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Wargaming strikes again #Blackshipgate

Wargaming not learning from last year.

It seems as if the article has been scrubbed of the mention of the Black Is-6 and Black T-34. These were clones of the IS-6 and T-34 respectively that were simply painted black and sold on Black Friday.   Now Wargaming is doing the same thing again.

World of Warships Development Blog – Black Friday

  • New containers dedicated to Black Friday have been added to the game.
  • 4 new ships are available: Tirpitz B, Atago B, Asashio B, Massachusetts B. Ships main differences are the color scheme permanent camouflage. They have identical characteristics to the existing Ships.
  • A new special Black Friday camouflage has been added:

-3% detectability range by sea

-4% dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship

+75% XP per battle+150% Free XP

+100% Commander XP

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


The company needs serious mental help as players were against the idea of black tanks per here.

I find it to be very fucked up to be doing this same shit again. The stupidity of Wargaming is even further on display when they post this crap.

Posted by Sub_Octavian 2 hours ago – (Sub_Octavian is in charge of the Wargaming World of Warships PR Department):

Some clarification on Black Friday:

“Hey guys!

We noticed your comments and hot discussion after Black Friday content reveal on our Dev Blog. Looks like some of your concerns are coming either from past experience, or from lack of context. Please let us elaborate on several points:

1.“Black” versions of Tirpitz, Atago, Asashio, and Massachusetts are fully identical to the original premium ships both in terms of gameplay and economy. The only difference is that they have special black permanent camos, with the same bonuses that original permanent camos have. In other words, if you compare “Black” and original ships, the difference is only visual.

2.The stats listed in Dev Blog for Black Friday camouflage refer to the consumable camo. As you know, we regularly introduce thematic consumable camos, and this will be one of them, available within the Black Friday event. Please accept our apologies for not being clear enough about that.

3.Black Friday will come with various discounts, deals and in some cases, with significant bonuses for all kind of players. Our main goal in Dev Blog is to give you a heads-up about the upcoming game content. So, please follow the news on our website to learn all the details further on – the publication will come closer to the event and will undoubtedly show you the whole picture.

Thank you for your feedback and argument, it’s always appreciated.”


“I agree that making a ship camo with texture change only is very low effort comparing to new ships and all other stuff. However, I also think that each update we release some content, often requiring A LOT of effort – from new ships to thematic events, from new modes to Halloween, etc, etc. So, I think in the context, Black Friday ships should be generally fine. Of course if everything we did was “re packing” the old content this way, I would agree that it’s bad. However, re packing is probably how much? 1% of everything we do for the game?”

So then when asked:

But then why not also give the players who already purchased the ship the ability to buy just the black paint job?

There is just inconsistency in applied methods here and I do not believe that you should be using the factor of other content being added as an excuse for low effort content that is POINTEDLY designed and marketed in a way to only drive a new sale, with no ability or thought of those who may have already given you several dozens of dollars for a digital item.

The reply by Sub_Octavian is:

Because in this particular case the team decided to create this high exclusivity and lock the visuals beyond the “old new” ships. Sorry, that reasoning is not too friendly, but it is what it is.

I am not making any excuses, by the way. Sorry, but I don’t feel we supply little content, little free stuff or little interaction to make excuses. For now, I don’t see that we’re doing anything bad to apologize for. At worst this deal will be meh – in this case the monetization team will have to learn a lesson. But with all due respect, I don’t think this deal wrongs or hurts any player by just being there (also, the deal itself is not announced yet, only the content).

What the hell kind of bullshit is that?!?!

So it goes on with people weighing in on how ridiculous this bullshit is:


I die. I live. I die again.

Not counting any crate purchases I have made in the past, in the last two years I have purchased nearly 30 premium ships for this game.

To give you some perspective, I have ZERO intention of ‘re-buying’ any of these four ships, despite the fact that I would fully support purchasing black camo as a permanent camo choice for the existing ships.



Tell me if I’m wrong /u/Sub_Octavian , but the goal here is not to try to sell the same ship to players (ie you own Tirpitz you rebuy Tirpitz B because Blackfriday).

But more to give an exclusive sense to “normal” ships that might make people change their mind about buying it, because “Tirpitz B” is a bit cooler and more exclusive than usual Tirpitz.


Well I happen to think that in this case, the team is wrong.

Obviously this will do nothing but literally generate revenue, so they will go home thinking job well done.

Thanks for showing up and explaining that we’re all complaining at a wall for nothing, Sub.



We are not asking for apologizes especially since nothing is set in stone yet. We are just telling you how bad this idea is. Can you please point the monetization team over to what happen with the T-34B.

Edit: Also how is this “high exclusivity”? You guys will probably sell it again or will make it a campaign/mission reward just like the T-34B.



While I appreciate your explanation, I will not buy a black copy of any ship I already own.



I get it but still. Receive a second Atago is more negative to me than having receive a new Tirpitz.

Why not give an Atago with a black camo and if you already have an Atago you receive some doubloons and the black camo? This black camo may be like koyabayashi camo, until recently Kii and Ashitaka camo were only available once under certain conditions.

I know some don’t have that much ship and receiving a camo without the ship the camo can stay in inventory for long time without use.



It didn’t go down well in tanks and it won’t go down well here. In the end they gave original owners 50% off the Black vehicles, and people who already purchased them 50% of their gold value.



Remains the question, why do you offer a carbon-copy of some existing premium ships without anything to set them apart, aside from a different paintjob and a letter behind a name? Where does the need for such a thing arise from? What is the targeted audience?

