the high ranking management on their business decisions. At the other forum you have these lap dogs defending everything WG does. Shills whatever you call them. But I know where they work. I know the entire area on where they work and I’ll say it once again IT is BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES that forced WG out of California and nothing else.

    As the case with Scorp goes. It was getting traction in the media just like Sir foch. It is easier to just state what they stated and go on from there. BUT…
    If you are a hard core player you can see the changes to the game over the years and how it is gotten.

    The game is badly biased. 9.22 is once again upgrading many of the Russian tanks. What scorp (I believe) saw was part of the soft stating that goes into coding.

    This is nothing new as many of us have picked up on certain changes to the game…. from stealth nerfs to stealth increases in repairs… to lowering the tier level to increase the cost of those repairs,… to the changes in MM (Rigged like a slot machine) RNGesus is part of the Soft stat situation.

    And the reasons why is that this is a Russian Game and their player base is 70% from the Old Warsaw pact nations,… which are mostly Russian based.

    But they don’t want to say this because there are too many stupid people paying money into this game… Western Europe is their target now for the money squeeze as NA has imploded on itself.

    They will deny everything of course. It’s the Russian way of doing things…

  38. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Thing: You’re right we must use the proper terminology here on this site to set the record straight on WG’s misinformation campaign. From now on we use “Shutdown” and/or “Downsized”. Using the word moved would imply everyone eligible for employment (without reapplying, and offered relocation expenses,, and offered same salary, which we of course know ISN’T FUCKING HAPPENING…Down in Austin, even if they were going… Which they are NOT)

    WGNA Emeryville Office is dead (Wagaming shot and killed it, to put it out of it’s misery…Failed Wargaming Experiement) It will be used as massive TAX RIGHT OFF, to help Cyprus and Hellenic bank balance bad Debts.

    @ Iron Charlie: Yes, run and Turtle is what they have done. And their business practices have certainly shined through like opening a morning sun shade curtain blind!

    Scorpiany pays attention vividly to the numbers on this game, the maps, the tanks specs., the end of battle results, he studies the numbers, “The math” on outcomes and how to connect it to what happens in the game. That’s one thing you can say about Scorpiany is that he puts the time in on the game.

    I think, that really pissed the cabbage patch, and the rest of the those guys off when Scorpiany turned that in on them. People generally recognize, Scorp. is not going try to talk out of his ass on this kind of thing, he’ll stand an fight on it too. I THINK THEY GOT SCARED !! They PANICKED… They fucked up. Just like with the Sir FOCH situation. They couldn’t leave it alone.

    So, what do they do? Their same old ways! “THEY CANNOT STAND TO BE TOLD, WHEN THEY ARE CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN, WHEN THEIR WRONG!” They can’t deal with it. So, they reach out, and CENSOR with a “Hardliner Attack Club.” “We’ll teach you for making us look stupid!” Where’s my Soviet Hammer at?

    Then, when everyone see’s what they did, ” We have a Sir FOCH incident again.”

  39. WamBamGoldSpam

    This shit is still going on by the way. I see it CONSISTENTLY in tier 10 games, and it is especially noticeable in tier 12 games when the tier of the enemy tanks being damaged doesn’t matter.

  40. Thing 1

    You’ll be waiting a very long time for anybody to argue against you on that point.

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