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Lucudus58 aka Darrell Symonds – Fail Player & Troll

This isn’t a first, but it is in fact rare. We’re going to go ahead and call out an asshole not for being good at the game and insulting other people which is the norm by far. We’re calling this asshole out for being a complete fucking failure and trolling others with his epic, legendary, categorically bad game play.

Just to recap, we HAVE done this before. I know, I know…you’re calling bullshit. But it’s true. Off the top of my head, the stinkybritches article comes to mind. We’ve done a few others I think, but I’m not going to sift through all the articles of all the trolls on this site.

That’s your fucking job. But once again I digress…

Back to Lucudus58. This guy is bad. By bad I don’t mean bad ass or bad-to-the-bone. I mean fucking AWFUL. I mean, this guy stinks so bad he could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon from 100 meters away with his stench.

Yeah. THAT kind of bad. Honest to god, epic fail, needs to simply quit playing the fucking game bad. How bad you ask? Well, go ahead and swallow that swig of coffee before you look at this.

You done? Got it all down?

You sure? Ok. Here it is:

Told you it was bad. Now mop up your floor and clean that monitor and keyboard before that shit sinks in. I’ll wait.

Now stop drinking again. Here’s his clan history:

Lucudus58 aka Darrell Symonds Clan History

I mean, shit man. He changes clans more often that Tsavo changes his fucking underwear. Let’s take a look at his most played tanks, shall we?

Lucudus58 most played tanks. LOL!

WOW! I mean…just WOW!!! How do you fail that god damned bad in the best tanks in the game?!?! Jesus H. Christ on a crutch!

OK. So he’s bad. It’s clear he’s bad. It’s actually painful to see how bad he is. So what’s the deal with him saying shit like this:





This guy honestly thinks it’s everybody else in the game that’s the problem. Let’s look at that stat sig one more time, shall we?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is signature.png


He actually fails worse than most bots do…but it’s everybody else’s fault. Uh huh…yeah. Sure. Right. So who is this complete fucking failure?

A 12 year old kid that dropped out of school? I mean, that’s what he acts like.

Nope. He’s a fucking old man. Here he is, sports fans:

Darrell Symonds aka Lucudus58 in the same Bruins gear his forum avatar wears.

His name is Darrell Symonds and he lives in…wait for it… Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

How fitting. A fucking moron from Lower Sackville. Speaking of, if you think he’s an ugly fuck there, you should see him in drag:


Darrell Symonds aka Lucudus58 in drag.

And here’s his Facebook:
His Twitter:
His Linkedin:

How about this, Darrell: How about you shut the fuck up and learn to fucking play. You called out Tsavo, he offered you his help and you turned him down. Now, I personally don’t like the failure motherfucker, but he is good at the game.

You still have his Twitch link? Well, in case you don’t, here it is:

Get busy, asshat.

This has been a public service announcement.

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