So in other words, fucking NOBODY is on board with this bullshit. So in the face of absolutely NOBODY being ‘on board’ with this blatant, wanton, bullshit money grab, what does Sub_Fucktard come back with? This little jewel:



Why copy? Because setting them apart would probably be worse? I mean now it’s purely a visual choice. Nobody who owns the original Tirpitz will suffer any gameplay or economical disadvantage by..Skipping the deal.

Why do it at all? In all fairness, the need arises from the need to keep up with the business goals for the game – to generate the revenue. I’m not trying to joke – that’s literally very simple goal here. Black Friday is a big event for it.

What is the audience? I’d say it’s either the players who don’t have the originals – they can have a good moment to get them now in Black variant. Or the collectors, who want to show these ships off. It’s purely cosmetic for them. However, that does not mean that nobody else is getting any deals – the whole Black Friday plan will be announced closer to the event.

And of course he’s immediately put in his place:


Sub, if the goal is to generate revenue on Black Friday is recommend you guys give your marketing team a dose of reality: the last three Black Friday sales were bad.

Players (myself included) line up around the block to drop cash on BF sales but every year this game has grouped up ships into (still) overall expensive $100+ bundles. Yes, I understand they’re half the price of the value they normally are, but it’s still a hundred dollars.

Seriously, if you guys want to make revenue on BF just do blanked sales on single ships, it’s what people have been asking for and are prepared to dump cash right into WG’s pockets. But every time it’s bundles that, deal or not, still cost a high price and thus negating the actual benefits of the discount – don’t get me started on them having ships that people already own, and how players no longer get doubloons at full ship value.

Please Sub, if you guys want money from BF, just do single ship discounts. This broadens the target audience from very niche market segments that you stated in point 3, to pretty much the entire player base.

As one can see this idea is not popular with many and Sub_Octavian wargaming’s mouthpiece just sits there giving off more bullshit while ignoring everyone.



That’s not all we have a forum thread with again more players sounding off against this idea.

“The dev blog said that there’s plans in the works to bring ‘black’ ships into the game. For those unfamiliar with wot, it’s an identical ship (in this case tirpitz, asashio, at ago, and Massachusetts), except its colored and named black.

I guess it’s good and bad. I’ve been looking for a place to draw the line and wargaming just fed it to me. I usually buy every premium battleship, and have amassed quite the collection. But I don’t need 2 tirpitzes.

Hate to be the ‘angry spender’, but it’s just a useless addition. Thanks for giving me a clean way out I guess”



I see nothing wrong with this. WG has a right to try and make money. If it appeals to you buy if not don’t. The big deal here is what?



Black could have easily have been added as a camo instead of a separate ship. It shows greed and laziness on Wargaming’s part. This was done in world of tanks and it was universally hated and now they are bringing it here. I expect “Blackgate” to happen here.

Petition if anyone wants to sign

Funny enough I got a warning from that, but it was well worth it if you ask me and guess who gave it to me Turbo_07

Bottom line we need to boycott Black ships.



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UPDATE 12/3/18:

Since Landedkiller decided to have a fucking meltdown over me telling him he needed to clean his shit up and stop posting nonsense and posting on this story’s thread to express that rather than the actual thread, I’m editing this to add that actual post of his. Here it is:

It took me nearly three fucking hours to redo this article. About 40% of the content is actually mine. Landedkiller posted no reference at all. He simply copy and pasted the entire reddit on the subject, formatting and all, and shit slammed it over to me for me to fix.

After having sorted through this entire shit post, he hit us all with that little jewel pictured above. Now, we all (except for Zeedox) assumed he meant the World of Warships Wiki. What we didn’t know because of course there’s no fucking link, no fucking screen shot, no fucking clarification of any fucking kind, was that he actually somehow finagled his way into being an actual Wikipedia editor.

Who knew, right?

Well, needless to say, he was IMMEDIATELY shit canned from Wikipedia after the shit post he left over there which was, in the end, the same shit post he made here without my corrections and formatting.

Go fucking figure.

So hopefully now, you all have a better picture of what actually went down.

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    3. Shadora was fucking wrong. Flat out. Full stop. You’re both fucking wussies that can’t take any sort of criticism whatsoever. I’ve asked you several times to PLEASE take your fucking time and make posts that make sense so I wouldn’t have to spend more time fixing the shit than it would have for me to write it from scratch. What do you do? Post more ridiculous, cryptic bullshit that nobody can make sense from and then get all butthurt when you get called on it AGAIN.

    4. I don’t get ANYTHING out of you and Shadora’s shit. There is no money here. There is no advertising here. This was a place for you to vent and nothing more. I think my hundreds of articles trump the flying fuck out of your 2 by a SUBSTANTIAL margin. You both have a VERY HIGHLY INFLATED opinion of yourselves.

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    Oh…and I forgot number 5: Go fuck yourself.

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    That escalated quickly.

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    It always does with fucking idiots.

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    I would never have guessed that it was an actual Wikipedia entry.

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    I thought the same exact fucking thing. If Zeedox hadn’t PM’d me about it the other day with a link, I would have never fucking known at all.

    Which takes me back to my original point: if what you post is so fucking cryptic that nobody can figure it the fuck out, then you need to do a better fucking job.

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    Jesus H on a pogo-stick! Wow! Black vehicles again…


  10. Thing 1

    Yes! Because apparently a vehicle with a simple black camo overlay is just so much different and worth another 50 fucking dollars.

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    Black camo just sucks and is a lazy effort by Wargaming. Honestly, where is the creativity in this? Landedkiller you idiot Thing_1 was giving you everything and you turn on him. WTF is wrong with you Landedkiller ? Shit, he is a whale and you let him post here. Look at all the fucking tanks he owns and the fucking ships too.

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    There’s just no pleasing some people. You give them an inch, they think they’re a fucking ruler.

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